May 28, 2013

MESSAGE "Too Much Salt/Overkill" (reposted)

Too Much Salt

*** "They were ashamed of a people that could not profit them..." Isaiah 30:5a
***** PART I
 ***Indictment. There is an indictment against the body of Christ. (Be sure it is not against the is against the members: the Body.) America is especially warned.
*** Too much salt. Too much 'gospel'. Too much 'teaching'. Too much 'preaching'. Too many 'prophecies'. The salt has lost it's savor.
*** Think about it: too much salt on food. No good. Good for nothing...except to throw out. So it is with My church, My Body. My Body has too much salt; it is too is saturated with brine. It is essentially useless.
 *** Am I being too 'hard'? Am I wrong, My people? Look at America: look at the luxury...look at the churches. Too much salt accumulated in one place.
 *** What is salt for? Is it not to 'season' the food, and to 'preserve' the food? How is My Salt being used? Is it being hoarded up? Is it piled high in certain areas, while others are left desolate with no 'flavor'? This is not My plan.
  *** So where is all the salt being deposited? Where are the 'salt piles'?
*** Look at your own church(es), America. Look at your lifestyles. Look at your homes, your food, your it not *lavish*?
*** James 5:1-3 "Go (to) now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered: and the rust of them shall be a witness against you and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days." (Scripture reference)
******* PART II
 *** Now, where is some salt needed? Where is there no flavor, no savor, no preservation? *** This (also) is *witnessed* in your churches, America. It is just harder to see. (Mainly because it is often ignored.)
*** There are empty tables among you. There are crying, lonely people: both adults and children. There are desperately poor among you and near you. There are sick, weak, scared, tired people all around you. Do you not care? Do you not see?
*** Maybe the excessive 'saltiness' has hidden (covered up and covered over) the truly needy.
*** Are you ashamed of a person - of people - who cannot 'profit' you? Do you see them... and walk to the other side of the road? Do you purposely avoid them in your gatherings? Are they left out of your functions? They need salt,too." 
 >> Definitions:
indictment = accusation or criminal charge
savor = flavor; season; special or particular taste or smell; special or peculiar characteristics; quality or distinction
lavish = using great abundance, extravagant, excessive 
cankered = corroded/ brine = water full of salt
####### from a message received on July 20, 2010 

May 26, 2013

MESSAGE "War for Souls" ( Especially for Leaders of any kind)

"Prepare for war.  There is a war coming and you will fight. My church, My bride, My people ... prepare for the coming intense battle, for things are heating up.  Tempers are flaring, bloodlines are angry.  The devil, the evil ones ... are *ramping up* their games....their strategies of attack.  Be on guard.  Be aware.  Be sober-minded.  Be on alert, for what may come.  It is in the works, in the planning stages, but it is an evil plan to kill ... to harm ... to destroy.

Let your spirits be refreshed, be renewed, be My presence.  Seek for Me ... listen for My voice.  Listen, heed My words, My warnings. I am not speaking in vain.

I know the times, the seasons. I see what is being prepared... a fierce offensive, a sharply-honed battle for souls. Many will fall, if not readied.  The leaders are needed now. Leaders! Awake! Arise from your slumber! Be awakened now. Be on watch now. Be ready.  Be strong, in Me. Learn of Me.  Lean on Me.  Cleave to My very side, as it were.

Yes, many will fall by the wayside, into the ditches, if indeed they have no wise, sighted, sure-footed leader. My shepherds must re-learn their leader skills ... their shepherding hearts must be given back to them. They must grieve over the hurt inflicted on My lambs ... on My vulnerable sheep and lambs. Leaders! Leaders! Come back to your forsaken flocks. Heed My voice. Be free in free and able .... able to watch now, able to guard, able to lead past to lead the weary flocks into places of rest.

The flocks have become weak, diseased, flat on their backs with exhaustion. Some are infested, others are soulishly-afflicted, even demonized. They moan, they bleat...they cry and wail...out into the dark night. They cry for a gentle shepherd to find them, to bind up their raw wounds, to breathe life into them once again.  They are searching for their lost guides. Where are you, oh man of God?  I am searching for you. I am calling you. I call you by night.

My hand is with you ... I am even near you as you bask in your sins and luxuries ... your dainty meals and wild evening adventures. I am near, following you ... as you slip into the arms of the women you yearn and lust after. I hear your *neighing* after your neigbor's wife ... your close friend's wife. It is not hidden from Me.

