June 25, 2013

video~ "Hold Me Now" -- RED

Waking up and letting go
To the sound of angels
Am I alive or just a ghost
Haunted by my sorrows
Hope is slipping through my hands
Gravity is taking hold
I said I'm not afraid
That I am brave enough

I will not give up
Until I see the sun

Hold me now
Until the fear is leaving
I am barely breathing
Crying out
These tired wings are falling
I need you to catch me

video~ "So Far Away" -- RED

Remember when you found me drowning
Pulled me from the deepest end
I promised I would never leave you
But now I'm drowning again
It's killing me with every breath
Witnessing the life I've left
Only you know who I am
I'm reaching out my hand

I wanna feel it
Wanna mean it when I say it
Can you hear me at all?

And I feel so far away
Far away from everything
Outside wandering
When I got lost
I throw my arms up in the air
Why do I disappear
How can your love be so close
When I'm so far away

video~ " Leaving 99" -- Audio Adrenaline (original band)

 "He will leave the 99 to find the one:  YOU!!!!"

video~ " King " by AUDIO ADRENALINE

"You are my King" !!

in Him was life

in Him was life