October 31, 2013

video! "Friend of a Wounded Heart" Wayne Watson


 >> a classic

video! Good Charlotte - "We Believe"


October 30, 2013

video~ Kutless live from Portland - Pray, speech and "Run"


October 24, 2013

MESSAGE "Less Torment"

"And be not conformed to this world:  but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is tahat good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." -- Romans 12:2


"I have come to bring you life:  abundant, lavish and TRULY satisfying life.  I am Life.  In Me is Life.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT;  accept anything less than My will ... My perfect and good will for you.

You can only begin to know My will when your mind is renewed and you are seperated from the world's mindset.  Did I not say to 'come out and be seperate ... then I will receive you'?  How can I have your complete attention, devotion, and obedience when you are not living in My will?  How can the flesh and the world honour Me?  They can't.

The carnal .... fleshly, natural mind is of a much lower standard orf operation than the spiritual.  Come out of the lowly, base nature.  Enter into the newness of life:  on the spiritual plane.  Rid your life of harmful hindering objects, influence and attitudes.  (Note:  For some, this may take an extended time to achieve, but I see your hearts.)

Be convinced of My Lordship, My role as Creator and My status as loving Saviour!  My Sovereignty is most Holy and is most powerful ... yet I am gentle and kind ... and full of much more than a song in a hymnal or a Bible verse you have memorized! I am King of all.

Can you even PRESUME to BEGIN to think you can understand Me and My ways?  (And) do you believe that the WORLD has your answers?

You must shut off the noise of the world and enter into My peace.  You must be quiet to hear Me.  (To BEGIN to learn My voice.)  I AM speaking to My sheep.


Perfect love casts out fear.  What is torment?  A form of fear.  Be a seeker of  My love and you will be less fearful and less torment.  When you know My love, you will have confidence to fight fear.

Continue to humble yourself AND be humbled by me, for then, and ONLY then, can you be lifted up at all.  Remember to always *boast* about Me and NEVER yourself or others.  I do not allow ANY flesh to glory in My presence. That is My order.  I am *Boss*.

You must be strong to be a follower of Me.  This strength develops from your dependence on Me ... AND MY SUBSEQUENT LOVE for you.  I draw you to Me to love you.  I want you to have joy.

Yes, many are the afflictions of My righteous, but I DO deliver from all.  I restore.  I heal.  I put things into My plan.  You will not usually be aware of My plan, but you must   (Try to begin to.  ) trust Me.   {Where else would you go:  to the world?}

Let go of the world's pressure.  Come to Me, just as you are NOW.  I will NOT cast you off.  I am your Father, your Dad, your Abba.  I adore My offspring.  They are My delight.


Sometimes (your) relief, (your) release, and (your) freedom seems to be lost and afar off.  Be assured, I AM working on your behalf.  My angelic hosts are battling and serving:  all to put My Divine Plan into proper sequence and timing.  Wait on Me and be zealous for My visitation(s)!


Violations of My will cause delays.  When one is a disciple of the world, then their way is hard to discern.

The times are dark.  You must often fight for truth.  You must 'cast down all vain imaginations' and strive for My truth.  Be wary of excessses. Be cautious when humans are exalted, and deny My Lordship over them.

Remember who the 'god of this world' is ... and how deceitful he REALLY is.  He calls dark 'light' and light 'dark'.  He is the master of confusion."

####### end of message, from 6/12/2004

>>Scripture reference

II Corintians 4:4a  "... the god of this world has blinded the minds of them that believe not ..."


vain =  empty, useless, worthless, selfish, proud, foolish, futile
zealous =  ardently devoted, active, diligent
ardent =  burning, fervent with passion;  eager, enthusiastic
lavish = expending or bestowing profusely ; prodigal ; produced in abundance; generous;
strong = persistant; diligent; able to perservere; of great moral power, firmness, or courage; brave

MESSAGE "3-For-One"

"My plans WILL be established on the earth.

