July 27, 2013

video~ " Rain Dance" -Resurrection Band (Glen Kaiser) - { η βροχή χορεύει...blu...

Talking to myself
Ideas and images covered with dust
Memories well-worn from constant use
Stained by loneliness and lust
Heaping on my heart abuse
Somebody tell me
What's the use?

Wet-walking in streaming rain
Hair stuck to my head like my thoughts
Regrets half-felt and sin half-loved
What have I bought?
Drops coming down on my face
And on the rooftops
But they don't reach inside me
I say faith is just for fools
Somebody tell me
What's the use?

Love cold and wet
Against my skin
Where do you end
How do you begin
I'm so lost in a world without Your breath
Afraid of being touch without tenderness
Needing Your fire
Fearing Your flame
Sure I surrender
Waiting for the rain
Streaming rain
Come rain
Lord send Your rain,rain 
rain, rain, rain.

July 22, 2013

MESSAGE "Truth" Disease (reposted)

"You have the 'mental illness' called *truth*.

You suffer because of truth. You are often rejected for truth.
You seek truth...painful as it is.
You hate lies.
The truth is often devastating, but it is real.

You walk in truth, live in truth; are desperate for truth. Many do not.
To face truth, one must be very courageous.

The truth often hurts. It is not always pleasant.


Truth brings light to darkness...and order to confusion. Truth brings answers to puzzles and mysteries.

As you desire truth in your life, others are repelled. They hide and mask their fear of truth. They walk in denial of truths.

Omission of truth is living in a lie. Covering up and ignoring truth only delays the outcome.
Truth never sleeps...it continues and remains.


The world lives under its master: the father of lies. He is a liar and loves a lie.
The world loves to live in a false world...under its lying master. (i.e. Satan)
The world is FULL of lies.

Sadly, the church has become a haven of lies as well.
Denial is rampant. Truth is twisted, perverted, neglected.
Confusion abounds.
The enemy has infiltrated the Holy place.
The world (and churches) are now calling evil good, and good evil. There is often no distinction between Holy and unholy.
The spirit of error is evident.


Seek truth.
Seek justice.
Seek Me.
Seek My Holy Spirit...the Spirit of truth.

Remember, we share the same 'mental illness'...it is called 'truth'."


Scripture references:
Psalm 26:3 "For Thy lovingkindness is before my eyes: and I have walked in Thy truth."
Psalm 25:10a "All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth..."
Psalm 25:5a "Lead me in Thy truth, and teach me..."
Psalm 25:4 "Show me Thy ways, oh Lord; teach me Thy paths."

(Message originally dictated in spirit on 4/10/2006 @ 11:41am)

devastating =  to lay waste; destroy;  to overwhelm; confound; stun

July 20, 2013

MESSAGE "Anything But Jesus "

*Inspired Commentary

"Anything but Jesus.  Anything except Jesus.

*** Isn't that how it goes? Isn't that how life is? People will do anything,  love anything, say anything .... except when it has to do with Jesus.  He is not wanted.  Not invited. Not believed.  Not accepted.

Life ... full of activity. Work. Jobs. Play. Parties. Talking. More talking. Movies. Music. Sports. More sports. Cars. Motorcycles. Pools. Restaurants. Malls. Theaters. Venues. Arenas. Festivals. More festivals. Entertainment galore. Concerts. Television. Videos. Video games. Addictive games. Computers. Chatting. Flirting. Pornography.

Sex. Sex addictions. Adultery. Sex, sex, sex. Nudity. Untold sexual activity. Flirting. More flirting. Dirty talk. Verbal sex. On-line sex talk. Endless sensuality. Never satisfied. Relationships gone into hell. Loneliness.  Emptiness. Jealousy. Anger.  Trouble. Defeat.  Divorce.

Selfishness. Vanity. Beauty.  Clothes. Tons of make up, lotions, potions. Hair. Nails. 'Mani-Pedis'. Massages. Gyms. Exercise that never quite satisfies. Competition. Vain glory in self, in bodies, in transitory strength and temporary fitness levels. It is all temporary, for the most athletic and the very beautiful people will eventually age, decay and die.

Parties. Bars. Taverns. Get- togethers. Family outings. (These are good, to an extent. Sometimes this takes over people's lives.)  More get-togethers. Endless socialization:   with family, friends, co-workers, and even with (your) enemies. Talk, drink,  food,  fun.  Fun, fun, fun. Conversations. Debates. Opinions. Strong words. Heated arguments. Political ranting and raving. Self righteousness. Religious strivings. Smug looks. Arrogant speeches. The talk NEVER ceases.

