April 30, 2013

MESSAGE "Sword Fighting"

~~~message dictated on May 3rd, 2006 @ 9:01am

{Last two days I kept hearing:  "You carry a heavy sword." So, I decided I should write it down. These messages are for many people, not just me .}


"You carry a heavy sword ... and wield it well.  But it is not used often enough.  It is getting *rusty*.  It is meant for use... for battle.

My Word is My Sword.  You have learned to pick it up.  You know it's power.  You know the power.


Better is one day in My house - in My courts - .... than thousands elsewhere.  And so it is, even with My sword.  It can put *thousands to flight*.  Yes, My Word (S/WORD) is quick (alive) and powerful.  It is meant to pull down strongholds and to protect My warriors. It is a weapon of victory.  Use it well. Use it with the shield of faith.



Strike blows against the enemy.  Cut down (the) walls of doubt and unbelief.  Divide and conquer.

Dominion is yours, but you must battle for it.  Any ground taken is in battle.  The kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. {Writer's note:  This implies *violence* in the spiritual realm, while intereceding in spiritual matters.}


No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  In Me, you are victorious ... you are more than a conqueror.


{new subject?}

It has been said that in My kingdom above (that) the streets have no names.  This is not always the case.  Many streets have names.

There is the Avenue of Love and Forgiveness ... and the Road to Zion.  I've often travelled the Boulevard of Faith."


####### 9:15am  message ended

April 27, 2013

video~ "You Decide' - Fireflight


He gives us free will

video~ "Are You Alone?" - Fireflight

Are you alone...I am... alot...but Holy spirit is with me


video~ Jesus Culture -- Suzy Yaraei's "Dance"

Need more of this all over the world!


video~ "Dance" -Suzy Wills Yaraei


In Russia.....energetic, free worship, dance, song, joy

video~ "He's Alive" - Suzy Yaraei


a passionate singer

video~ Benjamin Dunn /Global Celebration Worship with Georgian Banov


dancing in free worship

MESSAGE "Offended by Jesus"

~~~ 5:46am (undated message)

"Is anyone above offense?  No.  All can (and, will be at one time) be offended.  The *cross* is offensive.  Jesus offends.  His gospel is not always perceived as *good* news.

Religions despise the cross.  Despise the truth of Jesus. Pride rejects the human-ness of sin, of weakness, of vulnerable dependence.

Self-sufficiency is touted, while any sign of frailty is smothered.  Independence rules in society, and neediness is discarded.  All forms of power are sought after, and underdogs are swept away.


Haughty humans disregard sin.  Sin is archaeic, foolish.  God's ways are obsolete.  There is no real right ... or wrong anymore.  Not really . Anything goes.  The world decides it's mores.  It's boundaries.  It's preferences.  *No one can tell us what to do*. Defiance rules.  Liberation from   God's ways are *progressive*.  { Writer's note: This is how the world thinks. It is sarcastic in tone.}

Any hint of Biblical  things is considered hateful, old-fashioned, intolerant.

Believers in God are deemed politically and socially incorrect.

The message of the cross is foolishness to them which are perishing.  The world loves it's own ... listens to it's own ... perishes with it's own.  (Sad, but true.)

The ways of Jesus offend the ways of the world.  Offensive, foolish, hateful, intolerant, irrelevant, out-of-touch.  So say the *experts* ... the top guns in the earth. 

The kings of the earth do rage at the Son of God.  They mock Him, belittle Him, openly and violently defy Him and descecrate His holiness.  The *leaders* and rulers of this globe are in opposition to the Great I Am ... the supreme power in the highest .. the Lord of all.


Rebellion comes with a price.  There are eternal consequences for rejecting the Saviour Jesus.  It is a fearful thing to fall into His hands.  His wrath is unmatched.  He WILL have the last word.  Be afraid, for He IS to be feared.


When the Almighty opens His arsenal of power, the world will see His sovereign terror.

The Lord is awesome ... terrible ... fear-provoking. He thunders.  He shakes the universe. He melts His enemies.  They fall before Him.  He is not to be mocked, nor to be second-placed. He is the *top dog* ... the Most High.


Yes, the Lord God Almighty brings offense.  The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ brings offense.