Despite (the) enemy interference, My plan WILL go on.  I am juxtaposing people, places (their places), and things (their things) into My Divine order.

juxtaposing = placing close together;  positioning side by side
--from 6/22/04 @ 11:20pm


Just as I hung the moon and the stars in the sky, so am I setting up My plan.  Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men ... the things I have prepared for those who love Me!

--from 6/23/04 @ 11:26pm


I and the Father are One ... {Jesus}
(Writer's note:  I am NOT sure about hearing this:  I am  not not hearing anything like I usually do ...so I wait ... and wait some more, before stopping listening.)
  from --5/14/03 @ 12:51am


The Father and I are one ... and the Spirit and I are one.  We are all together one.  We are three seperate ... but equal.



(Note:  I hear this in my subconscious::  'You have grown dull of hearing lately ... but , press in, and press in  to Me.')

Although We are three different entities . We each possess the same characteristics and personality.  We each exemplify love.  We ARE love!

entity =  being;  something of real existance

We were all together at (the) creation of the universe .... not only THIS universe, but ALL universes."


(end of message....hard to hear anything) 

October 14, 2013

video~ " Magnificent" U2

MESSAGE "Magnificent"

~~~ from 5/25/2005 @ 1:13am

{Begin to *ponder*, get quiet and listen...
Immediately I *hear* in (my) mind:  "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  (Psalm 119;105)
Then I hear the following...}


"Glory to God in the highest ... Praise His Name forever more...

Glory!  Glory! Glory! 

Alleluia ... He reigns on high ... He is Most High ... He is King over all ... He deserves our praise.  He is magnificent:  beyond words.

His grandeur is most illustrious ... most Holy... most beautiful ... glorious ... and resplendent.
{illustrious = highly renowned, famous, glorious, luminous, bright}


Come near, come near.  My child, draw near.  Enter into My courts ... drink from the Holy fountain ... in the wellspring of Life eternal!

Enter into My joy ... into My land ... My kingdom ... My domain of exquisite pleasures beyond compare:  Holy treasures and Holy pleasures ...
to you ... from your Heavenly Father.

(He) delights in pleasing His children. He wants them to realize His extravagent love for them ... He desires (that) they see His encompassing wisdom over their lives.

(The) Father is joyful when His children seek Him and forsake all others.  He covets their worship.  {covet = desires earnestly}


(The) Father does not desire any to perish .... He wants them to know of His deep, rich, covering of love and concern.  He says to tell them of His endless mercy and rich, expansive compassion.

His heart is full of love:  the unique and lasting love of the Father, as demonstrated by the Son.

As you have seen (the) Love in the Holy Son, so also is that Love in the Holy Father (and) The Love is demonstrated to us by the Holy Spirit.


God is love.

Plain and simple.  The devil is evil:  that is part of his name.

God is good:  good is part of HIS name.  God is good and God is love.

Many of His children do not truly know His love and kind affection.  Many do not completely trust Him.  Most have been taught false beliefs.

The truth is good.  The Father is a good Dad.  He is much more concerned than earthly fathers.  His love is amazing.


His love cannot be measured.  The Love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit are outstanding:  beyond *human comprehension*! {He's *out of this world*!...refering to the Father}

He also is jealous.  He is jealous when His creation seeks other gods, other loves, false idols.  He wants a pure, complete devotion.{pure as in totally devoted to Him}

He sees how others treat you.  He wants the best for you!

One love.  One God.  One Father.  One Son.  One Spirit.  So is the Trinity.   {Three-in-One}


Realize who you are.  You are divinely CONNECTED to the Maker of the universe!  You are in a real, living relationship with the Creator of the world, the skies, of Heaven!

He loves you ... He really loves you!"

####### message ended @ 1:36am

October 10, 2013

MESSAGE "Lost In The Dark"

"I have never left you.


I am here.  I always nearby.  I am *omnipresent* ... in your life.