Yes, I see your adultery, your unbridled thirst for sexual lust ... lusts upon lusts ... the pictures, the photos, the movies, the magazines, the adoring looks of arousal. Yes, I am not a blind God. I made the sexual organs and the sexual appetities, yet not for this.

I did not intend (for) man to lust incessantly after many women (or men...or children...or animals...or relatives).   I designed man to have one partner ... one wife, one helper, one true love.  Sadly, sadly and mournfully, this has not been the case. I see the ways (that) you partake of. I see the acts of lasciviousness, lewdness, of violence, of rape, of dirty minds. I hear the profane words that proceed from your mouths.  The mouth was meant to foremost be a place of blessing your God. It was not to be for cursing, slander, or profane utterances. It is sad to Me, yet I understand, and I am able to help the willing. I can help (you) to change your ways....even the worst offender, the most vile. I am the God of the impossible, of the bedraggled sinner, of the hidden sinner.

Yes, I can forgive. Yes, I can deliver from emotional ties and spiritual messes. I am well able to help. But, the man (or woman) must be willing, must be desirous of change. If none is wanted, none is given. The evil will overtake you, it will oppress your mind and control your body. It will be guaranteed to RUIN lives. It will give relentless torture in the mind, the emotions. It is not worth the pleasure.  Someday you will see My words are true.

I am here, I am near to you, My broken ones, My tortured ones, my lust-filled ones. I am your meek Father, your gentle Saviour ... I am here ... I  am here ... in your spirits ... speaking, pleading....crying for each of you.  Oh man, turn, turn back to Me.  One step toward Me will speak volumes unto Me. I see that first step. I see you. I am waiting for My frequent prodigals. I have My arms open wide to welcome them in.  Come home, My sons, My wayward daughters ... your Father, your Papa, your Abba is here. I am here. Rest."