The Blood of Jesus Christ brings offense. 

The acknowledgement of a weak, paltry, sinful nature is most offensive.  Depending on a saviour is the ultimate offense to self-loving human egos.  Yet pride goes before a fall.

The proud are blind.  The blind lead the blind into a ditch ... into hell.  Hell is offensive.

Often the truth offends.  The truth hurts.  Yet it is necessary.  Offense is necessary."

####### mesaage ended @ 6:10am

{Writer's note:

I do not think this is meant for any specific group of people. It means that we, as humans, with our natural sinful, selfish, destructive natures, will naturally be offended by God and His ways. The flesh is at odds with Jesus and His purity....with His holiness and divinity. We are ALL sinful creatures. We are weak without help...without His supernatural help and forgiveness.}


paltry = lacking in importance or worth; trivial

mores (pronounced mor-ayz) = moral attitudes; traditions

MESSAGE "Dark Angel"

~~~5:20am (undated)

"Lean not on your own human concepts.  Don't trust (don't rely on) on carnal comprehension.  The spiritual is often mistaken for carnal, and vice versa. 

 Again, there is a fine line of demarcation between spirit and flesh.  Only by My Word, and My Spirit, can the lines be recognized.


Not all My *signs* are good.  Not all My *wonders* are nice.  Not all of My movings are (considered) *positive*.  Not all that appears to be of Me is (of) Me.

Remember, the devil likes to copy.  He is the Great Liar:  he is a master counterfeiter.  He is the top trickster ... and the highest illusionist.  He is the king of the Liars ... the king of all liars.

Satan often comes as Me.  He wants to be Me.  He covets My power.  He is jealous, and supremely arrogant.  He desires My position.  He wants to be God.

He wants all the earth - all the peoples of the world - to worship him.  He is most prideful and will stop at nothing to accomplish this feat.

He will display endtime delusionary wonders and eye-popping spectacles.  He will be a master showman .... a grandiouse entertainer .... and a top-class communicator. 

He will send division and destroy lives by the droves.  He delights in destructive deception.

He relishes (on) conflict. He loves war.  He loves bloodshed.  Loves murder.  Loves all the sins.  He revels in atrocity.  His purposes are dark, menacing, foreboding ... yet his outward persona may exude brightness and *christianity*.  So be forewarned.

 Beware of his many ways of entrapment.  He comes as an *angel of light* ... to allure and to capture.

You  WILL know him by his *fruits* ... which may take years to appear.

  The fruit that is good remains and creates  more seed ... for future growth.  {Writer's note: I don't understand this part}

Yes, not all who call Me Lord are Mine.  Not all Christians are really Mine.  Not all who boldly spout My name are of Me.


My Word to you who seek truth:  Don't settle for weak artificial light.  Strive to find the strong, bright, enduring light.

Jesus.  The light of the world."

#######message ended @ 5:39am

atrocity = extreme wickedness;  appalling or atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness;   extreme criminality or cruelty

April 25, 2013

video~ " Sick Of It " - Skillet

Are you sick of it?


MESSAGE "Unrestricted & Unexpected""

~~~from 7/13/2007 @ 10:35am

"Treasure My Word.  It is more costly than fine gold ... it is more valuable than (the) pearl of great price ... It is desired above all things ... for my Word is Me.

So, Seek to know Me, to know Me in ALL My glory;  in ALL My magnificent splendour.

Yes, I am the risen King - the King over ALL kings - I am the great I AM.

Yes, I appeared to Moses and to Solomon ... and I still can appear today ... I am still alive ... I am that I am.

So, determine to still seek Me ... to continue in your quest for Me, for My presence ... for My magnificent glory... to see Me in the sanctuary - as well as to see Me in the streets ... in the bowery ... in the slum ... in the ghetto ... in the tenement.

Yes, you will see Me in unexpected avenues and venues ... for I am not restricted to a steepled chapel ... I move as I desire, WHEN I desire - NOT as man dictates.


{new subject}

A curse causeless will not light, will not take root.

Be careful not to open doors of entry for curses, for destruction.

You negate My blessing as you swim in sin - your momentary pleasure brings disastrous results.