Despite (your) circumstances, I am still with you.  I will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you.


Listen now.  Listen to My voice,... My words unto YOU.  (For all who have *ears* to hear.)

I am like glue.  I stick, I stay, I cling, I adhere.

When your mind / body is occupied with other things,  then -- I may *seem* (to be) far away.  I may *seem* to be *gone* ... to be absent  ... to be IN HIDING.

(Yes, sometimes I do *hide* ... for My own reasons, My own purposes.)

I never intended for you to feel so lonely, so alone, so desolate, so isolated.  Thaty is NOT My plan.

I have purposes (plans) for you for *good*,.... for good things ... for joy ... for gladness ... for prospering ... for *joy unspeakable*!

I want the best for My children ... for ALL My children.  In fact, I want the best for all (of) My creation .... for EVERY soul.

But .... many reject Me .... repel Me .... ignore Me .... hate Me.  Many misconstrue who I am .... they paint Me as an angry, evil monster.


I am *NOT* a monster ... I am NOT an ogre .... I am NOT an angry, vicious beast ...I am NOT a ruthless dictator .... I am NOT a cruel, maniaical despot!  I am NOT cruel.  I am NOT vindictive.  I am NOT evil.  I am NOT fierce.


 I am NOT diabolical.  I am NOT malicious.  I am NOT satanic!  I am NOT like the devil ... (I am) NOT like your enemy!

The enemy likes to portray Me as one like him.

This is one of his greatest ploys. (tricks)  He makes Me appear as one like him:  evil, angry, heartless.  He puts Me on his sordid throne...(or-- *tries* to!)

I am NOT as he is.  I will never be like him.  We are polar opposites.  We sit on opposing thrones ... on opposite sides of (a) battle.  We are at *odds* with each other. ... (and) always will be.

Light repels (the) dark.  Good does NOT mix with evil.  Love cannot agree with hate.


The satanic realm is one of lies ... complete lies, deceptions, delusions, hallucinations, evil imagery, stark darkness, half-truths, twisted logic(s), confusion (supreme confusion)... and of chaos.\\The devil's kingdom is one of total. utter pandemonium ... bedlam, misery untold, grief unbearable, unconsolable weeping, blistering pain, dark sorrow(s), woes beyond belief, disturbing thinking processes, detrimental environments, sadness beyond (past) compare, and an infinity of cruelty. (endless)

His world is one of :  1) lies ... and 2) sorrow.  His kingdom is devoid of all light, all good, all (true, lasting) peace.


You can get lost in the dark.  You can easily lose your way, lose your footing.  You can *stumble about* for a very long time... falling, getting injured, going (about) in circles. You can *nowhere* fast ... in the darkness.

 Things look different in the dark ... in low light.  In a dim setting, even the most innocent (thing) can appear evil, threatening. Shadows loom bigger, scarier.  Things (objects / people) appear worse than they actually are.  It is a distortion of truth, of reality.

Even with partial darkness, the world seems harsher, more frightening, lonelier ... more eerie ... (more) devilish.  This is how it is in the spiritual.

When you *dabble* in the darkness of spirituality , therter is a *shadow* ... an umbra .... a covering  ... a darknening.... that poisons (affects) ALL parts of your life.  (A little leaven leavens (affects) the whole lum / part.)

When your enemy has an opening ... a breach ... a gap ... a portal ... a doorway ... he will jump (enter) in.

These pathways for (the) demonic are many, varied.  The adversary (devil) has many avenues of entry.  He knows how to gain access.  he knows what to do ... he is (an) expert.


But ... greater is He (God Almighty) that is in you ... than he (devil) that is in the world.  Your Father ... your God ... your Advocate ... knows how to deliver the Godly!  He knows how to lead OUT of temptation ... OUT of trouble(s)  ... OUT of darkness ... OUT of *enemy territories* ... OUT of danger ... OUT of peril(s).

Your Shepherd (Jesus Christ) ... knows how to pasture His flock ... how to guide His sheep to safety ... into greener, safer *pastures* !  He is a GOOD shpherd ... a caring leader ... a lvoiing caretaker.

He *loves* His sheep ... He adores them ... He gives (gave) His life for them !  They are His ... and He is theirs! ♥

