March 13, 2013

MESSAGE "Messiah Bridegroom"

~~~ from 5/4/2004


"Many waters cannot quench love, for (My) love is as a roaring fire.  The love I have for you is (as) an everlasting fire;  an eternal flame.  My love CANNOT be extinquished!

My love is strong and My love is hot:  red hot!

Yes, I am a *jealous* God, in that I want your for Myself.  I do not want to share you with anyone or anything else!
Just as a devoted bridegroom dotes on his chosen bride, so do I with MY Bride:  (My church) the church body.  The *church* in general is My Body.  Each born again believer is a part of Me, of My Body.
 (Note:i.e. all believers world wide , who ever lived)


Also, like an earthly bridegroom (or fiance) , I give My bride GIFTS!

I am pouring out My Spirit and showering My Bride with many types of gifts.

Some gifts are spoiritual.  Some physical.  SAll gifts are a sign, a token (a proof), of My existance.  Do not deny My signs;  My gifts.  (Just be sure they are MY gifts and not the *confuser's*.)

(Note: the confuser = Satan)

In a sense, you (my Bride) are still *engaged* to Me (your Bridegroom).

The Royal Wedding is yet to occur.  The Marriage Supper (of the Lamb) is yet to come.

This is the time to prepare to meet Me.  Prepare to meet your God, your Father, your Groom,, your Prince.

My Bride, soon we will be gathered together as one!   It will be a rapturous occassion!  I await your arrival on My steps of glory.

Let your bridal clothes be clean and pure, without spot or wrinkle.  Wash your garmentsd in My HOLY cleansing Blood.

{Isaiah 1:18  "Though your sins be as scarlet, I will wash them white as snow..."}

Remember, I am a jealous God, a jealous Bridegroom.  I am zealous for YOU...are you (also) (equally) zealous for Me?"

in Him was life

in Him was life