Sin is deceptive and so ensnaring.  I hate sin.  I hate what it does to My people, to all My children.  Leave sin alone ... leave it.  I will help you to be free.

I desire the best for you."

######end of message

MESSAGE "Walk the Line"

```from a message heard on 7/12/2007 @ 3:35am

"Walk the straight and narrow.  Don't go to the left or to the right ... stay on the path I have designated for you.


My SPIRIT will carry your spirit ... and My joy and virtue (energy, power, life) will (then) filter out to your body and mind.


I lift you up on wings as eagles ... soaring up high ... into the heavenlies.  Under - and upon - My wings you will go.

Under the shadow of My wings you will be safe ... protected from predators.  Cleave to Me, for I am your safety.


Purpose in your heart(s) that you will walk with Me;  that you will walk by My side forever ... for that is My plan for you.  (plan = desire)


Stay on the narrow path, for great and wide is the way to destruction.  My way will NOT be popular with the worldly crowd.  Many *follow the crowd* to their own disaster;  their own demise.

Stampeding multitudes are in a race towards hell.  They are truly the blind, leading the blind;  for they will both fall into a ditch.

Surely My pathway is lonely, often harsh and bitter, tempestuous and treacherous ... yet it is the way to truth.

The easy, acceptable, wildly sought-after path (is one that) leads to destruction and eternal seperation and misery.  My ways are NOT your ways.

You may seek to please men AND your God, but that is nearly impossible, for the two are incompatible.  The LORD knows who is His (and who is the Devil's).


Though there (may) be darkness all around, search for the ray of light."

####### message ending @4:02am

video~ "Take Me In" - Kutless

Take me past the outer courts
Into the Holy Place
Past the brazen altar
Lord I want to see Your face
Pass me by the crowds of people
And the Priests who sing Your praise
I hunger and thirst for Your righteousness
But it's only found in one place

Take me into the Holy of Holies
Take me in by the Blood of the Lamb
Take me into the Holy of Holies
Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am


Awesome modernday American worship rock

video~ "Never Gonna Say Goodbye" - Guardian

But if your eyes could see how much you mean to me
You take my hand, my love could set you free
And I'm never gonna say goodbye
I'm always standing right by your side
And no matter what you do
You know my love belongs to you
And I'm never gonna say goodbye
And every day of life seems a little bit colder
Waiting for love in the pouring rain
You can cast all your cares upon my shoulders


video~ "King of Angels" - Whitecross

 Christian rock....very good song

video~ " Lead Me On" - Amy Grant

This was the very first Christian music video I had ever seen


video~ "Carry Me'' -Legend Seven

video~ "He Is Strong" - Mylon LeFevre

This was one of my most favourate songs when I first got saved


"When you are weak, He is strong..."

video~ Russ Taff - "Down In The Lowlands"

Another great one...these songs have helped me a lot !


video~ RussTaff - "I Still Believe"

One of the greatest modern songs of belief in Jesus Christ!


video~ Idle Cure - "Holy Mountain"

Great song...I used to sing this alot...love it!


video~ "Satan You're A Liar" --B.J.Thomas

April 24, 2013

video~ Falling Up- "Good Morning Planetarium"

I'm wondering

Is anybody out there, who's cold and incomplete, inside?
I can hear Him calling
Come and follow Me, my child

The twilight turns to day, with all your love displayed
The stars they bow in awe, when the lost return to You


My child

video~ "God of this City" - Chris Tomlin

Greater things are yet to come & Greater things are yet to be done


In our cities

video~ "Light Up the Sky" - The Afters

He lights up the Sky.... and we know He's with Us



video~ Red - "So Far Away"

video~ RED - "Release the Panic"

Let it out, let it out! Get it out/get it out/get it out! Release the panic!


video~ I Am Empire - "Tell Me Mirror"

How can I pray and live my life this way
Tell me mirror
Who am I to judge such a wreck
Just look at me
Tell me mirror
Was I the same before God found me today
Carry our your plans

You will not regret giving up your time
Your pride
Your hundred dollar bills
You will not regret following a ghost
When the pearly gates are open wide


video~ I Am Empire - "Remedy"

I saw the hands of forgiveness
Release the chains of regretful bliss
I give into the sound of your smile


April 23, 2013

video~ "Sunday School Rock" / "I Love Jesus" - Carman

Mega star  Carman .... singing & dancing for Jesus...is now fighting terminal cancer... like David up against the giant Goliath


MESSAGE "Give Me Strength" (reposted)