He knows how to deliver *YOU* from EVERY evil work!  He has wisdom.  He has knowledge.  He has UNFATHOMABLE power ... He has UNQUESTIONABLE authority over the devil , over Satan, over that old Dragon.

He has mighty HOSTS of Angels at his disposal ... ready to assist Him. He is indeed the KING of kings and the LORD of lords!  He is the King of Glory!  Unmatchable!  Unrelentless in His quest for souls.


He (Our Father, God Almighty) can do *ANYTHING*.  *Nothing* is impossible with Him.. He is able to do *exceeding, abundantly* above ALL we even ask ... or think!

Dare to believe.  Dare to receive His love.  Dare to jump into His realm ... His Holy relam ... His realm of love ... of Holiness of love ... of glory ... of glorious Holy love.

When you do indeed *fall* into His love ... His *River of love* ... you will NEVER BE THE SAME again!  Old things indeed become new.  We all become brand *new creations*.  We have a new, living hope ... a HOPE that is alive!

Your spirit is now alive.  Your spirit is *quickened*!  You now possess (the) ability to KNOW HIM. TO KNOW HIM.  TO KNOW GOD.

It is all a spiritual connection ... an eternal, HOLY mystery.  It is *NOT OF THIS WORLD*! It is *NOT OF THIS WORLD*!  It is (from) *above* ... it is *super* - natural ... *above the natural*.

You are now in a higher, different realm.  You have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness INTO the blazing kingdom of Light!

Your vision will change now.  You will *see* things in a new way.  Your hearing will become attuned ... to the SPIRIT.

You are now able to hear the *still, small voice* ... and the loud, majestic voice.  You will hear what He (The Holy Spirit) tells you.  He may tell you of *things to come*.

He will comfort.  He is *The Comforter*.  He will remind you of Holy Scriptures .... the words of Jesus (The) Christ.

{Especially for Jewish people}
Begin your new life NOW.  Each day is a new beginning with Me.  I AM YOUR MESSIAH. I am the One you've been waiting for.  (See Isaiah 53, etc.)

I am He.  I Am that I Am.  I am your tower of light ... your strong tower ... your shield.  I am your ultimate *HIDING PLACE*  ... available at all times, in ALL situations .
For, did I not say (that) I am a very present help in time of trouble?  I am your covering ... your Blood-bought covering.  I am your Passover Lamb.  *Behold, the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world*!

Do not fear ... do not fret.  Do not be anxious anymore ... bring your difficulties TO ME.  I will be there.  I WILL be your Helper. 

Remember, I am a Friend that sticks closer than a brother."

#######message ending @ 8:22pm

(to be continued)

U2 - Drowning Man (with lyrics)

MESSAGE "Shine Bright like a Diamond"

{I kept hearing: "You are a supernatural being."}


"Yes, you are a supernatual being. You have My supernatural spirit within you. I am supernatural. I am above-the-natural. Surely you must recognize the signs of a supernatural life. I lead you by My Spirit, which intersects -- and often by-passes -- the natual world.

I have lain down My life for you, in the human form of My Son. I shed My Blood for you. This has supernatural significance.

Sometimes the supernatural is difficult to discern. Other times it is right before your face. I employ different *tactics* for varied purposes. (My ways are not your ways.)

So... yes, yes; seek Me while I still may be found (by you...and all who look for Me.) I am yet in your midst, and may yet be found. The more you seek, the more you (will) find.

I am like a lost, buried treasure.

I am, as-it-were, a buried treasure trove; which must be *dug up and unearthed*. I am the ruby of high price; the diamond of diamonds... the eternal gemstone.

I shine brighter than all My fair jewels. My shining is yet brighter than the sunshine at it's highest. Yes, I am the Most High.... and I shine the most bright and most powerfully.

-pause- 5:24am

Gentle breezes may disclose (reveal) My nearness. Or, I may show up on the scene as a blasting wind, even a wild tornado. My WORD has told about this. I am like the wind: no one knows where I come from, or where I go. I billow up into the clouds; I descend into the dew. I send soft waves ... ripples... and, then foaming crashes of water (on) to the shores.