####### Message received  on May 26th, 2013 @ abt 5:10am

May 22, 2013

MESSAGE "Stuck In A Rut"

~~~  from a message heard 1/7/2005

"You are wallowed in the mire.


Yes, you ARE stuck.  You are *wallowed*  ... you are *wallowing*.  This is not to say that your situation has been YOUR choice.  It has not.

The life circumstance you find yourself trapped into has been long in the making.  It has not occurred overnight,

{wallowed = drowning, trapped, sinking, stuck;  to flounder about or along clumsily  or with difficulty and struggle}

(Yes, of course, some choices you have made have obviously been unwise, in retrospect ... but I am referring to your general station in life;  in humanity.)

{I hear:  }


Do you not tremble at My Word?  at My Presence?  at My wrath?  Is there not a fear - a respect - of Me? Do you not honor Me?

A righteous man (or woman) WILL tremble in My presence.  They WILL shake.  They WILL fall ... on occassion.  They may even laugh and roar and howl.  But it (the manifestation) is not always a true indicator of My presence.

I will NOT be mocked.  Those who mock Me, (try to) copy My way, ridicule Me,
  ...will be judged.  You have been fore-warned.


Grace be (unto) to you ...

Magnificent, indescribable, free-flowing grace  to you ... to all of you!  (My) grace cannot be bought.  It cannot be earned.  It is priceless.  One cannot put a pricetag on such a valuable commodity.  It is a gift .... an ever-present, continuing gifting.  From Me to (to each) of you.

I, your Father, delight in giving My children gifts (unexpected surprises) and giftings. (Skills, talents,  favour, opportunities).

Many desire the gifts, but some will not receive (them).  Hold up, hold out - your hands to Me .... for I will shower you with My gifts.
{Writer's note:  Some are supernatural signs, wonders, etc.}

As you freely receive from Me, also give (and offer) to others in need ... those with desire of Me.

Trust and obey.

-Selah pause -

Use your wealth wisely, or it will dissipate and disappear.  Use your money as I have instructed. 

Luke 6:38    "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

I love a cheerful giver.  I reward the generous, but turn away from the greedy.  Be a giver.  Be generous in all areas of giving.  Prove Me now, says the Lord ... see if My *method* does indeed work in your lives.  But, give with a cheerful heart.  Do not give merely to receive:  this is a wrong attitude.


If you are one of My sheep that is wallowing, or drowning and sinking ... then listen!

I, your Father, am more than able to lift you up and out of the mire .  (Out of sin, sickness, self, demonic stronghold, traps, etc.)

Did I not say I would *raise the poor up out of the dunghill* and seat him with the *princes of My people*?

I am your rescuer.  I am your refuge .... your strong tower ... your high tower .... your way of escape.  NOTHING is too difficult for Me:  NOTHING.

Faith is your life line.  Faith will send a signal to me that you believe Me, need Me, and trust Me.  Humility and persistance will activate your faith.  (As will My tangible, felt, strong anointing power.)

Cry out to Me from your broken heart(s).  I see. I hear.  (And I DO care.)  I am able - and I am willing- to save you ... to rescue you.

Be encouraged and be of good faith. Stay strong in Me, in your Lord. Press on to your high calling in Me.  Fight the good fight of faith!

Run the race that is set before you!

When you are weak, I AM strong.  I am a strong Saviour.  See Me as I am ... in all My glory.  Learn of Me ... seek Me ... for I am your way *out*.

I am the only way that is sure, that is eternally secure.  You are safe with Me.


Comfort the weak (feeble minded) in their minds.  Strengthen the weak among you.

Confess your faults, your errors, your misunderstandings .... one to another ... with tact ... (and) with wisdom.  Don't force anyone to *like* you or to *marry you*.  You are not your own, you are Mine.

 I will help you in ALL arenas of life, but first you must be firmly established on My solid Rock.  If you are living on the *sand* ... a house of sand ... you will easily fall and be bruised.  If you aren't cemented (in the spirit) to the Rock (i.e; to Me, your Lord), than you will be easy prey for the enemy.  You may fall and be wounded.  (Many of you already have experienced this.)

If you fall, come back!  Come back to Me.  I love you.  I am your forgiving Father!


Do not fear the looks - the high and haughty looks - of humanity, of man.  They will answer to Me.

Yes, this world is very dark, very cold, very evil. BUT ... BUT ... I am come to bring you out ... out of the mire of the world's ways.  (Out of the world and into My arms, into My sheep fold!)

Not only will I bring you up and out of the muck and mire (sin, evil, sickness), I will also clean you off!

So ... confess your sins to Me.  Confess your faults ... admit and *own* the trouble you find yourself in.  (It's no surprise to Me ...I am not shocked ... I am only grieved when My people lie and deny their deep needs.)

Did I not admonish My people (Israel) to *humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways*?  This is foundational.  Repentance precedes ANY revival ... ANY deliverance ... any healing.  (Any time for lasting change)


Cast your care upon Me, for I DO care for you!

I will make a way where there appears to be no way out!  I will - in My timing - make a way of escape.  This is My promise.  Look for My ways;  don't settle for less.

P.S.  Don't be so hard on each other .... give room for growth and mistakes.  Mistakes come with learning.  My grace covers it all."

####### end of message

May 13, 2013

the least

...whatever you do unto the least of have done it unto Me....  -Jesus

May 12, 2013

MESSAGE "Danger/Raging Bulls"

~~~ from a message received (kept hearing  the first sentence) on Saturday night, August 16th,2008 at 3:13am

"You are in danger."


"You are in danger here.  You are upsetting the enemy.  You have *ruffled his feathers*.  He is angry.  He is not about to give up his space (so) easily.

Keep your guard up.  Be on alert.  Listen.  Watch.  Pray.  If I urge you to speak ... {or}be silent ... wait ... watch ... observe ... pray ... intercede ... shout ... be still ... or, to flee... do as I command.

Tread lightly.  (For a soft answer turns away wrath.)  You are amongst *raging bulls*.  You are a target and in the enemy's *scope* ... in his *sighting*.  He is watching you and wants you destroyed.


Choose (your) words carefully.  Learn to stay close-mouthed to avoid *fueling the fire*.


Gentleness. Kindness.  Longsuffering.  Peace.  Joy.  Love.  These are My attributes, and they can (also) be yours.  Practice them and I will help (to) instill them within your soul.

Within the gates are My servants -  the angelic hosts and guards.  They also  watch over you, as do I.  I am near to My sheep and  cover them and I protect them and take care of them ... and I especially watch over those in the path of destruction.

I am a gentle, yet strong Saviour (Shepherd).

There IS a battle brewing.  The lines are being drawn.  Good vs. evil.  (*God vs. devil*)

Yes, you are in danger ... but I am your Protector.  I shield you, give you warning and empower you, as needed.  (This is for ALL My children.)


