April 24, 2013

video~ Falling Up- "Good Morning Planetarium"

I'm wondering

Is anybody out there, who's cold and incomplete, inside?
I can hear Him calling
Come and follow Me, my child

The twilight turns to day, with all your love displayed
The stars they bow in awe, when the lost return to You


My child

video~ "God of this City" - Chris Tomlin

Greater things are yet to come & Greater things are yet to be done


In our cities

video~ "Light Up the Sky" - The Afters

He lights up the Sky.... and we know He's with Us



video~ Red - "So Far Away"

video~ RED - "Release the Panic"

Let it out, let it out! Get it out/get it out/get it out! Release the panic!


video~ I Am Empire - "Tell Me Mirror"

How can I pray and live my life this way
Tell me mirror
Who am I to judge such a wreck
Just look at me
Tell me mirror
Was I the same before God found me today
Carry our your plans

You will not regret giving up your time
Your pride
Your hundred dollar bills
You will not regret following a ghost
When the pearly gates are open wide


video~ I Am Empire - "Remedy"

I saw the hands of forgiveness
Release the chains of regretful bliss
I give into the sound of your smile


in Him was life

in Him was life