June 25, 2013

video~ "Hold Me Now" -- RED

Waking up and letting go
To the sound of angels
Am I alive or just a ghost
Haunted by my sorrows
Hope is slipping through my hands
Gravity is taking hold
I said I'm not afraid
That I am brave enough

I will not give up
Until I see the sun

Hold me now
Until the fear is leaving
I am barely breathing
Crying out
These tired wings are falling
I need you to catch me

video~ "So Far Away" -- RED

Remember when you found me drowning
Pulled me from the deepest end
I promised I would never leave you
But now I'm drowning again
It's killing me with every breath
Witnessing the life I've left
Only you know who I am
I'm reaching out my hand

I wanna feel it
Wanna mean it when I say it
Can you hear me at all?

And I feel so far away
Far away from everything
Outside wandering
When I got lost
I throw my arms up in the air
Why do I disappear
How can your love be so close
When I'm so far away

video~ " Leaving 99" -- Audio Adrenaline (original band)

 "He will leave the 99 to find the one:  YOU!!!!"

video~ " King " by AUDIO ADRENALINE

"You are my King" !!

June 17, 2013

MESSAGE "Any Plans?"

*from a message heard in Spirit on 6/14/13 @1:22am

"Do not compare yourself to others.  This is the downfall of many.


Correct attention should be upon your own life, not others.  What they are doing is their own business... it is not yours.  You have your own life.

Each person, each child, each believer ...  has their unique life ...  special mission just for them.  It is revealed to each person, as they seek (Me).

What I (your Father) do with one individual is not the same as I do with you.

I have plans for you ... for each of My begotten. (My offspring, My children)


I had a hard (difficult) plan for My Son.  He was born into your world and also died in your world.  He rose from the dead.  He was My sacrifice for the world.  That was my plan for Him ... for Jesus ...your Saviour.


I may make the plans, but often they are never known, never realized, never recognized, never sought-after.

Many of My plans for you have gone undone.  That is the way of the world, of the flesh, of the free will.  It also is the 'work' of the enemy.  He  sees the promise in you (and in many of My children)....then he thwarts this plan I have purposed.  He confuses, he steals your joy, he mocks and destroys.  He ruins many plans I have.

But ... he cannot have you.  You are Mine.  I am setting you upon a strong rock, where you will be safe.

The Rock is Me.  The Rock is My Son....and this Rock is My Spirit.  WE are your Rock.  We are your strong foundation ... your stronghold in the storm. 


Let US be your shelter, your firm foundation, your anchor.

We will establish you and your thoughts, as you look to Us ... as you learn of Us ...as you obey Us.

It is Our plan and it is always a good plan.

Our plans -  Our *agendas* - give hope.

We are in the *hope* business, as it were.

The joy of the Lord indeed brings (you) strength.  We are in the *joy* business, as well!

And ... We are the *bosses* of the *peace* industry.  We produce peace!


Hope.  Joy.  Peace.  These three are your strength.  They will carry you far in this earthly life.


Settle your heart(s) to be part of Me .... to be part of My hope ... My joy ... My peace.  It is (in) My plan for you."

#######Message ended @ 1:35am

thwart = to prevent the occurrence, realization, or attainment of;
to oppose and defeat the efforts, plans, or ambitions of

June 11, 2013

MESSAGE "Our Hiding Place"

"Great is My faithfulness. yes, I am faithful. I am faithful to you...but also to My Son. I protect My Name, My Son, My Holy Spirit. I give new life. I give love. I give peace.

I am with you always, even unto the end of the age. I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I am a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. I am a Friend that loves at all times. I am forever. I am always there.

Yet, yet, you do not always believe Me. You do not feel Me. You do not feel My presence. You disbelieve. You doubt. You rebel. You hurt. Your cry. You are angry. You leave Me.

I see it. I see the hurt, the pain, the confusion, the doubt. I know. I know how you feel. I know that you are but flesh. You are only human. Mortal. Flesh.   You cannot fathom My ever-present status ... My omniprescence.

