August 31, 2013

MESSAGE "A Spirit Thing"

~~~ from a message heard on 8/31/13 @ 4:16am

"The net has been set, the net has been dragged.  The trap has been set.  The net has been hidden ... been laid out.
 The snare is ready.  It awaits.  It calls (out) for its prey.
 It will wait patiently until it has its prey (the victim) in its sight(s) ... then it will *snap* ... it will pounce ... it will attack with force.  It will capture ... and it will kill.


So is the snare of the fowler ... the trap of the hunter ... the luring and the entrapment of your enemies. 
This is the lurid, sneaky way of the Predator. (enemy = Satan)
He knows his game ... and he knows *your* game. 
(lurid = causing horror or revulsion ; gruesome; melodramatic, sensational; shocking)

He watches ... his *henchmen* watch- and wait.  They patiently hold on ... for just the exact moment in your life ... your weakest moment ... your *Achille's heel* ... your momentary lapse of reasoning. 
It's all a game to him, to them.


*They* realize the importance of patience, of scrutiny, of technique, of error, of *slip-ups*, of *little* mistakes.  They leave no stone unturned.
 The *devil surely is in the details*.



The Devil is familiar with you and your family.  He knows all about you and your *ways*.  He watches, observes, keeps records.  Oh yes, he is an excellent *score-keeper* and an attuned *journalist*.

Oh, many multitudes deny his existance.  (They say Satan does not exist.)  Yes, they are very bold in their statements.  Yes, they deny both God and the anti-God. (Satan, Devil)  They do so at their own peril . (destruction)

The fool says there is no God.  And the fool also says there is no devil.  Foolishness!

The preaching of the Cross is foolishnesss ro them that are perishing.  (Reject the Gospel at your own risk.)


Those who say Satan is a *myth* are sadly mistaken --  and sadly misinformed.   He is indeed very real and very deadly.  He is exceptionally evil.  Cruelty is his *calling card*.  (He is known for his cruelty.)

Death, destruction, untold misery, horrors unspeakably tragic... these are *signs* of the presence of evil, of Satan.  He looms in the shadows -- often;  and also *hides* within the light.

He *mingles* among the masses, and is often a welcome guest in the *houses of worship*.

How?you ask? 
How can Satan be *welcomed* into a church? Into a place of worship?

He is an expert at what he does:   it is his *forte* ... his strong talent.  He *loves* to go about the religious crowd, mixing in with ease and enjoyment.


He comes also as a leader:  as a pastor or a priest -- or a teacher.  He loves to *play the part* -- to be within the straggling flocks.
 (straggling = to stray or fall behind; to stray from the road, course, or line of march;  to wander about in a scattered fashion; ramble )

He surfaces - and is delighted --  to be among the weakened *flocks* of believers.  He flourishes over the deceived, the ignorant, the bound ones.  He is a crafty, sly, wise entitiy (spirit).  He glides in, takes position, waits.

Satan loves to *minister* ... he loves to be a mouthpiece, to speak of *God*.  He enjoys the attention, the *limelight*, the adoring crowd(s).  He *plays for the camera(s)* ... he jokes, jests, tells funny anectdotes (stories). 
He is often eloquent (well spoken), witty, charming.


His specialty is deception.  He is the ultimate liar, deceiver.  He thrives on delusion, confusion, strife, stagnancy, ignorance, fear, bitterness, lust - and - envy, selfish hearts, and wounded egos.

He loves to play to the crowd, to woo, to court, to seduce .  He loves to *coil up* and get *cozy*.
 (cozy = embedded within)
He may be very *charismatic*  ... and/or very energetic and a real *crowd pleaser*.


You, the believer(s), the church, the Body of Christ ... are ignorant.  You do NOT know the techniques of your enemy Satan.  You do NOT know your enemy.  You do NOT have a strong defense, nor any offense.
(offense = preventive attack against the enemy)

In general, you are asleep.  You are in danger.  You are not equipped.  You are not able to *quench the fiery darts* of the wicked one(s).


Your enemy knows if you are able, if you are able to *oust* him (and his spirit army)  He can tell if you have the *power of Christ* -- or not.

>>selah...think about it<<<


Remember (that) the weapons of your warfare (spiritual battle) are NOT carnal (are not flesh and blood) ... but they are mighty -- through God, through Jesus -- to defeat and destroy the plans and attacks of the wicked (one).

You do not fight against humans, but against the *spirits* inside the humans.  It is a spiritual thing.  A spirit thing.

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered.  Let them mee;t before him .... fall down in Hispresence ... be *blinded* by His glory ... be sent away, cast away... into oblivion, into the abyss, the darkness.  The demons belong in the outer darkness.  Send them there.

(Writer's note: The demons are subject to the orders of Jesus...He is their superior... they will be subjected to His eternal judgement one day...)


There *IS* victory available.  There is relief, deliverance, help, rescue, salvation, healing for both mind AND body.

There is a *REST* for My people ... for all who call upon Me in their humility and desperation!"

####### message ended @ 4:50am (34 minutes of writing)

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