February 14, 2013

"Not All Gifts Are Taken"

~~~ from a message heard 3/8/2009 @ 6:51am

"I am rending the heavens to release many gifts.  Look for them in various venues.

Gifts will be distributed as I please;  as I choose;  as I see fit.   (For MY ways are not your ways.)

Many will cherish these (gifts)... others will despise (them).  That is to be expected.  (For) not all are able to receive (from Me).


Regarding gifts...Not ordinary.  (EXTRA ordinary.)  Not expected.  Not usual;  but most (very) UNusual.  Such is the Master's plan. (At this time.)

Therefore....Receive, Receive, Receive.

Gladly accept what is given to you.  Those whose hearts are open will readily accept My gifts.  Others shall shun (them).  It is to be expected.

For there is nothing new under the sun.  (Same as it ever was!)

I know (the heart of) man.  I know how they operate:  how they think.  I see into motives.  I see the true colors residing inside.

No man can hide from Me.  I am everywhere;  at once.  I know thoughts before they are *thought*.  I know the intents of the heart.  I see intentions, plans, devices, tricks, lies, deceptions.  And I see truth.


Corruption breeds insecurity.  Sin *rests* on sinking sand.  (i.e.  There is no sure foundation with a life based on sinful practices.)

Contempt fuels distrust.


Man glorifies himself:  this is incorrect living.  Human foolishnesss is futile.  They (humans) must look to their Maker for lasting wisdom, security, peace, hope, love, help, and comfort."

####### ending @ 7:04am


"Your God Might Say This"

~~~ adapted from an early message from June 11, 1995 "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but (a spirit) of power, and of love, and of a sound mind! The fear of man is a snare (a trap). God will help you ... (so) do not fear what man will do to you! God is with you: each of you ... to the end! He will hold your right hand, and say *Fear not, for I am with you ... to prosper you, to comfort you, to strengthen you ...* for His glory; for His purposes. God's love casts out all fear. (His love removes all fear!!) If you love Jesus (God), you will trust and cleave (cling to, hold onto closely)unto Him ... and you will dare to believe Him in all situations! God will lead you into all truth by His Holy Spirit! Remember, it is by His Spirit that you know Jesus ... (and) that His Word is made real to you! Do not be afraid of man, for what is man? The world will not be able to (really) hurt you, as long as you are in God's care. Be strong and of (a) good courage ... for God will be with you ... wherever you go! Keep your mind, your eyes, your thoughts-- on God ... and He will keep you in perfect peace! He has not forgotten you; He has graven you on the palms of His hands. God will perfect (make right, complete) that which concerns you. He will contend (fight, do battle against) with those who contend with you. *** God will show you great and mighty things, (of) which you know not. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has (the) mind conceived... the things which God has prepared for those that love Him! *** Remember, ALL things work together for good, for those that are called: for those that love God ... that love Jesus. God desires a pure heart: one totally devoted to Him... (A heart) not given to their idols, (or) to other gods, (or) other loves, (or) other things that consume your ligfe. God's commands, (and) His ways are not too difficult ...(they) are not too hard for you. His yoke is not heavy ... it is not unbearable. Seek Jesus in all your ways ... in every conflict that arises. You (must all) remember (that) Jesus Christ is the Rock of your lives. Jesus is forever!" Scripture Ephesians 3:20a "He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think..."

"Rubies, Diamonds ,Gold & George Noory"

  ~~~8/2/2007 First part of message is directed to Radio host George Noory,  of  Coast To Coast AM radio...(The widely popular program deals with supernatural, paranormal, UFOs, ghosts, end times, prophecies, etc)


"George is a good man.  He has much of My love in him.  He is learning of Me and of My reality;  of My omnipotence.  Love takes time.  I am very patient and I will continue to work in George's life.  He must seek Me as I am... and I WILL be found.

I shed light on the darkness.  My love is light.  My wisdom, My knowledge, my power:  are all aspects of My divine light. 


I am purposing to reveal myself to George  -  in ways he could never surmise -- never imagine could be.  I am going to *knock his socks off*!  He will see Me and then will know Me, when I am in My glory.

As a seeker of truth, George will *stumble* upon Me sooner or later, for I AM truth.  (I am the way, the life and the TRUTH... and NO man comes to the Father, but (except) by Me.)

Soon, the world will see Me as I am.  They will look upon My resurrected, incorruptible body.  They will see Me returning in My clouds, coming in the skies.  All who await My return will be expectantly eager and zealous to see Me.  (And, I to them, as well.)

The world (system) will attempt to discredit Me and to make Me into one of their fables... into their erroneous excuses and coverups.


Magic.  Mystery.  (the) supernatural.  Intrique.  Ancient wisdom.  Unparalleled knowledge.  Indescribable love, joy, and peace.  Power to subdue demons and to interrupt (the paths of) disease.

 All these are attributes of the Risen Saviour:  Jesus Christ / Yeshua / Messiah ... the Living Son of God ... the Most High.

But ... He is MORE than magic.  Remember Moses OUTDID the magicians... and Paul (apostle) shut down the fortune teller(s).

When My church (i. e. My people):  the true believers, will realize their power in Me, THEN the action begins.  As I was with Moses, so I will be with my devoted ones.

Strike the rock.  Waters flow.  Hit the waters with the mantle.  They seperate, and dry land appears.


I send rubies, crystals, diamonds, sapphires, gold.  I am *into* signs ... spectacle ... wonders ... amazement ... astonishment.  I like to surprise.


I stamp on demons... and those with MY power do the same.  (They must be endued with My enabling opower to do these things.  Hence, the anointing.  I speak of My anointing ... My enabling  power and glorious presence.)


It is wrong to *sugar coat* My gospel.   It is wrong to *water it down*.

My Word stands.  It stands on its own:  Holy, ancient, honorable, anointed power.

What I said I will do, I will do.  I am NOT a man, NOT a human.  I do not lie.  My Word is true.  I AM truth.

Many shall see and hear of My *doings* ... of My exploits ... of My Glory.  (Tanglible, visible glory.)  Wait for it.  Watch for it.

Watch and pray and seek and listen... you will be rewarded.  I am a rewarder of all who seek Me ...  so look for Me with ALL your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Seek Me and I will reveal Myself."

---From The Father


in Him was life

in Him was life