Simple faith is powerful.  Holiness is powerful.  Compassion, love, forgiveness, grace and mercy are powerful.  Justice and chastisement are powerful.  Patience and wisdom are powerful.  But finding Me in the Spirit is most powerful.  Obedience to what you hear from Me is vitally important.

(Yet, do not believe all that you *hear* in your spirit/mind.  Not all is from Me :  some are seducing, familiar spirits.  They try to come as *angels of light*, but they are MOST deceptive.)


Discernment is necessary for maturity, for wise choices, for learning, for knowing Me.  Through experience (trial and error) one becomes (more of ) a discerner.  Be teachable and you will learn.  Stay stubborn and you will not learn.

Rebel ... and fall into traps and danger.  Keep a clean heart:  forgiving, repenting, confessing sin ... and you will be safe (safer).

Attacks come to all, for all who follow Me (follow Christ) SHALL suffer persecution.

Remember, YOU ARE IN A WAR.

You do NOT fight aginst fleshly enemies, you wrestle with spiritual forces.

These battles WILL intensify, as will My glory.



Learn to enter (into) My rest.  It is a spiritual place of rest.  It is trusting in Me when there is no hope apparent.  It is a *giving over* of all worry to Me.  It is a fresh surrender to Me and My will for the situation.


I have your best interests at heart, My dear.{?}  Remember, whether you live or die, you are with Me.  When it's *your time* for departure, you will be in My glorified presence!  We will be together eternally!  Face-to-face.  Joy unspeakable will be yours. {A promise to ALL His children.}


Yes, I use *flawed* containers for My Spirit.  For you are ALL *flawed* in some way.  The human IS flawed ... It has sin.  It has imperfection.  It has darkness.  It has been damaged.  It has been marred.

As a potter, I take the flawed clay and rework it.  It becomes a polished vessel.  It becomes a new product.  It may not (even) look like it used to.  It will be stronger, even though it was broken.

I am the Potter.  You are the Clay.  You are MY clay.  I will make you into a work of art.  One-of-a-kind.  Rare.  Tested.  Durable.  Precious.  Strong.  Holy.

Holy by My Blood sacrifice.  Holy by My divine seperation;  by My choosing.  Holy by My design, by My plan, by My design.

Yes, My child (My children) ... you are made Holy by the Blood of the Lamb.  You obtain eternal life by His Holy offering.  He died, (so) that you may live.  It is only by HIS death and resurrection you can be made Holy and acceptable to Me.

Ther is no other name, given among men, under Heaven, where you can be saved.  The ONLY Name is the Name of JESUS (Yeshua).  His is the Name above all names.

At the Name of Jesus, EVERY knee shall bow.  He is the Eternal King of kings and Lord of lords.  He is MOST High.  Most HOLY.  He is the Highest of the *higher ups*.

He is the utmost Sovereign Potentate.  He is Supreme. He is the Master of all:  OF ALL.


Guard your hearts and minds.  Keep them filled up with the love and the fear and the wisdom and the rest and the holiness of God ... God your Father, who loves you."

####### message ended @ 3:54am....lasting 41 minutes

~~Ephesians 6:10-13

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.

v11  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

v12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
 but against principalities,
 against powers,
 against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
 against spiritual wickedness in high places."


May 6, 2013

MESSAGE "Your Father is a King"

{From a special message heard in the Spirit on Halloween 10/31/2003...I shut myself away, alone; and sat in the quietness...then I heard this message.  It is especially for those with low self-esteem}


"You are living beneath your privilege.  You are a child of the King.  You are greatly beloved.

I have redeemed you from the curse and from the darkness.  I have bought you with My life.  I have ransomed you with My Blood.  I have paid a great price - the ULTIMATE price - for you.

As a daughter (or son) of the King, you have also become an heir to My kingdom.  You can now partake of My divine nature.  My attributes become yours.  You become Holy, as I am Holy.

You are now the head, and not the tail.  You are on the winning team, for if I am with you, then who can be against you?

I have bequeathed to you  many precious promises.  I've promised eternal loyalty and allegiance to you.  (i.e. to all My children)  I promise complete forgiveness of all sin.  I pledge to fill you with My Holy Spirit and all His giftings.

