February 19, 2013

video~ " I will Follow" - U2

I was on the outside when you said
You said you needed me
I was looking at myself
I was blind, I could not see

A boy tries hard to be a man
His mother takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oh why

If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway...I will follow

If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway...I will follow

I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window
I was lost, I am found

"What Is Love??"

~~~ {Message 'heard' in the spiritual, on 2/17/13....I could not sleep...I guess "SOMEONE" needed me to write something}

"What is love?  Do you know?  Do you care?  Have you got it?  Wish you did?

True love is idyllic, sublime.  It catapults (you) into the cosmos ... and brings you along on a wild ride!  It lifts you up ... up... up ... high! You feel high.  Yeah.


 True, deep love is extravagant.  Abundant in its lushness.  Complex at times, yet simple enough to accept.  This love is strong!  It endures all things.  It is patient ... and it is kind,  Love like this never fails.


Love of a different kind.  This love takes you places you've never been to.  It is (like) a wild horse!  A serene stallion.  A noble mare.  A royal ride. (royal mount)  It is a place of nobility ... of a high calling.


 This love is rare.  It is not easily found, nor sought after.  it is *beyond*  the norm ... beyond mundane.  It is high caliber ... extraordinary.  It is like a rare gem .... a jewel.


Those who persist and seek and wait .... will be near (to) true love.  They will be rewarded for their  *troubles* .  Many have desired this unknown factor ... this enigma of life.  Yet, few seek (it).  {This is sad.}


True love is a song.  A song of the heart.  A merry melody.  A driving chord.  An echoing chorus of sentiment.

Music to soothe the  *savage beast*.  Songs of the inner soul, the deep.  Songs to inspire beyond mediocrity.  Music of love is rarely forgotten.  Songs can etch feelings into the psyche.  Melodies, words, beats, bridges .... lyrical wonderment.  Yes, music.


Do you ever tremble when in love?  Have you ever felt this powerful emotion?  This power?  This surge?  This electricity? It is beyond description.

 Love is stronger than ANY drug, any intoxicant.  Love can overshadow ALL pain, ALL heart ache, ALL wounding, ALL past regret and rejection(s).  LOVE.


Love can be cryptic, mysterious, at times.  It is a divine mystery.  Hav you unlocked its door?  Do you have the key?  Are you at the door?  Can you hear the KNOCKING?


Dreams are inspired by love ... and love inspires dreams.  Love speaks in the night ... in dreams ... in songs ... in (the) atmosphere .  Love rides the winds .... sings through the night birds ... cradles you with its arms.  Love softens the hardest heart.  {sigh.}

Will you welcome this love?  (When it is finally found, finally recognized, finally known?) 

(Or) will you reject it?  Slam the door?  Run?

This love can be grieved. crushed, ruined.  It will be wilted, died-out, smothered, destroyed ... if not requited.  (Not accepted.)

This love is vulnerable.  It is open to (being) hurt.  It can be broken.  It is serious thing, this love.

When it hits, when it arrives ... you cannot deny it.  It is (so) strong ... so powerful ... unlike any other.  It is rich, it is very deep.  It runs deep, like a roaring, turbulent river.

It is full of life, of energy such as one has never known, felt or seen before.  It is vibrant, ecstatic, frenzied, alive, awake, fervent.  It is (much) to be desired.  It is as a rare gemstone, found in a mine.  Such is this wonder, this thing ... this love.


This love wants you.  It has sought you.  It has found you.  It is following you NOW.  It is alive, real, strong, most powerful;  yet gentle (and) unassuming.

It is honest, raw, fresh, new, wonder-full (full of wonder!), rich, excellent, many-layered, never-failing, compassionate, wild-yet-tamed, high-yet-grounded, merciful, gracious, protective, secure, humourous, intelligent, creative, knowledgeable...


....witty, generous, fun, loving-beyond-measure, adventurous, daring, heart-pounding, reasssuring, affirming, ever-patient, fragile-yet-firm, demonstrative, emotional, sympathetic...


merciful, wise, zealous, ardent,  royal-yet-humble.  Love is  *all of the above*.  {He smiles.}


Listen for My love.  Listen.  Quiet yourself before Me.


I am so close to you right  now.  I am the air that you breathe.  {Inhale}  Breathe Me in.  I am with you, always.  We are as one.  I in you and you in  Me.  Together ... forever ... we will be.  Eternally united.  Nothing shall seperate us.  This love is strong.  It will last.

This love is Me."

####### Message ended @ 4:31am  (Jesus Messiah/Holy Spirit...you are SO cool!! I love you forever!!!♥♥♥!♥♥♥♥)


"Sweet Vindication!"


{Message to many}


"You shall be vindicated in the courts of the Most High.  I will vindicate you.

I will defend you.  I am your mediator ... your advocate .  I will make things right.  You will be exonerated ... forgiven ... cleansed.  Your name and your reputation will be cleared ... you will be seen (and known) in a new light.


Right now I am working on your behalf.  I am giving you favor.  I am pleading your case.  I am your Defense.

I am causing things to turn in your direction.  You will soon see results ... a change.  Yes, a change is coming ... it is in the works!


Let Me be your counsel ... your sponsor ... your coach ... your *life coach*.  Let Me show you,... as you go.  I will be that certain, special *light* that brings illumination to your muddled darkness.  I will be the light for your path.  I will direct  your steps, as you follow Mine.  (follow His steps)


Great is My faithfulness. My mercies are new EVERY morning.  I delight in pouring out mercy and justice!

So ... expect a reward ... a *bonus* , if you will ... a stipend ... a blessing from Me.  I will pour out of My storehouse ... a mighty, timely blessing.  It will have My *stamp* upon it ... a mark of (My) authenticity !  Watch and see !  Wait and see !  Be happy, My children, with these gifts I am bestowing upon you!

(For) I am the Father of lights ... and I desire good things for My children, My *brood*.  I delight in your joy.

 Tender is the night.  I am in this sweetness. ... this tenderness.  I am your Father who loves ... who *adores* you ... each and every one of you !

I adore you !  Feel My love !  Bask in My love !  Luxuriate in My love !  Love, Love, Love ...that is your Reward !  (supreme, best reward)"


video~ "Keep Your Eyes Open" - NEEDTOBREATHE

Be aware... the devil comes as an 'angel of light'...his ministers are in churches...

in Him was life

in Him was life