 I am everywhere ... I am with you, within you. My Spirit is inside of you. (If you have accepted Me as your Saviour ... My life comes into our life,  into your spirit ... your earthly spirit becomes infused with My Holy Spirit .... you become a NEW creation.)

When you do not sense My nearness, it is difficult to believe. Faith is tested, strained, broken.

 It is a struggle, even for the most faithful. Even with devout allegiance to Me, it is a hard life to follow Me. I never said it would be easy. It is a struggle, a real struggle.

 It is wearisome, arduous, hard-to-deal-with. It is not an easy life.


When you don't follow the crowd, you will be attacked ... you will be marginized, ostracized, rejected, mocked, ridiculed at times. When you follow Me, in whatever capacity, you are then set up for wounding. It goes with the territory.

 It is a spirtiual battle .... a war .... a life-and-death thing. When a person gives up his old life ... he will automatically be seen as *strange* or *weird*.

The old friends will wonder why you aren't going with them to get drunk, or to have sex, or steal, etc.

The old is at odds with the new.  It is ok, and to be expected.

Things aren't the way they were before. You are now a new person, with a new spirit. Yes, you may take times to change, but essentially, your core boing is brand new!

Yes, you will *mess up*...it may take a long time for you to get rid of some of your old habits:  the things that hurt you.  Old sin patterns are hard to break. There is often a spiritual component ... as well as strong emotional ties to old ways.  But ... they CAN change!

The good news is that I ... your new LORD ... have the power to really change you! I can do it! Yes, I can! And, you can ... if you humble yourself. You must be open to Me, and My ways ... to My anointing (power from on High).

 My supernatural anointing breaks the yokes of sin, of addictions, of old destructive behaviours. It CAN be done!

If you have tried and failed ... try again. Seek Me like you never have before. I will help you. I am able to save from the ways of the darkness, of the devil, of the flesh, of the addictive human nature.

 I can save to uttermost them that come to Me ... I will make a way where there seems to be no way out!

 I am your fire escape ... your high tower ... your shield ... your strong tower ... your refuge ... I will hide your from the strife of tongues, from the vicious gossips .... from the high powers.

I am your hiding place. I will make things new.  I will help."

####### message from 6/11/2013 @ abt. 8:00pm

Psalm 12:5  "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, says the Lord; I will set him in safety from him that puffs at him."

{OR... "Because of the oppression of the weak, and the groaning of the needy. 'I WILL NOW ARISE' says the LORD.  I will protect them from those who malign them."}
malign   =  speak evil of; defame;  slander

June 6, 2013

MESSAGE "'I Want YOU!" (reposted)

"Send Me your weak.... your lonely ... your unloved.  Bring them to Me. I will accept the outcasts of life... the square pegs .... the *strange* ones....the *weird ones*....the *losers* .... the ones no one wants!

 I want them. I love. I love them, I do. I am their true Father.... their Father in the spirit, bringing them up into REAL life! I am their best hope, their living, alive hope in this lonely world.

I give (them) real hope.... a way to go one ... a fountain of water to re-boot them...to bring life into their parched, weary souls.

 I offer free life, freedom despite chains, free love....all from Me. I am more than a dry book. I am more, I am MORE.

 Hear Me now...I am shouting.....shouting from the Heavens... Hear Me now, says your Lover, Your Friend ....I am here!!! I am HERE!! I am ALIVE!!!

I am here for you.  I am. I am....I am your love... your *lost* love...I have been looking for you,

 My lost ones, My lonely and tortured ones....My lonely, alone ones...come to Me.

I will continue to search for you, and to show you (of) My love and affection.Truth...it is truth for you. 

Stay tuned, for I WILL show your "great and mighty things" of which you have no idea will happen, or could happen....things JUST for you!!

It will often be a struggle (this life, this way of life, of faith, of the unseen)....but is it not worth it?

Is it not what you really want? Be free, be aware, be alive in Me."

####### message heard 6/6/2013 about 8:20pm

video~ "Invisible" - Disciple

 "There's a place where the broken go...(the secret place...with the Holy Spirit)

in Him was life

in Him was life