May 12, 2013

MESSAGE "Danger/Raging Bulls"

~~~ from a message received (kept hearing  the first sentence) on Saturday night, August 16th,2008 at 3:13am

"You are in danger."


"You are in danger here.  You are upsetting the enemy.  You have *ruffled his feathers*.  He is angry.  He is not about to give up his space (so) easily.

Keep your guard up.  Be on alert.  Listen.  Watch.  Pray.  If I urge you to speak ... {or}be silent ... wait ... watch ... observe ... pray ... intercede ... shout ... be still ... or, to flee... do as I command.

Tread lightly.  (For a soft answer turns away wrath.)  You are amongst *raging bulls*.  You are a target and in the enemy's *scope* ... in his *sighting*.  He is watching you and wants you destroyed.


Choose (your) words carefully.  Learn to stay close-mouthed to avoid *fueling the fire*.


Gentleness. Kindness.  Longsuffering.  Peace.  Joy.  Love.  These are My attributes, and they can (also) be yours.  Practice them and I will help (to) instill them within your soul.

Within the gates are My servants -  the angelic hosts and guards.  They also  watch over you, as do I.  I am near to My sheep and  cover them and I protect them and take care of them ... and I especially watch over those in the path of destruction.

I am a gentle, yet strong Saviour (Shepherd).

There IS a battle brewing.  The lines are being drawn.  Good vs. evil.  (*God vs. devil*)

Yes, you are in danger ... but I am your Protector.  I shield you, give you warning and empower you, as needed.  (This is for ALL My children.)


Simple faith is powerful.  Holiness is powerful.  Compassion, love, forgiveness, grace and mercy are powerful.  Justice and chastisement are powerful.  Patience and wisdom are powerful.  But finding Me in the Spirit is most powerful.  Obedience to what you hear from Me is vitally important.

(Yet, do not believe all that you *hear* in your spirit/mind.  Not all is from Me :  some are seducing, familiar spirits.  They try to come as *angels of light*, but they are MOST deceptive.)


Discernment is necessary for maturity, for wise choices, for learning, for knowing Me.  Through experience (trial and error) one becomes (more of ) a discerner.  Be teachable and you will learn.  Stay stubborn and you will not learn.

Rebel ... and fall into traps and danger.  Keep a clean heart:  forgiving, repenting, confessing sin ... and you will be safe (safer).

Attacks come to all, for all who follow Me (follow Christ) SHALL suffer persecution.

Remember, YOU ARE IN A WAR.

You do NOT fight aginst fleshly enemies, you wrestle with spiritual forces.

These battles WILL intensify, as will My glory.



Learn to enter (into) My rest.  It is a spiritual place of rest.  It is trusting in Me when there is no hope apparent.  It is a *giving over* of all worry to Me.  It is a fresh surrender to Me and My will for the situation.


I have your best interests at heart, My dear.{?}  Remember, whether you live or die, you are with Me.  When it's *your time* for departure, you will be in My glorified presence!  We will be together eternally!  Face-to-face.  Joy unspeakable will be yours. {A promise to ALL His children.}


Yes, I use *flawed* containers for My Spirit.  For you are ALL *flawed* in some way.  The human IS flawed ... It has sin.  It has imperfection.  It has darkness.  It has been damaged.  It has been marred.

As a potter, I take the flawed clay and rework it.  It becomes a polished vessel.  It becomes a new product.  It may not (even) look like it used to.  It will be stronger, even though it was broken.

I am the Potter.  You are the Clay.  You are MY clay.  I will make you into a work of art.  One-of-a-kind.  Rare.  Tested.  Durable.  Precious.  Strong.  Holy.

Holy by My Blood sacrifice.  Holy by My divine seperation;  by My choosing.  Holy by My design, by My plan, by My design.

Yes, My child (My children) ... you are made Holy by the Blood of the Lamb.  You obtain eternal life by His Holy offering.  He died, (so) that you may live.  It is only by HIS death and resurrection you can be made Holy and acceptable to Me.

Ther is no other name, given among men, under Heaven, where you can be saved.  The ONLY Name is the Name of JESUS (Yeshua).  His is the Name above all names.

At the Name of Jesus, EVERY knee shall bow.  He is the Eternal King of kings and Lord of lords.  He is MOST High.  Most HOLY.  He is the Highest of the *higher ups*.

He is the utmost Sovereign Potentate.  He is Supreme. He is the Master of all:  OF ALL.


Guard your hearts and minds.  Keep them filled up with the love and the fear and the wisdom and the rest and the holiness of God ... God your Father, who loves you."

####### message ended @ 3:54am....lasting 41 minutes

~~Ephesians 6:10-13

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.

v11  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

v12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
 but against principalities,
 against powers,
 against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
 against spiritual wickedness in high places."


in Him was life

in Him was life