July 2, 2013

MESSAGE "Fly High"

~~ from 7/1/13 @ 11:48pm

"Yes, some may call themselves by My Name.  They label themselves so well ... some SAY they are 'pastors' .... some SAY they are 'prophets' .... some SAY they are 'evangelists' ....yes, yes... I've heard it all ... I've heard it over and over, throughout the centuries .... yet, never as as it is now.

They may claim My blessings, My titles, My honors, My leaders .... yet I did not (necessarily) call them.  They *call* themselves.

Yes, they actually *CALL THEMSELVES*.


They SAY thay are 'doing My will'.  Are they?  They SAY they are 'in My will' and doing My 'work'.  Are they? Are they?

-pause- 11:54 pm

Guess what, My people?

Your ways are NOT My ways!  Just because you *run* a church, or *lead* a congregation, does NOT mean you are in My will  ...  OR doing My will.  *Church work* does NOT guarantee My blessing!  I often am not (in) any part of these activities.

You see, I am NOT bound by your lives, your rules, your church boards!  No, I am FREE!  I am freedom personified.  I am your freedom ... IF you want Me.


I speed among the stars ... I glide over the moon ... I soar .... I ride upon the mighty clouds .... I zoom through space with My lightning bolts ... I travel through (your) time and space continuums.

My stars shine .... they glitter, sparkle, twinkle, flash and glow.  They burn bright amidst the darkness of night.  They are like Me ... I am that Light.  I am Light ... the *Light of the World*.  Shine on!


7/2/13  Midnight

Time travel is nothing to Me, for I see the beginning to the end.  I  was.  I am.  I was, I am and I will be.  I am beyond comprehension in many ways ... yet I am able to be known by a little child.

So ... let go of your religious handcuffs .... your man-made limitations .... your human boundaries!  Let go, let go, let go !! Find Me in freedom.

I am more.  I am more than you've ever known ... or ever imagined.  I will do a *new thing* ... a brand new thing in your midst.

Yes, I will walk among you --- but I will also FLY with you ... and materialize into your midst .... I can ...  and I will.  DO NOT presume to know what I will do ... EVER!

Drop your guard ... let Me be Me!


Can you fathom it?  Can you let go?  Can you dream ... or have you lost your childhood wonder?

Be (as) a child with Me once again ... let Me be your *DA-DA* ... your *Heaven's Loving Daddy* ... to you !

I am LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE !


Forsake fear, despair, fleshly limits, human rulings ... (for) I am more ... much more than you've EVER realized!

I am like a bird in the sky ... free flying ... soaring and swooping!  Angels fly ... I fly  .... you will also fly ... as your faith also soars!



Your spirit can fly.  Your mind can go anywhere with Me!  I am able to do exceeding, abundantly above ALL that you ask or think!

My ways are indeed HIGHER than your ways!  Walk with Me .... Run with Me .... crawl with Me .... kneel with Me  ... lie with Me ... I am with you always.

If you fly, walk, run .... sit or lie down with Me - your Saviour - I am there with you, as you call out to Me.

Breathe Me in ... inhale of My love ...breathe in My peace ... My joy ... My sufficiency for your mortal soul(s).  Breathe Me in now!


I exist for you. You exist for Me. For this purpose, this REASON; you have been created:  to know Me. 


I want you to know Me in My indescribable love ... My impeccable love ... My specific love for YOU."

####### message ended @ 12:15am

continuum = a continuous series or whole, no part of which is perceptibly different from the adjacent parts

in Him was life

in Him was life