February 20, 2013

video~ "For Those Who Wait" - Fireflight

You will be rewarded....even if its the hardest thing you've ever had to endure ... the waiting

"Never Be The Same " - Red

Once you KNOW Jesus is real and feel Him, you will NEVER be the same... (this song also can be for an earthly romance)

"Going Higher"

~~~ from a message heard on 9/29/2009 @ 6:20am

"The higher you go up, the narrower (the path) becomes.


Indeed it is a narrow walk;  a narrow path.  But it does lead upward, despite its difficulty.  The course set ahead is fraught with pain, difficulty, temptation, heartache, hardship, and injury.

Yet... yet ... yet, I will be with you (EVERY) step of the way.  You willl not walk alone.


When you slip and fall, I will hold you and catch you.  When you losde your footing, I will re-establish your steps.  When you lose your way in the night, I will go looking for you.  I am never far away.  I will hear your cries for help.

When you are wounded, I will bring relief.

When you are hungry, I will make provision.  I will send My ravens to feed you if need be.

As you continue in  your walk with Me, you will begin to recognize when I am walking with you.

You will sense My presence ... you will feel My power... ansd see Me in your spirit ... by your spiritual eyesight.  You shall (also) hear me by your ears of faith.  Sometimes you may breathe in My divine aromas.  And, you may sometimes feel My tangible (felt) closeness.

As you draw near to Me, I will draw (come close) to you.  No one need(s) (to) feel left out.  I am very inclusionary (inclusive, welcoming all).

Cast all your cares upon Me, for I care for you.  Give my your burdens, your worries, your fears ... give them to Me in prayer.

Surrender your pain to Me  (surrender = give up, relinquish)

Most of all, give Me your heart(s).  That is the most sacred part -- when sacrificed (as) unto Me ... when  set apart for Me... your LORD.  Commit your way(s) to Me and  I WILL direct your steps.."


in Him was life

in Him was life