I speak softly, to your heart inside ...I also (then) bellow My wrath. I speak as needed, and as I decide. My Word is as a devouring fire, burning up the chaff. My Word is on fire and it blazes My holiness. I baptize with love ... and with fire.


I send forth My over-powering love and mercy and comfort and joy. I also send out My power, My sin-cleansing Holiness ... My delivering, HOLY FIRE. Are you on fire?

Fire burns. Fire destroys the excess; the unneccesary. Fire is a purifier. Fire is power. Fire is fast. Fire is quick. My fire is all of this, and more.

My fire burns into the deepest depths of your souls. It burnishes the HOLY, and disintegrates the sinful poisons. It is a cleansing fire, and also a refining, healing fire.

When precious metals are within the refiner's fire, they come out as pure elements. You are precious, and you are being purified. Such is My HOLY FIRE.... one of purity and one of power.


This process is of My doing. You cannot force it to occur. You may only yield to it. It may require your willingness to be purified. It is not an easy process. Many will not accept this *spiritual surgery*.

-pause- 5:40am

Yes, many have abandoned Me long ago. They (still) go through the motions, but they are far from Me. They have given up and are as spiritual zombies.

Yet even these *dead men walking* are not lost. They have My eternal seed within their spirits.

They, too, are supernatural. They are born from above, of My Spirit. They need their spirits re-vived, re-newed, and re-stored. They need My touch, but more than anything, they need My joy. (For the joy of the Lord is your strength.) I am joy beyond words; beyond the *norm*,

I am supernatural joy. I bring My joy, My strength; to all who seek Me and desire Me. I shine on the humblest hearts. I visit the weakest, the poorest, the lowliest. I uphold the lonely, the rejected, the down-trodden, the afflicted. I indwell the needy.


Not all My healing is physical. Much is spiritual. Much is emotional. Most look only for visible healing ... yet, most is done within the heart. I start on the inside, and work My way out. For what good is a healed body with a sickened mind? What use is a healthy torso with a damaged personality?

Most of all, I heal (the) broken spirits; the darkened souls. I bring light into the *dead zones*. I am a light unto your feet and a lamp unto your path. My light enlightens your *inner man*.


Sometimes My light will flicker; (at) other times it may blaze wondrously.


Guard your heart(s) with all diligence. Do the work of an evangelist. Pray without ceasing. Be forever filled with My Spirit ... with My love, My power, and My fire.

Let My light shine in you; thereby drawing others to Me. Let your life be a magnet .... like moths to a flame.

Remember, this is a supernatual effort ... between your super-natural Father and your supernatural spirit."

#######from a message heard on 1/3/2009 @ 5:13am...message ending @ 6a

October 3, 2013

MESSAGE "Fresh Oil "

~~ 10/2/2013~~

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last;  the beginning and the end.

I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith. I know the beginning to the end.


Man divides time.  He slices each day, as unto his own.  He presumes to be king over time, over seasons.  The human mind is very presumptuous.

Pride is deceptive.  Dominance is deceiving, fleeting, temporal.

Control feeds egos, fuels the felsh.  Control, dominance, manipulation:  all human cornerstones ... bastions of power;  towers of false strength.

Man uses time for his own selfish devices.   Human timeclocks are sources of much fretting, worry, and trouble.  Time, as you know it, is a way of man, of humankind. 

My time is not the same.


I am limitless.  I am beyond time.  I am not bound by man's timetable(s).

I see before time ... and after (your) time.


The future knows no such time.  Eternity is beyond this earthly measure.

Your time is ticking ... ticking away ... frittering .... pulsating ... grinding ... stressing.

Eternal 'time' is not as yours. The eternal realm is one of peace, serenity, joy, love, gladness.

The mystery of Heaven does not work on earthly terms.  That which is from *above* is vastly different from that which is from *below*.

My ways are not your ways.


The future belongs to Me.  *Your* future belongs to Me.  (If you put your trust in Me.)


