April 27, 2013

video~ "You Decide' - Fireflight


He gives us free will

video~ "Are You Alone?" - Fireflight

Are you alone...I am... alot...but Holy spirit is with me


video~ Jesus Culture -- Suzy Yaraei's "Dance"

Need more of this all over the world!


video~ "Dance" -Suzy Wills Yaraei


In Russia.....energetic, free worship, dance, song, joy

video~ "He's Alive" - Suzy Yaraei


a passionate singer

video~ Benjamin Dunn /Global Celebration Worship with Georgian Banov


dancing in free worship

MESSAGE "Offended by Jesus"

~~~ 5:46am (undated message)

"Is anyone above offense?  No.  All can (and, will be at one time) be offended.  The *cross* is offensive.  Jesus offends.  His gospel is not always perceived as *good* news.

Religions despise the cross.  Despise the truth of Jesus. Pride rejects the human-ness of sin, of weakness, of vulnerable dependence.

Self-sufficiency is touted, while any sign of frailty is smothered.  Independence rules in society, and neediness is discarded.  All forms of power are sought after, and underdogs are swept away.


Haughty humans disregard sin.  Sin is archaeic, foolish.  God's ways are obsolete.  There is no real right ... or wrong anymore.  Not really . Anything goes.  The world decides it's mores.  It's boundaries.  It's preferences.  *No one can tell us what to do*. Defiance rules.  Liberation from   God's ways are *progressive*.  { Writer's note: This is how the world thinks. It is sarcastic in tone.}

Any hint of Biblical  things is considered hateful, old-fashioned, intolerant.

Believers in God are deemed politically and socially incorrect.

The message of the cross is foolishness to them which are perishing.  The world loves it's own ... listens to it's own ... perishes with it's own.  (Sad, but true.)

The ways of Jesus offend the ways of the world.  Offensive, foolish, hateful, intolerant, irrelevant, out-of-touch.  So say the *experts* ... the top guns in the earth. 

The kings of the earth do rage at the Son of God.  They mock Him, belittle Him, openly and violently defy Him and descecrate His holiness.  The *leaders* and rulers of this globe are in opposition to the Great I Am ... the supreme power in the highest .. the Lord of all.


Rebellion comes with a price.  There are eternal consequences for rejecting the Saviour Jesus.  It is a fearful thing to fall into His hands.  His wrath is unmatched.  He WILL have the last word.  Be afraid, for He IS to be feared.


When the Almighty opens His arsenal of power, the world will see His sovereign terror.

The Lord is awesome ... terrible ... fear-provoking. He thunders.  He shakes the universe. He melts His enemies.  They fall before Him.  He is not to be mocked, nor to be second-placed. He is the *top dog* ... the Most High.


Yes, the Lord God Almighty brings offense.  The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ brings offense.

The Blood of Jesus Christ brings offense. 

The acknowledgement of a weak, paltry, sinful nature is most offensive.  Depending on a saviour is the ultimate offense to self-loving human egos.  Yet pride goes before a fall.

The proud are blind.  The blind lead the blind into a ditch ... into hell.  Hell is offensive.

Often the truth offends.  The truth hurts.  Yet it is necessary.  Offense is necessary."

####### mesaage ended @ 6:10am

{Writer's note:

I do not think this is meant for any specific group of people. It means that we, as humans, with our natural sinful, selfish, destructive natures, will naturally be offended by God and His ways. The flesh is at odds with Jesus and His purity....with His holiness and divinity. We are ALL sinful creatures. We are weak without help...without His supernatural help and forgiveness.}


paltry = lacking in importance or worth; trivial

mores (pronounced mor-ayz) = moral attitudes; traditions

MESSAGE "Dark Angel"

~~~5:20am (undated)

"Lean not on your own human concepts.  Don't trust (don't rely on) on carnal comprehension.  The spiritual is often mistaken for carnal, and vice versa. 

 Again, there is a fine line of demarcation between spirit and flesh.  Only by My Word, and My Spirit, can the lines be recognized.


Not all My *signs* are good.  Not all My *wonders* are nice.  Not all of My movings are (considered) *positive*.  Not all that appears to be of Me is (of) Me.

Remember, the devil likes to copy.  He is the Great Liar:  he is a master counterfeiter.  He is the top trickster ... and the highest illusionist.  He is the king of the Liars ... the king of all liars.

Satan often comes as Me.  He wants to be Me.  He covets My power.  He is jealous, and supremely arrogant.  He desires My position.  He wants to be God.

He wants all the earth - all the peoples of the world - to worship him.  He is most prideful and will stop at nothing to accomplish this feat.

He will display endtime delusionary wonders and eye-popping spectacles.  He will be a master showman .... a grandiouse entertainer .... and a top-class communicator. 

He will send division and destroy lives by the droves.  He delights in destructive deception.

He relishes (on) conflict. He loves war.  He loves bloodshed.  Loves murder.  Loves all the sins.  He revels in atrocity.  His purposes are dark, menacing, foreboding ... yet his outward persona may exude brightness and *christianity*.  So be forewarned.

 Beware of his many ways of entrapment.  He comes as an *angel of light* ... to allure and to capture.

You  WILL know him by his *fruits* ... which may take years to appear.

  The fruit that is good remains and creates  more seed ... for future growth.  {Writer's note: I don't understand this part}

Yes, not all who call Me Lord are Mine.  Not all Christians are really Mine.  Not all who boldly spout My name are of Me.


My Word to you who seek truth:  Don't settle for weak artificial light.  Strive to find the strong, bright, enduring light.

Jesus.  The light of the world."

#######message ended @ 5:39am

atrocity = extreme wickedness;  appalling or atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness;   extreme criminality or cruelty

in Him was life

in Him was life