My covenant cannot be broken. I've signed it with My Blood.  It is yours now.  *Sign* your allegiance to Me ... and I will begin to illumine that path I've laid out for you.  As you surrender your *rights* over to Me, I will then give you greater, richer, enduring gifts and mercies.  I extend grace and love to you.

As a *princess* (or a *prince*) of the King of Kings -  you are entitled to full access to Me.  Your requests will always be heard and heeded.

Like Esther, I will grant you My golden sceptre.  This signifies great love and great favor.

As My child, you also love and pray for Israel.  Like Esther, you intercede and stand up for your Jewish brothers and sisters.

Many do not understand (yet) that they can become My children AND retain their Jewishness (their Jewish identity.)

Continue to have concern and compassion for My dearly beloved Israel.  Soon they will see Me, and will RECOGNIZE Me, as Who I am :  their loving Messiah.


Yes, you are an *alien* and a stranger travelling through this world.  You do not *fit in* and you NEVER will!  (For you are *not of this world*!)

I have birthed you with My Spirit.  You are born of My Spirit.  The world (just) cannot comprehend this, for the things of the Spirit are *foolishness* to the natural mind.

Remember, (that) the message of the Cross is *foolishness* to those who are perishing ... but to us (to you), who are being saved, it is the (saving) knowledge of God!


Keep in mind that you are a servant, as well as Royalty (princess).  You are humble enough to serve others, and not to think of yourself (too) highly.  But - in balance - you also must not regard yourself as filthy and unwanted, (like) a degraded person.

YOU ARE MINE.  You are worth much.  My Son gave His life for YOU.  You are precious in My sight.  Begin to accept your position in My family line.

I have extended much favor, grace, mercy, love and compassion to you.  I have rescued you many times.  I have made Myself known to you.  I have spoken to you (as I am now) frequently.  I am your Father.  Your Father is a King ... THE King of all kings!

I am NOT ashamed of you.  Don't live in condemnation, (false) guilt, shame, low self-esteem and depreciation any longer!

I'm pulling you UP AND OUT of the mire:  out of the dunghill.  I am seating you with My princes and other dignitaries.


(I can see you doubt this.  I know it's hard for you to accept.)


Don't let the way others treat you be your DOWNFALL.  THEY mistreat you, ignore you, neglect you,  judge and mock you. But I do not.  I treat you right.  I give you respect.  I honour you (as you have honoured Me!)

I reward those who diligently seek Me and I am rewarding you:  believe it or not!

Faith goes against all logic.  To believe Me, you must oppose all contrary thoughts.  You must stand firm on what I tell you and what My Word reveals.

I bring the world's (so-called) *wisdom* to naught. Their childish academia is FOOLISH TO ME.  They think they are *wise*, but they are fools, for they reject Me. A FOOL says I don't exist!

Just as there was *no room at the inn* for My (Son's) birth ... so is the world today.  No room for Me anywhere.  No time for Me.  No one wants to talk to Me ... or LISTEN to Me.

No one (i.e. the world in general) believes Me anymore.  The WORLD'S idealogy has encompassed mindsets.  The religion of SELF is what rules hearts. (To each his own, etc.)

There is a way (or many ways) that SEEM right to man, but the end of it all is death.  (Eternal seperation from Me and eternal self-damnation.)

You see Me in My Word, and you look around.  Where am I in the world?  Where am I??
Where am I walking?
Where am I healing?
Where am I delivering?
Where am I saving?
Where am I doing miracles?

I am in various pockets of faith throughout the earth.

My ability is limited by lack of faith. (Number one reason.)

If no one believes, then I am silent.  If there is faith, I move and make Myself known. 

Most people are hesistant to REALLY believe Me.  They want to look *cool* and *in control*.  They are afraid of Me.  They don't know Me.  They THINK they represent Me, but they do not.  They are only empty religious shells:  with only a whisper of My memory left.


(You think no one will ever read any of these messages, and you may think correctly.  Most people arer repulsed by simple faith.  They want a PhD or a seminarian to talk to them and feed them pablum.  Well, who cares what THEY think!  THEY don't control you ... *I* do!

THEY don't have your times in their hand ... *I* do!  THEY don't love you ... *I* do!  THEY didn't lay down their life for you ... *I* did!)


See ... I talk to you as a Friend.  I've surprised you, haven't I?  (No ... I am NOT a demonic-familiar-spirit-guide !!  I WILL confrim My presence to you.) 
{Note:  I ask Him, 'Now what?'  It's Halloween and I'm ignoring all the H-junk.}


My love for you is NOT based on performance.  I love you despite ANY works.  I am your FATHER.  I know this is very difficult for you to understand, but;  in time, you will realize My fullness.  Cling, cleave to Me.


