June 17, 2013

MESSAGE "Any Plans?"

*from a message heard in Spirit on 6/14/13 @1:22am

"Do not compare yourself to others.  This is the downfall of many.


Correct attention should be upon your own life, not others.  What they are doing is their own business... it is not yours.  You have your own life.

Each person, each child, each believer ...  has their unique life ...  special mission just for them.  It is revealed to each person, as they seek (Me).

What I (your Father) do with one individual is not the same as I do with you.

I have plans for you ... for each of My begotten. (My offspring, My children)


I had a hard (difficult) plan for My Son.  He was born into your world and also died in your world.  He rose from the dead.  He was My sacrifice for the world.  That was my plan for Him ... for Jesus ...your Saviour.


I may make the plans, but often they are never known, never realized, never recognized, never sought-after.

Many of My plans for you have gone undone.  That is the way of the world, of the flesh, of the free will.  It also is the 'work' of the enemy.  He  sees the promise in you (and in many of My children)....then he thwarts this plan I have purposed.  He confuses, he steals your joy, he mocks and destroys.  He ruins many plans I have.

But ... he cannot have you.  You are Mine.  I am setting you upon a strong rock, where you will be safe.

The Rock is Me.  The Rock is My Son....and this Rock is My Spirit.  WE are your Rock.  We are your strong foundation ... your stronghold in the storm. 


Let US be your shelter, your firm foundation, your anchor.

We will establish you and your thoughts, as you look to Us ... as you learn of Us ...as you obey Us.

It is Our plan and it is always a good plan.

Our plans -  Our *agendas* - give hope.

We are in the *hope* business, as it were.

The joy of the Lord indeed brings (you) strength.  We are in the *joy* business, as well!

And ... We are the *bosses* of the *peace* industry.  We produce peace!


Hope.  Joy.  Peace.  These three are your strength.  They will carry you far in this earthly life.


Settle your heart(s) to be part of Me .... to be part of My hope ... My joy ... My peace.  It is (in) My plan for you."

#######Message ended @ 1:35am

thwart = to prevent the occurrence, realization, or attainment of;
to oppose and defeat the efforts, plans, or ambitions of

in Him was life

in Him was life