July 4, 2013

MESSAGE ★★★ Declaration of Intended Independence ★★★

(These are my own words...from July 2011... but, I am still a "work-in-progress" with all of this! This is how I eventually WANT to be ... I am not there yet!)


I am free.

I am free from religion.

And I am free of the world system.

I am free from guilt...from condemnation...from control, shame, condescension and hurt.

I am free from being used, manipulated, being lied to, ignored, disrespected, ostracized and wounded. I am free from man, from human bondage.

I am free of unreasonable expectations, critical spirits, humilation, insulting barbs, mind control, wearying pressures and all spiritual abuse.

I am free of politics, lies, pretending, gossip-mongering, mental assault and degradation from the pulpit,(and) from the pews, from the world, from family, from 'dates'... and from false friends.

I am free from seeking approval, waiting for people to change, from religious drama...and from blatant rejection.

I am free from the 'survival-of-the-fittest' mentality, and from (the) ongoing competitive battles.

I am free from jealousy, strife, contention, arguing, dumb flirting, delusional and malicious 'prophecies', foolish talk, imbecelic jokes, and ridiculous bawdy banter.

I am free from letting myself be deceived by arrogant, smug, self-satisfied leaders, parishioners and 'wannabees'.

I am free of being robbed by greedy pythons and lairs, who feign love and pretend to know (of) compassion.

I am free of being bored and putting on an act...(just) to placate egos.

I am free of being subservient to cruel, coldhearted -and mean-spirited- personalities.

I am free of being walked upon, being dragged through the dirt, being stifled, being crushed, cursed and spat upon.

I am free - and being freed - from bullying!

I am free of caring how (most) people think. I am free of societal whims, ways and fads.

I am free of worrying how I look through other's critical eyes. I am free of ridiculous half-truths, misunderstandings, empty talk and babbling.

I am free of it all.



in Him was life

in Him was life