~~~ message heard @ 1:52am on 2/9/13

"I will strengthen you. I will heal you. I will deliver you. All things in due time ... in My time. My time is not your time. We operate on different time schedules ... different dimensions ... different compendiums. {?}


Let not your heart be troubled, oh you with little faith. Fear not ... fear not ... for I have all things under My feet. I have told you to rest in My everlasting arms. I will console you ... and rescue you. I am not so far that I cannot hear ... My ears are ever open .... I hear the cries of the afflicted ones ... the orphans ...  the sick ... the wounded ... the lost ... the lonely hearts.  I am near to the brokenhearted.

I have told you to "come to Me and I will give your rest". That holds true more than once .... Come often to My resting place ...lean your head, as-it-were, upon My shoulder.

Rest. Rest awhile. Be at peace ... be still. Listen. Ponder. Muse. Search. Seek. Knock. Look for Me when you are ready ... I am near to you.

My Word is as a fire .... a flame ... a burning torch, amist the darkened hollows. I am like a laser beam, shooting through dimensions. I am the mighty God...the Most High....the conquering Lion. I take on many forms .... (have) many names ... accomplish many jobs. I am able to do exceeding great and mighty things ... things of which we (you) know nothing (about). Trust your Heavenly Father for the *details* ... for it is He that controls the stars, the seas, the earth, the planets. the galaxy ... and beyond.


I raise a banner over you, My child, My children. I sing over you ... I surround you with songs of deliverance.I am like your bodyguard, at times. You may not ever perceive My presence in your life ... but I am there, none-the-less. I stand near to you.


Don't stop doing good...being a light in the darkness. Let your light shine, so that others can see it.

Realize WHO your Father really is. Once you begin to comprehend who He is ... you will be amazed, astounded. He is a *big guy* ...  the CEO of all CEOS.


So, remember that the *joy* of the Lord is your strength. Let My Spirit touch you, influence you. He is awesome ......... supernatural at time.

Let Me be your Saviour. I am right here, right now."

####### message ending @2:12am

video~ Norman Greenbaum -" Spirit in the Sky" ( Original Rare Footage French TV 1...

A classic vintage song from the 1970's...from the Jesus Movement


video~ Resurrection Band - "Paint a Picture" (Subtitulado)

"Paint a picture of a lonely life" --- Jesus is near to the broken, the lonely


April 22, 2013

video~ "Shake Heaven" Victory World Music feat. Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae

video~ Brandon Heath - "Jesus In Disguise"