Activity. Fervor. Excitement. Frenzy. Chaos. Fighting. Violence. Drinking. Drugs. Mobs. Anger. Racism. Gangs. Secret clubs. Fraternities. Groups of violent men. Packs of human wolves. Rape. Murder. Robbery. Beatings. Sexual abuse. Rage unleashed. Shootings. Fury demonstrated in streets... and behind close doors.  Wives being beaten, mutilated. Children cowering in fear, neglected, traumatized ... most violence beginning with alcohol and drug use. Party up.  Party into oblivion.

Money. Shopping. Shopping trips -  to no end. Malls. Super malls. Superstores, open 24 hours. Super, duper, super-sized mega malls. Huge complexes. Debts. Bills. Bills to infinity.Credit maxed out.  Never ending expenses. Spending. More and more and more.  It's never enough. More stuff. A new house. New car. New land. More. More. Remodeling. Adding on. Accumulating more wealth, more land, more businesses, more toys, more glut.

Trips. Travel, vacations. Splurging. Luxuries. Posh. Unnecessary frivolity. Air travel. Traveling back and forth, here and there. Driving thousands of miles. Train rides. Car rides. Taxis. Road trips:  going for miles upon miles. Where is the destination? Where are you all going?

Mindless television addiction. Thousands of cable tv channels. Pay-for-view. More. More. See-it-all. See it again.  And again.  Hypnotizing video pablum. Humdrum, droning noise and visual food.  Zombifying intake ... into the soul and into the spirit.  Mind-numbing.  Soul wasting.  Too much.  Over indulgence of video, audio.  Mind searing, emotion killing.  Social reclusionary activity . (Slumbering inactivity... as destructive as over-activity.)

Busy. So busy. Always busy. Churches are busy. Meetings, conferences, Talking and talking  - and more talking. Always on-the-go. Trips. Conventions. Parties. Money. Socializing. Buzzing commotion. Groups. Talks. More groups. Never-ending fund raisers.  No time for Jesus.

Food. drink. Fun. Pomp. Grand venues.  Festivities. Galas.  Dinners, outings, hub-bub, ado.  Dancing, glamour, lights, sound, booming noise, yelling, screaming, hilarity, falsity, false wonder.  A false life, were it to be unveiled for what it actually is.


Where is Jesus in all this? 

video~ "The Unwinding Cable Car " - Anberlin

video~ "To The Wolves" - Anberlin

 To the wolves, you left me to the wolves.
Thought it was me and you against the world,
But you left me to the wolves.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends like you.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends like you?
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends like you.
You made me believe that you're so right,
But it's only in your eyes,
In your eyes.
(In your eyes.)
Deceiving, say you love me but I found lies.
Deceiving, let me forget, to the wolves.
To the wolves, you left me to the wolves.
Thought it was you and me against the world.
But you left me to the wolves.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends like you.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends.
Who needs enemies, when we've got friends like you

video~ "Pray Tell" - Anberlin

video~ "Safe and Sound" song

video~ " Take Me Away" - Delirious

video~ "Find Me in the River" - Delirious

July 8, 2013

MESSAGE "The Devil's Horses"

~~ from 6/3/2006 @ about 4:28pm

(Scene from a quick flash of a vision)

Saw some horses running (dark colored, black, etc.)
But, one - a RED horse - was going (slightly) backwards ... it was entangled in a herd (group) of horses.


Scripture reference:
 Revelation 6:4 .... refers to the red horse of the apocalypse:  global war

*pale horse = death/Hades
*white horse = antichrist
*red horse = war
*black horse = plague/ famine


Then, I 'heard' these words:


"The red horse is approaching.  The white horse and its rider are here, but are yet to be revealed.

Stand firm in faith for it will be shaken.  An abrupt change will soon occur.

Worldwide calamity.  Darkness.  Chaos.

Collision.  Trauma.  Disease.  Political upheavel.  Widespread confusin.

Panic.  Terror.  Fear.  Apostasy.  Perilous times.


Be forewarned and be steadfast in the face of distress.

Many will say 'Lord, Lord!" but I never knew them.  Nations will cry to their 'god' or 'gods' and their IDOLS will not answer.

Suicides will increase.  The love of many - MANY - will grow cold.  Hatred will be rampant and in the open.


With the red horse comes the black horse and the pale.  With the advent of war and pandemonium, there will be resulting famines and plagues.

Death and hell will march onto the earth as never before.

It will be the sound of the 'cadence of Satan'."