Always remneber who you are in Christ.  You are a new creation. You are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!  You were bought with a price.  You are a partaker of My nature. You are seated in heavenly places (spiritually speaking.)

You are an heir of My promises.  You are precious, cherished, (and) loved deeply.  You hear My heart.  You weep My tears.  You are sensitive to My Spirit's leadings.  You are CONNECTED to the greatest source of eternity.

You are a survivor.  You are faithful.  You are a fighter.  You are an ENCOURAGER.  You are a defender of the weak.  You are My dauhghter. (or son)  You are greatly and especially loved.

You (dare to) believe (Me) when others give in to societal pressure.  You keep going when you are buffeted.  (buffeted = attacked, struck, in battle, hit, injured, etc.)

You call to Me daily and I hear you.  You are a SEEKER of Me, of truth, and (of) My righteousnes and My justice.  You know your human limitations.

You feel ea4rnest compassion for the poor and starving.  You often give up your OWN needs for other's.  You deny yourself.  You TRY.  You forgive the seemingly unforgiveable.  You (try to) get up when you fall.  You are humbled by the remaining sin nature.  You grieve when you sin.


You are tired of the religious busybodies.  You desire more than a man-made-church-picnic.  You want ME!  And I am pleasede!  You want more than a few dry hymns and stale choruses.  You thirst for the LIVING GOD!  You defy the popular religious ways. You are ATTEMPTING  to break free of deadness.  You are struggling and I see.  It's never easy to be a pioneer. 

{Note:  He is referring to all believers who are truly - in their hearts- seeking Him and hate religious futility.}


I see all who are not satisfied with the status quo:  who are tired and fed up with all the man-made programs.

You KNOW there is more to Me than that!  You KNOW I am more than a boring sermon.

You KNOW, in your heart ... your NEW heart of flesh -  that I am ALIVE!  You seek Me in My glory and are disappointed.  Listen!  I am going to be arriving on the scene at some point and will shock you all.

I am not the god of the dead, but of the living ... and it is a fearful thing to fall into My hands.  My fear is a sobering experience.  My *church* has not even begun to comprehend the *fear of the Lord*.


Man may condemn you, but will THEY be condemned by ME?  They assume My moniker and My mantle , yet they are poor and sickly reflections of Me.  They are deceived :  blind men leading blind men into a ditch.

You have become weary in trying to please man and HIS religion. When you are with Me - you are free -  you are able to walk at liberty.  You will feel the difference!  You will know -  in your spirit - that I  Am that I Am!

You feel unworthy:  that is good ... but don't feel TOO unworthy.

Remember, live in My promises and with My privileges.  You have yet to access the power and (the) authority you've been assigned.

See yourself now mantled, clothed, covered and blanketed with My provision.  I am blessing you and soon you will reap many rewards."