MESSAGE "Magnificent"

~~~ from 5/25/2005 @ 1:13am

{Begin to *ponder*, get quiet and listen...
Immediately I *hear* in (my) mind:  "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  (Psalm 119;105)
Then I hear the following...}


"Glory to God in the highest ... Praise His Name forever more...

Glory!  Glory! Glory! 

Alleluia ... He reigns on high ... He is Most High ... He is King over all ... He deserves our praise.  He is magnificent:  beyond words.

His grandeur is most illustrious ... most Holy... most beautiful ... glorious ... and resplendent.
{illustrious = highly renowned, famous, glorious, luminous, bright}


Come near, come near.  My child, draw near.  Enter into My courts ... drink from the Holy fountain ... in the wellspring of Life eternal!

Enter into My joy ... into My land ... My kingdom ... My domain of exquisite pleasures beyond compare:  Holy treasures and Holy pleasures ...
to you ... from your Heavenly Father.

(He) delights in pleasing His children. He wants them to realize His extravagent love for them ... He desires (that) they see His encompassing wisdom over their lives.

(The) Father is joyful when His children seek Him and forsake all others.  He covets their worship.  {covet = desires earnestly}


(The) Father does not desire any to perish .... He wants them to know of His deep, rich, covering of love and concern.  He says to tell them of His endless mercy and rich, expansive compassion.

His heart is full of love:  the unique and lasting love of the Father, as demonstrated by the Son.

As you have seen (the) Love in the Holy Son, so also is that Love in the Holy Father (and) The Love is demonstrated to us by the Holy Spirit.


God is love.

Plain and simple.  The devil is evil:  that is part of his name.

God is good:  good is part of HIS name.  God is good and God is love.

Many of His children do not truly know His love and kind affection.  Many do not completely trust Him.  Most have been taught false beliefs.

The truth is good.  The Father is a good Dad.  He is much more concerned than earthly fathers.  His love is amazing.


His love cannot be measured.  The Love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit are outstanding:  beyond *human comprehension*! {He's *out of this world*!...refering to the Father}

He also is jealous.  He is jealous when His creation seeks other gods, other loves, false idols.  He wants a pure, complete devotion.{pure as in totally devoted to Him}

He sees how others treat you.  He wants the best for you!

One love.  One God.  One Father.  One Son.  One Spirit.  So is the Trinity.   {Three-in-One}


Realize who you are.  You are divinely CONNECTED to the Maker of the universe!  You are in a real, living relationship with the Creator of the world, the skies, of Heaven!

He loves you ... He really loves you!"

####### message ended @ 1:36am

April 18, 2013

MESSAGE First Words Heard

  When I first began to know that:
   1) Jesus is real,   2) His Spirit can be actually felt,    and that;  3) I had actually felt His love ...{and  realized the stunning reality}....I still had no idea we could also sometimes "hear" His voice somehow.

 So...years later....after I had been "baptized" in His Spirit...(and also water baptized)...I began to try it out....listening.

I shut myself into my bedroom, alone, in the quietness. To be extra sure I didn't hear any outside disturbances, I plugged my ears with my fingers and shut my eyes really tight....to concentrate.

I waited a little while. Then...I heard something! I heard "someone"... I heard an actual sentence in my mind-spirit.

Here is the very first sentence I ever heard:

>>>>"My sheep know My voice, and where I am, they will follow." <<<<


I looked it up and it was a scripture from the Bible.

This was awesome!! Our pastor had us read them out loud, if we had actaully "heard" anything after praying. I read mine out loud in front of everyone.  I was nervous, but didn't care.

I doubt anyone cared what I  had heard ... but I sure did!

From then on, it has happened many, many hundreds (?) of times. I have tried to record 99% of all i have ever heard. (Sometimes I am too exhausted to listen.)

MESSAGE "Greater Things are Coming"

~~~ from a message 'heard in the Spirit' on 4/25/2009

{I feel a 'nudge' and a 'jolt'...and then  'hear' the following...}
"I want to do miracles in Phoenix."
{Phoenix is where I was living at the time of the message.}


{I hear the song:  "Greater things are yet to come ... Greater things  have yet to be done ... In this city .. In this city"}

"Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.   Yes, come away with Me, My beloved.  Come to Me and be made new.  Come and be clean.

Be cleansed in My pure fountain.  Be set free.  Become a new creation.  Feel My love.  Feel My power.  *Sizzle* with My anointing. {!}

I am available.  I am your Power Source.  Seek Me and live.  Seek Me and see.  Seek Me and hear again.  Seek Me and be forgiven.  Seek Me and let go of your heavy burdens.

Let go of your anger.  Let go of bitterness.  Rage.  Fury.  Hatred.  Unforgiveness.  Jealousy.  Envy.  All poison.  Let go of murder.

Be released from suicide.  Depression.  Despair.  Gothic *arts*.  Darkness in your soul.  Be released from heaviness. Weariness.  Apathetic dementia.  Be free from all that hinders and cause(s) sorrow(s).

Be free.  Be set free.  Let My power come upon you.  Let me BE ME.


Surrender.  Give up *your rights*.  Advance with Me.  See things My way.  Begin seeing *in the light*.  Begin to see in My Spirit.  Watch what I will do. Watch what I can do.  Watch for Me.


"A little leaven leavens the whole lump."  This means that a little darkness in light will taint it's potency.

A bit of *poison* (darkness) will pollute an entire fresh, pure *glass* of clear (light).  A little *sin* will affect the potency... the power.... of My light ... of My Holiness ... of MY power ... (My purity.)