MESSAGE "Fear Is A Trap"

~~~ from a message 'heard' on 6/11/1995

"I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

The fear of man is a snare. 

I will help you -- do not fear what man whill do to you.

I am with you, each of you , to the end. 

I will hold your right hand, saying 'Fear not, for I am with you to prosper you, to comfort you, to strengthen you -- for My glory, and for My purposes.'

My love casts out all fear.

If you love Me, you will trust Me and cleave unto Me ... you will dare to believe Me in all situations.

I will lead you into all truth by My Spirit.

Remember it is by My Spirit that you know Me, that My Word is made real to you.

Do not be afraid of man, for what is man?

The world will not be able to hurt you, as long as you are in My care.

Be strong and of a good courage ... for I will be with you, wherever you go.

Keep your mind, your eyes, your thoughts on Me ... and I will keep you in perfect peace.

I have NOT forgotten you ... I have graven you on the palms of My hands."


MESSAGE "No Fairy Tale"

~~~ from an early message dated 5/24/1998

"Don't lean so heavily on man. 

They cannot fill you with joy, peace or love.

Only My love can truly satisfy you ... truly fulfill you.

I am God and I am jealous for your love.

Yes, there is earthly love - love between husbands and wives -  but My love is much higher, much deeper, much richer.

It is not a catchword, a cliche, a trite saying.

I am love.

Unless you know My love, you do not know Me.

To know Me is to love Me.

My love casts out all fear, for it is perfect.

It is a perfect love.

It is NOT of this world.

The world cannot perceive My love.

They call it foolishness, and think of Me as a fairy tale and a myth.

But, as you know, I am not pretend.

My Word is true.

I am real.

My predictions in My Word are coming true little by little.

I am who I said I am."


I Corinthians 1:18  "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

July 4, 2013

MESSAGE ★★★ Declaration of Intended Independence ★★★

(These are my own words...from July 2011... but, I am still a "work-in-progress" with all of this! This is how I eventually WANT to be ... I am not there yet!)


I am free.

I am free from religion.

And I am free of the world system.

I am free from guilt...from condemnation...from control, shame, condescension and hurt.

I am free from being used, manipulated, being lied to, ignored, disrespected, ostracized and wounded. I am free from man, from human bondage.

I am free of unreasonable expectations, critical spirits, humilation, insulting barbs, mind control, wearying pressures and all spiritual abuse.

I am free of politics, lies, pretending, gossip-mongering, mental assault and degradation from the pulpit,(and) from the pews, from the world, from family, from 'dates'... and from false friends.

I am free from seeking approval, waiting for people to change, from religious drama...and from blatant rejection.

I am free from the 'survival-of-the-fittest' mentality, and from (the) ongoing competitive battles.

I am free from jealousy, strife, contention, arguing, dumb flirting, delusional and malicious 'prophecies', foolish talk, imbecelic jokes, and ridiculous bawdy banter.

I am free from letting myself be deceived by arrogant, smug, self-satisfied leaders, parishioners and 'wannabees'.

I am free of being robbed by greedy pythons and lairs, who feign love and pretend to know (of) compassion.

I am free of being bored and putting on an act...(just) to placate egos.

I am free of being subservient to cruel, coldhearted -and mean-spirited- personalities.

I am free of being walked upon, being dragged through the dirt, being stifled, being crushed, cursed and spat upon.

I am free - and being freed - from bullying!

I am free of caring how (most) people think. I am free of societal whims, ways and fads.

I am free of worrying how I look through other's critical eyes. I am free of ridiculous half-truths, misunderstandings, empty talk and babbling.

I am free of it all.



July 2, 2013

MESSAGE "Fly High"

~~ from 7/1/13 @ 11:48pm

"Yes, some may call themselves by My Name.  They label themselves so well ... some SAY they are 'pastors' .... some SAY they are 'prophets' .... some SAY they are 'evangelists' ....yes, yes... I've heard it all ... I've heard it over and over, throughout the centuries .... yet, never as as it is now.

They may claim My blessings, My titles, My honors, My leaders .... yet I did not (necessarily) call them.  They *call* themselves.

Yes, they actually *CALL THEMSELVES*.


They SAY thay are 'doing My will'.  Are they?  They SAY they are 'in My will' and doing My 'work'.  Are they? Are they?

-pause- 11:54 pm

Guess what, My people?

Your ways are NOT My ways!  Just because you *run* a church, or *lead* a congregation, does NOT mean you are in My will  ...  OR doing My will.  *Church work* does NOT guarantee My blessing!  I often am not (in) any part of these activities.

You see, I am NOT bound by your lives, your rules, your church boards!  No, I am FREE!  I am freedom personified.  I am your freedom ... IF you want Me.


I speed among the stars ... I glide over the moon ... I soar .... I ride upon the mighty clouds .... I zoom through space with My lightning bolts ... I travel through (your) time and space continuums.