Commit your way(s) to Me and I will direct your path(s).  Do not go into eternity without Me ... for I long to accompany you and be with you forever.

Time is futile in eternity ... it is meaningless.  The kingdom of God (both) transcends time and space.  It has it's own components ... it's own environment, atmosphere.  It is free of earthbound limitations.

Think of eternity as freedom ... as a springboard;  diving into (an) endless freedom and liberation of your soul, of your body.

Jump into the future ... as you decide to follow Me.  When it is your *time* to join Me in the eternal, be glad in Me.

I am your Guide, even unto death.  Death has no sting with Me.

The times you are afraid, please trust in Me.  Turn to Me, cry out to Me.  I will stand with you in your time(s) of sorrow, of fear.

I am your *shepherd*.  I care for you.  I know you. I speak to you.  I lead you.  We will be as one in the eternal.

{Writer's note:  This applies to ALL believers.}


Find Me in your *secret* closet .... your own personal place / way of reaching out to Me.

Yes, I am still *ALIVE*.  Yes, I am still the Saviour.  Yes, I am the Messiah, the Christ, the Anointed.

I am the *ANOINTED ONE*.  I still heal.  I still calm the seas. I still multiply the bread.  I still give sight to (the) blind.  I still open eyes and ears.

I will be found of those who diligently seek (after) Me.  My anointing is still valid, is still working, is still active upon this earth ... is still available.

Seek Me, find Me.

Seek the will of My Father ... of your Father.


Yes, I see your sin.  Yes, I see your struggle. Yes, I see your pain.  Yes, I see your obstacles.

But ... beyond all earthly woes ... I see *more*.  I see changes, transitions, progressions.  I see triumphs.  I see My power upon the earth, upon the people(s).

I see My SPIRIT being poured out upon *ALL* the peoples ... upon ALL FLESH.

I see healings.  Yes, I see future good.  I see light upon the dark.  I see My glory emanating (from) out of the darkest bowels of the world.  (bowels = dark/evil places)

For where sin does abound, My grace does much more abound.


I see many peoples -  many nations - coming together in My name.  I see unity.  I see My anointing blessing this unity.

I see One Spirit ... one baptism ... one God ... one people.  I see *fresh oil* being poured on the heads of the humble ones.

I see the proud being humbled.  I see powers being shaken.  I see pride being shattered.  I see fleshly pride being broken down.

Yes, My people, I see *good* for you.  I see good in your earthly meeetings ... in your solitary times ... in your prisons.


I see your streets with rejoicing, with times of unprecedented joy ... fullness and fulfillment in the Spirit.  I see some much-needed relief.

Yes, yes ... there will be times of HOLY refreshing:  open to *ALL*.  There will be avenues  (opportune times) of grace, of the glory, of My manifest presence.

There have been *tricles* of my flowing RIVER ... but not a downpour such as I have desired.

The times (your times AND My times) must be right for the River ... for the waters to flow again.

I will orchestrate all parts of this.  I am the grand overseer.  I will bring Good once again to My beloved ... to My creation.

There will be .... {-pause-}  riotous, boisterous clamor.  There will be loud, festive, rejoiceful, glad uproar(s).  This will be *no small thing*!


Sense the need(s).  Sense the change(s).  Sense the good.  Sense the power.  Sense My power(s).  Be aware, come alive once again.


To those who feel *unworthy* or too *dirty* and shamed .... I say:  Come once again to your Forgiver .... to your Friend .... to your loving Saviour.

I am not willing that any of you should perish.  I do not want any of you to walk away for Me.  If you leave, I will extend My arm to you.  I will call to you.


I am calling to you now.  I call you  -- you with the broken heart .... you, with the tortured soul.

I call out:  to those far away ... and to those nearby.



No matter how far you've gone ... you are welcomed by Me.

 I am here and I will be Here  -- forever--- for you."



St. Luke  23:43  --  "
"And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with Me in paradise. "
Psalm 56:3  --
"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee."

Psalm 48:14  -- "
For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death."

