April 23, 2013

video~ "Sunday School Rock" / "I Love Jesus" - Carman

Mega star  Carman .... singing & dancing for Jesus...is now fighting terminal cancer... like David up against the giant Goliath


MESSAGE "Give Me Strength" (reposted)

~~~ message heard @ 1:52am on 2/9/13

"I will strengthen you. I will heal you. I will deliver you. All things in due time ... in My time. My time is not your time. We operate on different time schedules ... different dimensions ... different compendiums. {?}


Let not your heart be troubled, oh you with little faith. Fear not ... fear not ... for I have all things under My feet. I have told you to rest in My everlasting arms. I will console you ... and rescue you. I am not so far that I cannot hear ... My ears are ever open .... I hear the cries of the afflicted ones ... the orphans ...  the sick ... the wounded ... the lost ... the lonely hearts.  I am near to the brokenhearted.

I have told you to "come to Me and I will give your rest". That holds true more than once .... Come often to My resting place ...lean your head, as-it-were, upon My shoulder.

Rest. Rest awhile. Be at peace ... be still. Listen. Ponder. Muse. Search. Seek. Knock. Look for Me when you are ready ... I am near to you.

My Word is as a fire .... a flame ... a burning torch, amist the darkened hollows. I am like a laser beam, shooting through dimensions. I am the mighty God...the Most High....the conquering Lion. I take on many forms .... (have) many names ... accomplish many jobs. I am able to do exceeding great and mighty things ... things of which we (you) know nothing (about). Trust your Heavenly Father for the *details* ... for it is He that controls the stars, the seas, the earth, the planets. the galaxy ... and beyond.


I raise a banner over you, My child, My children. I sing over you ... I surround you with songs of deliverance.I am like your bodyguard, at times. You may not ever perceive My presence in your life ... but I am there, none-the-less. I stand near to you.


Don't stop doing good...being a light in the darkness. Let your light shine, so that others can see it.

Realize WHO your Father really is. Once you begin to comprehend who He is ... you will be amazed, astounded. He is a *big guy* ...  the CEO of all CEOS.


So, remember that the *joy* of the Lord is your strength. Let My Spirit touch you, influence you. He is awesome ......... supernatural at time.

Let Me be your Saviour. I am right here, right now."

####### message ending @2:12am

video~ Norman Greenbaum -" Spirit in the Sky" ( Original Rare Footage French TV 1...

A classic vintage song from the 1970's...from the Jesus Movement


video~ Resurrection Band - "Paint a Picture" (Subtitulado)

"Paint a picture of a lonely life" --- Jesus is near to the broken, the lonely


in Him was life

in Him was life