November 29, 2013

MESSAGE "When You Fall"

4:33am....when i heard my spirit

"My Name moves mountains.
My breath expels demons. My Word carves rivers.
I am. I was ...And I will be.


Gladiators have died in My name. Kingdoms have fallen in My name. Martyrs have been slaughtered because of Me, for My name.
Why do they die ... for Me?
Am I worth it?
Am I WHO I say I am?

Most will not have to die for Me. My martyrs give their lives willingly. I have conditioned (trained) them to endure severe hardship.
They are ready.
They are My *elite soldiers* .,..
My *special force*.
I raise them up to fight, to suffer.
Not all die for Me ... some are *taken*. (Taken up, into Heaven, by Me.)

Warning ... Do not presume your fate, your future. Your destiny lies with Me, IF you have been My follower.
DO NOT act hastily, or dangerously; for it is foolishness without My leadings.

For those who (do) follow hard after Me, there will be subsequent persecution, affliction, suffering, extreme trials, bouts of fear ... extreme fear. These are (all) to be expected.
These are the *stepping stones* to My presence. ... (into) My glory.
(glory = manifest presence of God, physically felt, often visible, etc.)


Those who truly humble themselves WILL indeed be lifted up ... they WILL go up higher ... they WILL be awarded *rewards*, unknown as yet.


Expect mockery... this is a *side effect* of daring to believe.
Believers get mocked. They get ridiculed severely ... mocked mercilessly ... and cruelly accursed.


The *rugged* life of My *soldier* will be (often) treacherous, misunderstood, traumatic at times and full of rejection.
It is NOT an easy road.

Temptations will arise.
Many of My best soldiers fall.
They will succumb (give in) to the allure and enticement.


It is a rare lamb who does not fall. When the fall occurs, there is terrible shame, self-hatred, inner condemnation -- and often, public humiliation. These are the times to lay your life before Me ... to just fall into My arms ... (for) I know ... I know.

-pause- 4:51am

I know when My warriors have been injured and when they take a hit. I know they are (but) flesh ... so weak. Without Me, they are nothing. The flesh profits nothing.
Without the Spirit, the flesh, the body, even the mind --- is useless, futile, corrupt, evil, full of depravity.
Death stalks the empty vessel.


As far is the east is from the west, so far have I (also) removed your sins, your *transgressions*.
I take them away, I forgive, I restore, I deliver ... WHEN there is *repentance*.
(repent = turn away; change; change direction; have genuine remorse; admit failure )



(You want to *get away* .. to run away.)

(To) where would you go? To whom would you run?
I have the only way ... the only words to (your) eternal life. You have sought Me ... you are Mine.
I have the message for you. I have the *map*. This is your *road*.

For you see, there is NONE but Me. I alone am God. Besides Me, there is no other. (Have you found another?) You can choose to continue with Me ... or choose a false way, a false *god*.

I am the way, the truth, and the life.


You can escape with Me. You can *escape* a meaningless eternity ... you can escape (an) eternal loneliness ... you can escape a future of torment, darkness ... despair, desperation.
You can escape the place, the thing, the condition --- known as *hell*.
Escape with Me. Escape!

The *hell* you read about is prepared for the wicked one. {Satan}
It was never prepared for My human creation ... nor My angelic creation. It is not -- NOT -- to be desired.
Do not believe the lies.
(Lies = where *hell* is *fun* ... where *freedom* exists ...that Satan is your *friend*.)


The devil is a trick, a guise, an enchantment.
His glory exists (only) in lies, in the dark deceptive. It is all purposed to allure, to lie, to dazzle, to lead into perdition and pernicious ways.
(pernicious = evil; perdition = hell, evil, eternal death)


Don't take the bait(s).
Spit out his charms.
Run from the trap(s).


When all the world says there is *peace* ... don't (ever) believe it! There will be NO peace in this world ... until the kingdom of God is ushered in. False peace is NOT peace!


Take care of the children. Feed them. this is My will.
If any would follow Me, let them feed My smallest lambs, My most cherished.


I am raising up My tried -and - true ones ... my battle-worn ones ... My precious, loved ones.
(ALL are loved, never forget.)

I am speaking (also) to those who have *given up* ... who don't believe any more ... who are wiped out, defeated, have failed, have gone back to their old ways.
There is *new hope* for you.


A new day is here. Yes, it has been said many times.
Yet, it is a day (a time) directed by Me, for My purposes.

Remember I said (I promised) that all things work together for good, to those who are called... called by Me?

Guess what? I am calling. And I am calling (you) again.


One word can change your entire life. One word from Me can affect you.

Be alert, aware, watchful.

Keep your eyes open."

####### message ending here @ 5:23am

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