September 21, 2013

MESSAGE "A Living Thing"

~~For whoseover....maybe it applies to you...)


"I am giving you a new start, a new life.
You will be under My tutelage, My schooling, My leading.
You are My student now.  I am your Master Teacher, your Rabbi.  I lead.  I will lead you.  (Will you follow?)

Trends come and go, even in the spiritual.  Seasons change ... times change.  Situations, movements, outpourings, anointings, streams, words, messages, vehicles (of power), ways, ... also change.

As I turn the tides, there will be friction.  Any change will be met with opposition - with resistance.  (Even from you.)

I will come upon My people, as in days past -- and as in days of (the) future.  I will employ *old* and *new* methods ... tactics, foibles, and manouvers.

Credit to My *spiritual account* will be given;  will be added. (You will understand this later.)  You will be given *supply* for demand(s).


Shaking will occur:  both physically and spiritually.  Upset of many *apple carts* will be evident.  OVERTURNING of tables WILL occur, as I deem, as I command.  I WILL rock the religious boat, as it were.  I WILL shake the earth once more ... twice ... three times.

Revolution in the spiritual realms.  New pathways, new ordering of things ... new, new, new.



As you limit your mind, you (also) limit Me.  I am beyond your paltry horizon(s) ... I am beyond your established borders .... Yes, I am above and beyond ...*out of this world*.


Generate ... grow .... produce.  My Spirit of life force will explode unto the scene ... into living areas .... spaces once dark .... light now shines.


Harbor no bitterness:  NONE ... it is futile ... a futile waste of your emotional bank.  It is a trap of sin, of satanic means.  Go free ... go into light, into freedom, into lightness, airiness, lifting, soaring.

{As you lighten the load of heavy burdens, you will (then) be more able to fly -- to fly free and clear  .... into My atmospheres.  For where I am, there you shall be also, as I call you unto Myself.}


Cut the cords ... be released from the sin(s) that so easily hinder (beset) you ...the things that drag you down, that enslave your mind .. the chains that hold you captive.  Let them fade away.  Be free in Me, in your Lord.

Yes, be free, be free --- walk in My presence.  Never be ashamed ... I have called you unto Myself ...I am NOT ashamed of you, My child, My dear precious one .  No, I am not ashamed to call you My own ... I am not ashamed to be *seen* with you ... >Spirit smile<



Faith is a hard thing.  Life with  Me is *difficult*.  To be a follower of Yeshua is a hard task, everyday.  {To those with easy lives, one can only wonder ... *who* are they following?}


Yes, troubles abound.  Fear awaits each of My children every day.  It is a constant foe, a perpetual opponent (in this life).  It is human to err, to fail, to be afraid.

BUT ... when fear comes, remember it is (but) a passing thing ... a thing of temporal being cannot last.


It is under My feet, and can be (also) under yours.  As you gain strength (in Me) ... you will know how to banish fear, for it is under My Name.

My Name, My position, My authority ... all bring *fear* into it's proper place.  Fear belongs below the Name of Jesus, the Name of Yeshua.  Your Messiah stomps on fear.  I stomp on it for you ... and I *kick* it out.  Fear bows before Me.



A curse causeless will not come ... will not *light* ..... will not remain.  If there is no cause - no reason - for a cursing to enter a life, then it CANNOT remain.  I demand curses to be broken in My Name, under My mighty Hand of anointing.  Done and said.


Times of refreshing ... will come.  I will refresh with the water of My Spirit .... My LIVING SPIRIT ... My LIVING water.  Theses *living waters* of life will flow from your own bellies, as I see fit, as I order, as I release them.

I will wash your hearts, your lives, your minds -  with My life-giving waters.

These HOLY waters will be *low tides* and *high tides* ... like former and latter rains.  They will be in MY timings, done by My hand.  Come on in, the water is fine, I say to you.


Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of your God .... then, then, then --- He will lift you up.  He will (then) bring you up with Him, into Heavenly places.

He will set you as a star among the heavens, amidst the starry skies.  He will let you shine and glitter and sparkle and twinkle and flash and mightily illuminate.

For yes, My Word is true .... My pure Word ... energized by My Love and by My Holiness, which purifies ALL in it's presence.  My WORD, My words; are alive ... they are a *LIVING THING* ... a thing of great power and majestic proportions.

When I come into a life, I bring power;  energy.



So dance with Me .... come dance with your Partner ... your Messiah ... your *date*.  I will *show you a good, good time*     >Spirit smile<

I am a great *HOST* -- haha.  Yes, I laugh.  I laugh heartily and mightily... it is okay ... it is *of* Me ... it is NOT A SIN to laugh.

Joy is power.  Joy is strength.  My joy is your strength.


When you are weak, (then) I am strong within you.  As you call upon Me, I will hear;  I will bend down My ear and listen.  I will hear your cry, your prayer, your whimper, your gasp, your sigh.  I will send help.  I will come to your aid.

As you begin to depend (trust) on Me more and more, I will show Myself strong .... (to all those who cry to Me with an honest heart ... a heart truly in need and in humility and desperation ... to Me.)


Your humanness is naturally timid, limiting, fearful, rebellious, defiant, selfish, vain, lazy, deceptive, carnal, sexual, sensual, greedy, manipulating, controlling, dark, evil, lustful, unholy, fearful -- yes  --
 very fearful .... fearful of Me.

The natural human -- the carnal, fleshly person -- is basically NOT geared towards the spiritual.  it is earthy, sensual, worldly wise, base, low, sin-filled, corrupt, decaying, mottled, diseased, dying, dead.

The Spirit man is alive, as I animate (enliven) your spirits, souls and bodies. IN Me is life.  I give new life ... life of the HOLY GHOST ... the HOLY SPIRIT ... the LIVING WATERS .... the FOUNTAIN OF LIFE.


My Blood was shed for you.  My Blood brings you life.  There is eternal power in My HOLY BLOOD.  My Blood sacrifice -- on the Holy Cross of crucifixion -- was made for YOU ... for each and every and all.


I died so that YOU may have life.  Take it.  Take it now.  Take this life .. it is YOURS.

Do not try to pick apart My Gospel, My GOOD news ... for, indeed;  it is good for you.

Let Me be your rescue.  Let Me be your ONLY ONE .... your forever friend .... your sweetest love .... your darling, your reason, your life force, your *all-in-all* forever.


I see all your doubts, your worries, questions, sincere wonder.  I see (and understand) all your unbelief.  I know that you are but flesh.,.. you are only human ... you are mortal beings .... in temporal bodily houses.


Yet, I see more in you ... I see My eternity meshing with your mortality.  I see Me and you together as One, as I and My Father are One."


Nehemiah 8:10b    "Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

 Crucifixion  =  method of deliberately slow and painful execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead.

in Him was life

in Him was life