Sin diminishes My movings among you.  Sin is anything that falls short of My glory.  Sin is {that}which harms, hurts, destroys. Sin limits Me.  Sin is deadly.  Sin is a killer.  Sin is selfish.  Sin is your enemy.

Sin is what brought Me {Jesus} to the Cross.  Sin brings death....both here ... and for eternity.  Sin is costly.  Sin has cost many their lives ... their families .... their careers .... their eternal destinations.

"The wages of sin is death."

Sin is sneaky, subtle, cunning, deceiving.  Sin tricks, traps, ensnares, fools (you), betrays, wounds, empties, strangles, kills, lies and cheats.


Sin is evil.. It is lethal.  It is in all hearts.  "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

All sin. {Writer's note:  We all sin...we all are 'sinners' by our human nature:  that is why we need Jesus.}

 All must be cleansed.  All need forgiveness.  All need the Saviour for this. 

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten (born) Son..." {from John 3:16a}


Not all will respond to Me.  Not all will care.  Not all will be saved.

Choose  (you) this day whom you will serve:  God or self.  God or Satan.  Jesus or Devil. Jesus or Lucifer.  Holy Spirit or satanic spirit. Holy fire or unholy burning.  Spirit of life ... or spirit of death.

(Choose) God's love ... or God's wrath.
Forgiveness ... or (eternal) condemnation.
Heaven ... or hell.
Endless paradise ... or eternal flame.

Light ... or darkness.
Holiness ... or evilness.
Purity ... or contamination.
Hope ... or despair.
Power of God ... or power of Satan.
Glory of God ... or darkened false glory of evil.
Life ...or death.

Praising ... or lamenting.
Shouting with joy ... or weeping with eternal despair.
Holy Spirit ... or unholy spirit.
Holy Trinity ... or false, unholy trinity.
True/Real ... or false/unreal.
Real power ... or false, dark counterfeits.
Brilliant light ... or gross darkness.

Clarity ... or confusion.
Wisdom ... or dearth (lack of wisdom.)
Heavenly palaces ... or subterranaen dungeons of gloom.
Celestial mansions ... or blackened cells within the *nether world*
Singing ... or eternal moaning.
Laughter ... or eternal mourning.
Joy ... or eternal sorrows.

Peace ... or fear.
Glory of God ... or gnashing of teeth.
Forgiveness of sins .. or remembering sins forever.
Gentleness ... or harshness.
Faith ... or doubt.
Belief ... or unbelief.
Protection ... or complete vulnerability.

Restoration ... or deconstruction.
Healing ... or plagues.
My Word ... or twisted re-wordings.
Calm ... or upset.
Hope ... or despair.
Faith in Me ... or fear and torment.
Fear (respect, awe) of Me... or negligence of Me.

Honor ... or dishonor.
Respect ...or blasphemy.
Obedience ... or rebellion.
Trust ... or wavering.
Gentleness ... or brutality.
Life ... or the grave.
New life ... or deadness.
Eternal life ... or eternal death.

Light  ... or darkness.
Holy ... or Evil.
God ... or Devil.
God ... or self.
God ... or sin.
Jesus ... or self, sin and Satan.
Good ... or evil.


Yes, in this time period of humanity, I will pour out (of) My Spirit on ALL flesh.  All will experience My power.  All will see Me in My glory.  All will have an opportunity to accept Me ... or to deny Me.

I am NOT willing that ANY should perish in the eternal flame.  I am not willing that ANY should go into hell-fire.  It is designed for Satan and his followers ... those that clearly desire to be like him ... those that openly defy Me and choose to reject Me.

Be free of hell.  Be free of fear of hell.  Come to Me, your Saviour.  Let Me love you.


Let My Blood cleanse you.  Let My Blood sacrifice atone for your sins.  Let My Blood-bought salvation be yours.  Let the *joy of the Lord* be your strength now.

Cease from death.  Cease from dead works.  See Me in your daily lives.  See Me as I work miracles.  See Me as I *touch down* in your gatherings .... on your streets ... in your jails ... in your prisons  ... in your hospitals.