My stars shine .... they glitter, sparkle, twinkle, flash and glow.  They burn bright amidst the darkness of night.  They are like Me ... I am that Light.  I am Light ... the *Light of the World*.  Shine on!


7/2/13  Midnight

Time travel is nothing to Me, for I see the beginning to the end.  I  was.  I am.  I was, I am and I will be.  I am beyond comprehension in many ways ... yet I am able to be known by a little child.

So ... let go of your religious handcuffs .... your man-made limitations .... your human boundaries!  Let go, let go, let go !! Find Me in freedom.

I am more.  I am more than you've ever known ... or ever imagined.  I will do a *new thing* ... a brand new thing in your midst.

Yes, I will walk among you --- but I will also FLY with you ... and materialize into your midst .... I can ...  and I will.  DO NOT presume to know what I will do ... EVER!

Drop your guard ... let Me be Me!


Can you fathom it?  Can you let go?  Can you dream ... or have you lost your childhood wonder?

Be (as) a child with Me once again ... let Me be your *DA-DA* ... your *Heaven's Loving Daddy* ... to you !

I am LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE !


Forsake fear, despair, fleshly limits, human rulings ... (for) I am more ... much more than you've EVER realized!

I am like a bird in the sky ... free flying ... soaring and swooping!  Angels fly ... I fly  .... you will also fly ... as your faith also soars!



Your spirit can fly.  Your mind can go anywhere with Me!  I am able to do exceeding, abundantly above ALL that you ask or think!

My ways are indeed HIGHER than your ways!  Walk with Me .... Run with Me .... crawl with Me .... kneel with Me  ... lie with Me ... I am with you always.

If you fly, walk, run .... sit or lie down with Me - your Saviour - I am there with you, as you call out to Me.

Breathe Me in ... inhale of My love ...breathe in My peace ... My joy ... My sufficiency for your mortal soul(s).  Breathe Me in now!


I exist for you. You exist for Me. For this purpose, this REASON; you have been created:  to know Me. 


I want you to know Me in My indescribable love ... My impeccable love ... My specific love for YOU."

####### message ended @ 12:15am

continuum = a continuous series or whole, no part of which is perceptibly different from the adjacent parts

July 1, 2013

video~ "Farther On" - Russ Taff

MESSAGE "Farther On"

~~~ from 6/29/13 @ 3am

"Farther on.

You must go on ... farther on with Me.  You are in a good place (with Me), but I am bringing you further:  farther with Me.  I hope you will be obedient and trust Me, even if it is with blind, unknowing trust.

This will be a strong testing of your faith.

(Writer's note:  This is for several - or many- people...not just me.)



I am honing your skills.  This includes your *listening* abilities, as well as sight.  I am giving new visions, new dreams, new sight. 

You will hear more ... you will see more.  I am expediently speeding things up (for you / and others).  Watch, listen, receive.  Be a hearer.

I am constructing a new life (for you  /others) .... one in which faith is key:  is more vital (important, necessary) than before.

Think it not strange when you go through (or come upon) these new, *strange* ideas, experiences and situations.

Many decisions will be made, primarily to:  1) obey or 2) disobey.

 By ignoring Me, you will be disobedient, unwilling, unfaithful, in fear.

  This is not My plan, for I desire child-like, simple trust in (for) the best.  I give you My best, as you give Me *your* best.

Your best effort will pay off. 

Your endurance, perseverance, diligence and patience will indeed reap large rewards.  I see all motive(s), desire(s), secret(s), fear(s), doubt(s), need(s), faith, attempt(s) and failure(s).  It is *ok* to *fail*!


If an honest, heartfelt attempt was made  .... and (a) failure or error encurred (happened, resulted), then I see .... and (I) understand.

I am not a hard *boss* !  (I may distribute difficult tasks, but My heart remainds soft towards My children.)

I am your Best Boss.  I am fair, I am wise, I am considerate, I supply resources;  I distribute ability:
 talent(s), skill(s). 

I do not command what cannot be accomplished.

And ... I give generous *salaries* ... eternal benefits, rewards, promotions, Heavenly positions ... in My kingdom!


So ... do not fret over (your) life ... over (your) employment ... over (your) *calling(s)*.

 I will supply all your needs ... according to My riches in glory in Christ Jesus."


honing =  to sharpen;   to perfect or make more intense or effective; to move or advance toward a target or goal;    to direct one's attention; focus:

video~ "To Bring You Back" -Paul Alan

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video~ "Agnus Dei" by Michael W. Smith

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video~ P.O.D. - "Beautiful"

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video~ "A Million Lights" - Tree63

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in Him was life

in Him was life