{During this writing...*glitter* appeared on the paper...}

moniker = name, title

May 2, 2013

MESSAGE "Deceiving Angels"

~~~ words heard on 4/15/2009 @ 8:07pm

{I hear in my mind Amy Grant song lyrics:  'Angels watching over me...'}

"Yes, I have My angelic ward looking after you, and (they) help you.  They help you to know when I am near.

They help you to awaken ... to sense My presence in your environment(s),  They do miracles in your midst.  They assist Me in many, many ways.  Yet, they are not to be worshipped.  Strong Warning.


Do not have ANY other *gods* before Me.  Do NOT serve angels before Me.  Do NOT idolize, deify-  the angelic.  Do NOT believe every angelic event.  For many, many - have been severely deceived.

Some angels appear *holy* ... yet are angels of (the) darkness.  Yes, they do indeed appear as *angels of light*.  Thereby many multitudes have been - and are being- deceived.  Seek to know the difference.  It is a true, definite skill to know.  It is an *art*, a talent.  I will help those who ask Me.  Do NOT gullibly *fall for* all these beings.  In doing so, some of My finest protegees have been *duped*. ( Been tricked and led astray.)

You see, the enemy is very adept at what he does.  He appears a s a shining light, yet he is altogether darkness.  So is his deception.  Please heed My warnings:  for in doing so, you will avoid much confusion, heartache, and deception.


Seek first the kingdom of God.  Seek HIM.  Do not seek His gifts.  Repent.  Go back to the basics.  Make your calling and election sure.

Again, I say to you ... (to ALL of you)....Be wary.  Be sober.  Be vigilant.

Be not drunk on man's wine, for this is a trap.  Be on guard.  On watch.

Even when you are in MY presence, you must be cautious.  For this is the time the *wolf* likes to creep into My *sheepfold*.  He saunters in, appearing AS a pure, unblemished lamb.  He may *bleat* like a lamb, and many trick entire *flocks*. {Will trick entire groups of believers}

Or, he may appear as a *caring* shepherd.  He may look the part, act the part, but inside ... he is a *ravening* wolf.  He is out to kill, destroy and steal away the sheep. He is a *pied piper* - seeking to allure and entrance.  {en-trance = captivate, hypnotize, control}

He uses all his trickery, thievery, evil trappings and sinister wiles.  He may often show himself as Me.  He likes to play games and pretend (that) he is your loving Father.  HE IS NOT!  He will be discovered and found out.

Yes, some of My pastors and their flocks have been *duped*.  They are under (the) control of satanic power.  Yet, they can (still) be recovered.  They can be freed from the snare of the fowler.

Make your calling (and election) sure.  Call upon Me and I will answer you.  Seek Me with your whole heart.

Humble your selves. Simplify your lifestyles.  Repel, relinquish (the) evil.  Ask (of) Me.  Truly, simply.  Seek Me.  Search for Me.  Seek truth.  Seek to be free.  I WILL be found of them that seek (for) Me with a pure heart.  For I am your guide, your Father, your Saviour, your Messiah ... even unto death. 

I am with you, even unto your old age.  I will carry you."

####### words ended @ 8:28pm


MESSAGE "He is Messiah"

~~~Message from 1/18/2008 , heard @ 3:50am {For His beloved Jewish people}

"I desire a righteous people.


I look for My people.  I seek My children.  They are My delight.  I grieve over them when they are lost and out of the way.  I weep for My lost sheep.  I see the confusion, the darkness, the veil.  I see the wall of partition before them. I see the blindness of spirit.  I see the scales over their precious eyes.

Come forth, come forth unto Me.  (He cries to them.)


I am sending forth My Spirit to draw them in.

As a fisher draws the net, so I cast My nets and draw in the draught of My people.  They are swimming in the evil tides of woe, misery, sorrow and pain.  They have not known Me as yet.  They are seeking a Saviour, but I am He.  I am whom they seek.  I am the Messiah of Israel.  I am the Passover Lamb.  I am come to take away the sin(s) of the world.  I am the sacrifice.

Horror upon horror has been inflicted upon Mine.  (My people)  They have suffered and been brutally crushed many a time.  No other - no other- people have been so persecuted ... as have Mine.

Yes, you are Mine, says Papa, Abba.  I am your Abba.  You call for Me and do not recognize Me."



Christ = the Anointed;  the Messiah expected by the Jews;  Jesus of Nazareth, as fulfilling this expectation

Christos (in Greek) = anointed - translated from the Hebrew word 'Mashiah' meaning anointed, messiah

draught = the drawing of a liquid;  a take of fish

woe = grievous distress, affliction or trouble;  great sorrow

sacrifice =  offering of life to deity, as propitiation (appeasement)

Messiah =  the expected deliverer of the Jews; and hence, to Jesus *Yeshua* (John 4:25,26)

-Related Scriptures

St. John 4:25, 26  "The woman said to Him, I know that Messiah comes, which is called Christ:  when He has come, He will tell us all things. v26  Jesus said to her, I that speak to you am He."

 Isaiah 53:3 "He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid - as it were - our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed Him not."