Yes, I will once again *trouble the waters*.  I will once again heal.  Deliver.  Work miracles.

I will once more attend to this generation.  I will satisfy the hungry.  I will be Bread for the hungry.  I will be LIVING WATER for the spiritually thirsty.  I will yet move among you.


####### message ended @ 10:35 pm... lastng about 50 minutes


Acts 2:17--
 "And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:..."

 Psalm 107:20--
"He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions."

 St. Mattthew 11:28--
"Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." 

 Romans 6:23 --
"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

St. John 3:16--
  "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

 Romans 3:23 --
  "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

Joel 2:28 --
 "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:.."

 Joshua 24:15a, c -- 
  " And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served... /.... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." 

 Nehemiah 8:10c"  --
 ...the joy of the LORD is your strength."

John 6:35 --
 "Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. ... Jesus replied, "I am the bread
of life. Whoever comes to Me will never be hungry again. ..." 

John 7: 37 --
"In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink.
(38) He that believes on Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of Living Water. 
(39) But this spoke He of the Spirit, whom they that believe on Him should receive: for the Holy Spirit was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)

Galatians 5;9 --
"A little leaven leavens the whole lump. "


netherworld = world of the dead, hell, underworld, Hades, nether regions, infernal regions, center of the earth

subterranean =situated or operating beneath the earth's surface; underground

dearth = insufficiency, scarcity, absence , default , deficiency, want

leaven = catalyst, influence, inspiration, stimulate, elevate, quicken, pervade, permeate, imbue, suffuse;  a modifying agent

April 11, 2013

MESSAGE "No One Available"

~~~ from 11/2/2007 @ 4:17am ...Words of the prophetic Holy Spirit of Jesus

"I have searched high and low and have not found a man to stand in the gap.

The laborers truly are few ... are scattered ... are under- trained;  even untrained.

Few will cry.  Few will cry out to Me.  Few care.  Hearts have grown cold, calloused, hardened.

Such is the time .... a time of cold hearts;  hardened hearts.  This is a season of love grown cold, of compasssion wearing thin.

The lack of love concerns Me.  I need love to express Myself fully.

(For)) I AM love.  My faith works by love.  My signature, as it were, is love.  My people need My love, and the world thirsts for this love.


Whom will I send (to tell My good news) if no one cares?  If there is no love, no empathy, no compassion; then how can My people represent Me?

 (For) without love you are nothing.

If you have giftings, talents, skills, honors, degrees, educations, wealth and such;  yet lack love, then it is all in vain.  It is all worthless.  Rubble.  Trash.  Of no consequence. 

4:27am  -pause-

So, seek out My love, if you are so inclined.  I will be found of those with honest hearts.  I will show My love to (the) hungry hearts.


Desperation.  Are you DESPERATE to find Me?


Are you diligent?  Are you persistent?  Are you tired  of empty religion;  of *status quo*?

Are you ready for change;  for revolution?
{Writer's note:  "revolution" implies a change ... NOT violence}


Who do you say that I am?  Who am I to you?  Am I merchandise?  A cute baby?  A dead Saviour on the cross?  A weak, powerless puff of a man?  A great teacher?  A mild poet?

(Again I say) WHO am I to you?


Who am I in your life?

Who am I to you?  Do you know?  Do you truly know Me?  Do you care?  Do you really care?

My love is from above.  I am from Above.  I am NOT of this world.  I am eternal.  I live beyond time.

-pause- 4:35am

Stand back and re-think your perception of Me ... of the Trinity.  I am MORE than you know.


Infinity describes Me.   I am infinite.  I am PAST finding out.  My ways and thoughts are higher than the earthly.  My kingdom is not of the temporal:  not of time.

I am eternal, and inhabit My own time sequences.  I see history played out before Me ... yet I (also) know the ending.

 I see the panorama of time;  of history.


Before *time* ever was, I am.  (I WAS.)  I *invented* times, seasons, days, nights.  My creation demands time.  It is vital to growth;  to order;  to acomplish;  to record and count.

But in the eternal phere, time (as you perceive it) is irrelevant.

Heaven's *time* will be of no consequence:  it will be unlike anything ever experienced!  My times will be orchestrated as I will, for My great pleasure.  My people will revel - will relish -  My time.

Time with Me will be delightful, even fanciful.  We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves and will be renewed... refreshed .... reinvigorated beyond belief.


Heaven's scent is one of pure life ... of Holy purity ... of freshness and cleansing.  The Heavenly aroma is unlike all others:  Holy and pungent.  My fragrance is life-giving;  life-evoking.


The glory of My abode is unparalleled.  Nothing compares.  All earthly structures pale in comparison.

My temple is awe-inspiring ... majestic.  It is full of light, for I am light.  It is dazzling, resplendent, glorious,  No darkness dwells within My gates.

The walls emanate (My) glory.  Sparkling, dazzling, glittering, bright, supreme."

#######  Message ended @ 4:54am

April 1, 2013

MESSAGE "I've Given You the Rainbow"

