March 18, 2013

MESSAGE "Many Moses"

~~~ 1/24/2010


"You will find no solace in the house of the enemy ... In the houses of darkness.  There will be found no comfort - NO LASTING PEACE- within the halls of evil.   Goodness and wickedness do not mesh well together.

Light and dark CANNOT co-exist!  (The) dark is it's own seperate entity.  Light swallows up ALL darkness.  Light  (true light) .... defeats, trounces ALL forms of darkness.


Who is light?  What is light?  Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

Darkness harbors evil.   The kingdom  of evil darkness holds it's key emissary:  Satan. His dark spirit is in constant friction with the LORD of light... Jesus.

This dark lord (Satan) desires the powers - THE power - of the Most High, Jesus.  He CANNOT be (the) ultimate king... nor can he ever have ultimate (supreme) power.... therefore he tries to topple the kingdom of light ... in (vain) hopes of conquering such (said) kingdom. This is FUTILE!

The kingdom of God is hope, peace, joy and righteousness ... in the HOLY GHOST>  His love.  It is purity, holiness, forgiveness, grace, mercy, justice, healing, deliverance and truth.

The evil *empire* of Satan is (all) the opposite. His realm and dominion contain sin, evil, murder, no grace, no love, accusation, filth, degradation, lying, killing, maiming, et al. (etc)  It is quite the opposite of the true King's empire!

Yet we know; you know --- that the dark often penetrates (into) the light spheres.  The dark tries to infiltrate all manner of (the) light.


Many angels come (appear as) as *angels of light* ... yet inwardly they are nothing more than wicked imposters, sent from the darkness.  Their purpose is to thwart God's workings on the earth.

These evil angels know how to impersonate Godly angels.  *NOT ALL ANGELS ARE FROM ME, SAYS THE MOST HIGH. Let this be emphasizied!!* 

Many, many, many will *come in My name* ... but I did not send them!  Do not believe all who say *Lord, Lord* ...'did we not prophesy in Your name?' ... 'did we not cast out demons?'.... ! DO NOT BE FOOLED!

I admonish you, My dear children (of all faiths, all man-made groupings;  i.e. denominations) ... come as one to MY TRUTHS.  Come as one to be as One with Me ... in My Light.  A true light contains ALL the colors of the rainbow(s) ... of the prism(s).


Be ready *IN season and OUT of season*!  What does that mean, you say?  I need My followers to ALWAYS be ready, to be on alert;  on guard be ready with an answer.  To be able to give an answer to ALL who ASK about the *hop* that is within you!  (The great hope I have put within your hearts!)

I AM the Lord your God.  Put NO other *gods* before me ... trust in me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  Leave the *details * to Me - for i (will) wiork them out IN MY time ... in  MY manner ... by MY means.

Trust NOT in your own understandings!  Depend on - lean on - Me!  LEAN ON ME!  Acknowledge Me in all your ways (and all your days!) ... andIi will direct your paths.  I WILL always be there to direct those who look for My leading(s)!

Just as I sent Moses to lead my people out of Egypt, so shall I send *MANY MOSES* now ... in this day and age.  I have decreed it and it shall be so.



For those whose hearts are right toward Me, I will give (the) necessary credibility for the purposes(s) needed.   I will *back up My words* with action(s).  You will see. (!)

DON"T punish the messenger(s)!  They are only a conduit for My means.  They are disposable, dispensible ... but I keep them, for I love them.  My true *SCRIBES* write for Me .... they have learned to write *as MY SPIRIT MOVES UPON THEM*.

I work (by) different means with different people.  I give  specific methodries to whom I shall and to whom I will, as My Spirit dictates (gives orders).

NO MAN (OR WOMAN) shall ever glory in My presence!  Thosw who dare to speak for Me shall be sharply rebuked (and chastened ) ... by Me.

I AM "God". I am your Father.  I am THE LORD.  I alone am GOD ... am The SON ... and, am ALSO ,,, The SPIRIT.  The HOLY SPIRIT.

This SPIRIT leads you into ALL truth.  He is aptly named (the) *SPIRIT of TRUTH* !!

Truth and lies cannot coexist !  Eventually,  one will triumph.  (Hint)  Truth ALWAYS wins ... in the end. It is a fact ... a law (of the Universe) .... one of My ways.  My ways are NOT your ways.  I am The Lord ... I lie not.


Spend time with Me .... your Father.  Do you relaize the enormity ofthat staement?  I am your FATHER.  You have  been born (a) new ... to Me ... to be with Me in My eternity.  We will always be together.

Refuse the darkness.  Stay in the light.

Resist the darkness,
 the evil,
 the hatred,
the strife,
the envy,
 the jealousy,
 the perversity,
 the ill-will,
 the evil connections,
 the shadowy ones,
 the glitzy showmen,
 the CONNIVING salemen (who claim My Name),
 the selfish,
 the selfish rich,
the profanely blasphemous,
 the unrepentant vulgar shiesters,
the despicable injurers,
the falsely -represented,
 the greedy - for - gain crowd,
 the manipulators,
the cold- hearted ruling class,
the evil workings that DO NOT PROFIT  in My kingdom ... from such, from all of these .... turn away!

Refrain from fellowship with them!  Do not be so easily led astray!  Yes, you are *dumb sheep* ... BUT ... BUT ... that is why you have ME.

 I am the SHEPHERD.  I lead you into all truth.   My SPIRIT shepherds you.  No man can take My place.

NO flesh shall glory in My presence!
 NO man,
 no woman,
 no spirit,
no demon,
no angel,
 no  minister,
 no prophet,
 no miracle,
 no sign,
no wonder...


 -- will glory in My presence--


Yes, let it be said. ... and let it be told.  I am *above all*.  I created all.  I lift up ... and I bring down.

I am the Author of life ... and the Finisher.  I hold (the) keys to death and hell.  Your eternities rest with Me.  Will you give over your souls to a mere man?  A man that can lie?  (To) a man, a ministry, a creed, a dogma, a doctrine, a teaching, a prophecy ... that can hold truths, yet also hold lies?  Lies mixed with truth =  lies.
{Example:  0 + 0 = 0; 1 + -1 = 0...etc.}


(So) will you stand up for the truth?  Will you stand for Me ... even if the entire world turns against Me?


(So continue to) seek to know Me.... to know Truth ... to know My ways ... to know My heart ... My desires .... My plans .... My likes and dislikes.  I WILL reveal these things to My diligent followers .. on a *need-to-know* basis ... (or) on a seeking;  desperate, honest journey. 

Make your calling and election (your salvation) sure.

Don't rely on ANY flesh;  trust truth."

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fellowship = friendship

in Him was life

in Him was life