MESSAGE Words from 1989 (24 years ago)

~~Early Prophetic Words from September 1989

Listen My children
And you will hear
The mighty sound
Of a rushing wind

It is the sound of
My voice
Telling you I Am
Coming soon

Tell them
Tell them
Tell them
About Me

How I love them
How I long to
Carry them
Carry their
Burdens and
Wipe away their

How I love them
I died for them
Can't you see
I am waiting

Let them
Of My love

But My judgement
Is soon

The things
You see
Will pass

But I Am
Forever more

I stand
Ready and
Forgive and
And to love

MESSAGE "Fight Fire With Fire"

~~~ from 11/28/2008


Let My followers be humble.  Sober.  Vigilant.  Steadfast.  Honorable.  Truthful.  Of low estate.  Considerate. Kind.  Strong.  (In Me ... for when you are weak in the flesh, then you will be strong in Me.)

Let My warriors be sharp.  (Sharpened by My Word ... which is a Sword in the spiritual realms.)  Let them be joyful, despite dire circumstances.  (For the joy of the Lord is your strength.)

Let the high praises of Him that has saved you be upon your mouths.

Let the sharp, cutting Word be in your heart, and executed upon the enemy's tactics.

Fight fire with fire.  Fight the evil flames of Satan with the overpowering Holy fire from on High.  Holiness defeats uncleanness every time. 

The Holy shall win ... shall conquer.  Holiness is from the Lord Most High.  It is He who conquers.  He is your mighty Conqueror.

Sever ties with wickedness.  Debunk debauchery.  Expose the hidden (occult) wiles of the enemy. .... for he is a subtle snake.  He slithers onto the scene and is often undetected under-foot. 

He is a serpent of disguise.  He may lurk for many time periods, and be a waiting predator.  He may wait patiently for his prey ... and snatch it away suddenly."

#######message ends

MESSAGE "Attention Seekers"

~~~ more from 11/28/2008  @ 4:55am
{I heard this twice, but don't understand it:  "I think lightly but firmly."}

"Listen to the winds.  I speak in the winds.  I whisper in the pines.  My voice is (as) a rushing wind.  Yet, I speak in many ways.  Various ways.  Diverse, yet completely consistent.


Somberness versus Hilarity


Yes, I am somber.  Yes, I am hilarious.  It is a delicate balance between the two. I am all things and yet I am none.  A follower of Me -of the living Christ - will seek to determine when *it is I* ... and when it is not.  Dedicate yourselves to this cause; to this purpose, for it is most important.

The days of peril are upon you, therefore you must be a much more diligent pursuer.  One cannot blindly follow any wind of doctrine.  Some winds - some voices - are not Mine.  They are (of) doctrines of devils.  Deception.  Delusion.

Beware, 'lest (unless) any one of you falls.  If you see a brother or sister falling, strive to pull them up out of the ditch.  If they have been blinded by dark deception, bring them back into My marvelous light.



When all earthly hope is gone, then you must continue on in faith.  Run your engines on the fuel of faith.


Yes, a foolish generation seeks a sign.  So it is in this time.  So many go to and fro, to and fro;  seeking signs.  They do not seek Me, per se. They are seeking signs  ... and wonders ... the *next big thing*.

Many, many want the spotlight.  Attention seekers lust (crave) for the crowds, the hype, the drama.  All eyes are upon THEM.  They love to be the center of all attention.  They covet control, and are expert manipulators. Such is the *end day crowd pleaser*.


Never desire fame or celebrity. Remain broken before Me.  Do not become bewitched by dazzle, money or worldly (celebrity) status."

####### end of this part of messages 

MESSAGE "Star Maker/Killer"

~~ Message from 11/28/2008 @ 3:20am
{I get the idea to *write*...and *hear* the sentence:  "Now is the time."}


"Now is the time for all good men everywhere to humble themselves before me, says the Lord.  (All good men means all My people;  all of My righteous ones.)

Consider your ways, oh man.  Look at your deceits.  Examine yourselves before Me.  I shall have the last word ... in ALL things.

 I alone am King.  I - and no one else - am Lord.

Listen to Me now.  You seek a sign?  A star?  An omen?  My Word shall be a sign to you.  See it.  Listen to it.  Taste it.  Follow it.  Guard it.  Watch over it.

Marvelous acts are My domain.  I *thrill and I chill*.  I can set your heart on fire ... as well as stop it cold.

I can manufacture a celestial star in an instance.

  And ... I can extinquish it at will.  Do you yet question Me?  Do you yet wonder of Me?  Will you yet defy Me, as you will?  (As you please?)

Circumstances contrary to Me will not hamper My activity.  I will trod through them.
  I will plow over, trample down, blaze a path into ... or I will dutifully prepare another pathway for Myself.



Gestures of love.

An act of love brings (shows) kindness.  An act of mercy brings relief.  A show of favor offers excitement.


Determine to know Me.  Seek Me.  I am still around."

####### this part of messages ended @3:44am

in Him was life

in Him was life