~~~also from 11/27/07

"The Lord has withholden His rain, His power, His presence, His blessing... for many reasons.

Sin stifles the Spirit.  Lack of knowledge of sin breeds more and more sin.  Lack of opportunity for Holy Spirit conviction to fall upon My people is an issue.

Lack of faith to believe;  to trust ... is also part of the lack of God's *rain*.

*Last day resistance* is another.  Sin will abound.  Evil WILL grow worse and worse, BUT I am able to quench it in its path.  I am your *sin fighter*.  I delight in taking away sin.  It is My pleasure to destroy the works of your enemy.  I take pleasure in releasing captives from My adversary.  I came to set the captives FREE!


Take My *yoke* upon you.  What does that mean?  I need you to be *yoked* together with Me.  I need you to be in Me and I in you.

The need to be united together;  bound together.... as one.  When you are locked together with Me, we are most powerful against all opponents.

*** I am the driving force in all that is good.  I cause all things to work together for good .... for those who love Me (and who are called according to My purposes. Romans 8:28)  I turn evil into good.

(So)  let (your) good triumph over evil.  Let curses become blessing ... in My plan.


Sow seeds of mercy.  Sow seeds of love.  Sow seeds of peace.  Sow seeds of justice.  Sow seeds of compassion.  Be a sower.

Leave the watering and the reaping up to Me.  I will send appropriate workers for every aspect of the great harverst.

Many fret (and *vex*) over the  harvest.  It is in MY time(s) ... in MY season(s).  I will provide (the) reapers.

Now, the sowing must continue!  seedlings need nurturting, care, tender attention.  (Yet some seeds grow fine in the wild;  even blown by the wind...).


Grow in grace.  Don't be afraid of My light shining (and upon) you.  My glory will be upon My *little lamps* (!)

Oppose worry.  Resist worry. Fight worry.  Refuse steadfastly to worry.  Worry is a thief.  Kick worry out of your life.  (Ask Me to fill you with my peace, to counteract the void.)


Be confident in Me.  Be confident, knowing that I - your Heavenly, all-knowing Father who loves you - WILL complete and perfect and make whole ... your life.  I will put you *back together again*.

Disregard old mindsets of the past.  You do NOT have to be chained down to past idealogy. 

You are a new creation;  a new creature;  a new woman (or man) with a new spirit.  Your mind is being renewed daily, hourly.  Your inner *being* is becoming new.

All old is being displaced by new.  You are being *remodeled*.  You are a work-in-progress.

You are My workmanship, My crafting, my masterpiece.  You are My jewel;  My joy.  I will be made strong in you.  When people see you, they will see Me in your eyes.

This promise is true for you, My daughter (My son), and for each and every one of My children. I desire ALL to become My children.  I am a generous Father.

I have much room for many, many, many children.  I want orphans.  I want fatherless children and parentless adults.  I want all of you to come and be (in) My family.  I am your DAD.  I am your Papa, I am your *Pop Pop*.  I am your Abba.  I am Abba Father.

Children, come to Me.  I am here for you

You need Me ... and I need you. I need your love. I desire your love. I draw you to Me with My cords of love. I send you tokens of My love; of My faithfulness.


 I've given you the rainbow. I send reminders and clues (hints) of my love. You will sense them, for I have purposed this."


in Him was life

in Him was life