I Corinthians 15:55  --
 "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

October 1, 2013

MESSAGE "Spirit Wars" (Originally titled "Blinding Light")

{I heard ...:  "You need some fresh bread "... (bread = words from Him )}


"Winds are blowing from the east. Winds of war, of tumult. Storms are moving in ...


Yes, a storm is brewing ... is being developed. When east meets west, there is friction; there is (an) uprising ... an upset. This must be.


It is not MY desire, but it is men's desire ... for they desire to covet. Their covetousness spurs greed - lust for power - and control. Greed and misery. Greed kills. Greed is the reason for many wars. (If one is to follow Me, they must be free of greed.)


Forced allegiance is futile in My kingdom ... for I desire truth and loyalty, from the heart.

As I have said, Come to Me, and I will give you rest. I desire good for My people, yet they refuse Me. So I must deal harshly with those who forsake Me ... and run to other *gods*. This is not My will for you, says the Lord.

I desire free *will*... to be able to choose to love Me. I am not a God who forces His subjects to *pay homage* from feigned lips. I desire honest, heart-felt adoration and veneration (giving of honour). I force NO ONE to love Me.

So seek Me and live! It is your choice. I set before you a blessing or a curse. Life or death. Blessing or wrath. Heaven or Hell. Light or Darkness. Me or Satan. It is YOUR choice...people of the earth. (inhabitants)


Perfect love - My love - casts out (all) fear. Walk in My love and you need not fear. Be free in Me, yet do not let this freedom become a cause of stumbling and error for weaker brothers and sisters.


Empty yourselves of all prejudices, learned hatreds, evil thought patterns, selfish motives, lying lips, lustful glances ...


and all that would offend. Be as light in the gloomy areas of life. Shine - be beacons - in the pitch darkness. Be as blazing torches amid the desolate night.

Remember Me in all your ways. I will reveal myself to those who seek Me with all their heart.


{Listen as I will speak}

Fight not for the seed that fades ... the grass that withers ... the land that will parch. Rather, fight for the Seed ... the true seed ... that is, My Word.  For My Word is quick ... alive .... and MOST powerful .
It is indeed sharper than ANY two-edged sword. Dazzle the enemy! Blind him with My light! Let my Holiness dance before him!

Let it seperate the chaff.   Let My Word smash the lies of the enemy.   Let my Word be as a mighty, HOLY Hammer, says the LORD GOD.

Yes, use MY WORD as a weapon. It is a standard ... it holds up against the onslaught of the enemy's lies.


Jesus My Son has paid for your souls. His death has bought your lives ... He has paid the Price for eternity. He was a HOLY Ransom for Me ... and for you.
 Because of Jesus - Yeshua - you can live forever with Me in eternal HEAVEN. This is My plan and this is My will.


I never wanted ANY ONE to enter hell. It is NOT intended for any human. It is designed for Satan.

Please do not follow him into perdition. Do not fall for his tricks: his devices of evil. He is the master of deception ... the ultimate liar and murderer. He laughs at all of you. He is no friend.


Do you not know the war I speak of is a spiritual conflict. It is between two factions: good vs. evil. It is an ancient war. It has raged for years.


So...people(s) of the earth: choose this day who(m) you will follow... who you will serve and obey ... Me or Satan. It is up to you.

I desire that NOT ONE of you should perish. My will - My desire - is for ALL to be saved and to be with Me in eternity. I died for each and every one of you. { Jesus presumably speaking here }

I am your personal Saviour. I know every one of you by name. I (know the) count of every hair on your head(s).

I am the air that you breathe."


####### from a message heard in Spirit on~~~1/18/2011 @2:21am


 Ephesians 6:12  -- "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

II Corinthians 2:11 --   "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his

I John 4:18  --  "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love."

St. Matthew 4:4  --  "But He (Jesus) answered and said, 'It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God'."

in Him was life

in Him was life