February 6, 2013

"Don't Presume My Presence"

~~ from a message heard on 4/24/2009 @ 4:27am

"You invite Me in, but then you shut the door.  You invite Me into your homes;  your churches.... but then you slam the door in My face. You call for Me, cry to Me, beg Me to visit ... to "show up".   You weep and *travail* and quote My words.  You (try to) command My angels;  to get Me to *come on over* to your festivities.

You have meetings upon meetings ... to *seek* Me.  You have endless  (ad nauseum) conferences ...to somehow *find Me* and *My glory*.  You boast of being right *smack dab* in *My glory realm*.  You whine, complain, murmur.... when I don't *perform* as expected.

You, the modern church of sign seekers, desire the *oohs and ahhs*.  You want a nice show.  A comedy perhaps.  You need drama, excitement, and (some) *magic*!  You are so------open to anything --ANYTHING--spiritual, that you eat anything put before you.  (Your *diet* is bad.)


Stumbling blocks come in many forms . Religion is one such *block*, or hindrance, to finding Me. Another is seeking the sensational, at any cost.  Many have been led astray by following these *entertaining avenues*.

One way is not better than another in this case.  Religion kills the SPIRIT...  whereas hyperspiritualism actually taints MY SPIRIT.

The law shows the need for My grace, for My forgiveness, for My life to come into yours.  MY SPIRIT will *invade* your space... He will literally *displace* the *old man* with His laws.

Yet, the basic tenet of  the law remains.  My love is the controller of all My laws.  To love your God is the main law in My kingdom.  The next is to love your neighbor, as you love yourselves.  In doing such (as these), you will fulfill all the other *laws* accordingly.


Back to the *doors* ... when you call for Me to inhabit your praises, you must then *allow* Me to remain!  I am more than a passing visitor.

My presence is not one of transience.  I wish to remain ... to dwell among you.  Yet, I DO come and go as the wind.  I go as I please ... and as I am welcomed. 

I am often (rudely) invited to your gatherings ... then I am -- hatefully, ignorantly, fearfully -- ignored. (!)  This is a grievance unto Me.

Why trouble the waters, if you refuse to swim, or even dive in?

Why call upon Me, if you pray without faith?  Faith without works is dead.  The letter kills, but the SPIRIT gives life.  The law restricts, but the SPIRIT pervades (the) environment.


The SPIRIT of God can go where the law cannot. The New Covenant is indelibly imprinted, with My SPIRIT.  Where the SPIRIT of the LORD is, there is liberty, freedom.

My SPIRIT brings release.  Relief.  Truth. Conviction.  Correction.  He breaks the *yokes of bondage*!  He breaks the yokes apart !  He sets the captives free, in Jesus' name !  Whom the Son has set free, is free INDEED!


So, I ask you --- all of you--- why do you quench My SPIRIT when He arrives?  Do not bid Me if you will not entertain (welcome) Me.

Do not call for Me if you don't want Me to speak to you.,  Don't talk of Me, as if you know Me, whern you only know *of* Me.  Don't presume My presence.  Don't lie.  Don't exaggerate.  Don't pretend.  Don't be a deceiver.  Refuse deception.

Guard your hearts and your minds.  Let My WORD be preached without restraint.  Let My full, rich WORD be spoken boldly in the sanctuaries, in the assemblies, on the airwaves.  Let My WORD entrench your music, your songs, your art, your very existance.  Let My WORD dwell in you richly.

Let My SPIRIT animate, *quicken* -- (or) make alive -- My WORD(s).

As you allow My truth to come forth, in it's purest form, it will (then) germinate (grow).

Stay in the Truth. Stay in the Light.  Stay in the Holiness of Yeshua the Christ.  Stay in the parameters of MY WORD and within the love and righteousness of My nature.  My HOLY SPIRIT *WILL* lead you into all truth.

He will (also) comfort you ... and He will show you (of) things to come.


He will bring to (your) mind the WORDS I have spoken.Let My WORD have it's rightful place in your lives.  Let My SPIRIT quicken you.  Let Me be your King.  Let Me in when I knock."

####### messaage ending @ 4:55am....



in Him was life

in Him was life