April 1, 2013

MESSAGE "I've Given You the Rainbow"

~~~also from 11/27/07

"The Lord has withholden His rain, His power, His presence, His blessing... for many reasons.

Sin stifles the Spirit.  Lack of knowledge of sin breeds more and more sin.  Lack of opportunity for Holy Spirit conviction to fall upon My people is an issue.

Lack of faith to believe;  to trust ... is also part of the lack of God's *rain*.

*Last day resistance* is another.  Sin will abound.  Evil WILL grow worse and worse, BUT I am able to quench it in its path.  I am your *sin fighter*.  I delight in taking away sin.  It is My pleasure to destroy the works of your enemy.  I take pleasure in releasing captives from My adversary.  I came to set the captives FREE!


Take My *yoke* upon you.  What does that mean?  I need you to be *yoked* together with Me.  I need you to be in Me and I in you.

The need to be united together;  bound together.... as one.  When you are locked together with Me, we are most powerful against all opponents.

*** I am the driving force in all that is good.  I cause all things to work together for good .... for those who love Me (and who are called according to My purposes. Romans 8:28)  I turn evil into good.

(So)  let (your) good triumph over evil.  Let curses become blessing ... in My plan.


Sow seeds of mercy.  Sow seeds of love.  Sow seeds of peace.  Sow seeds of justice.  Sow seeds of compassion.  Be a sower.

Leave the watering and the reaping up to Me.  I will send appropriate workers for every aspect of the great harverst.

Many fret (and *vex*) over the  harvest.  It is in MY time(s) ... in MY season(s).  I will provide (the) reapers.

Now, the sowing must continue!  seedlings need nurturting, care, tender attention.  (Yet some seeds grow fine in the wild;  even blown by the wind...).


Grow in grace.  Don't be afraid of My light shining (and upon) you.  My glory will be upon My *little lamps* (!)

Oppose worry.  Resist worry. Fight worry.  Refuse steadfastly to worry.  Worry is a thief.  Kick worry out of your life.  (Ask Me to fill you with my peace, to counteract the void.)


Be confident in Me.  Be confident, knowing that I - your Heavenly, all-knowing Father who loves you - WILL complete and perfect and make whole ... your life.  I will put you *back together again*.

Disregard old mindsets of the past.  You do NOT have to be chained down to past idealogy. 

You are a new creation;  a new creature;  a new woman (or man) with a new spirit.  Your mind is being renewed daily, hourly.  Your inner *being* is becoming new.

All old is being displaced by new.  You are being *remodeled*.  You are a work-in-progress.

You are My workmanship, My crafting, my masterpiece.  You are My jewel;  My joy.  I will be made strong in you.  When people see you, they will see Me in your eyes.

This promise is true for you, My daughter (My son), and for each and every one of My children. I desire ALL to become My children.  I am a generous Father.

I have much room for many, many, many children.  I want orphans.  I want fatherless children and parentless adults.  I want all of you to come and be (in) My family.  I am your DAD.  I am your Papa, I am your *Pop Pop*.  I am your Abba.  I am Abba Father.

Children, come to Me.  I am here for you

You need Me ... and I need you. I need your love. I desire your love. I draw you to Me with My cords of love. I send you tokens of My love; of My faithfulness.


 I've given you the rainbow. I send reminders and clues (hints) of my love. You will sense them, for I have purposed this."


in Him was life

in Him was life