February 28, 2013

A short message

~~~ from 5/29/2000

@ 12:01 am

{Heard the first line twice}

"This is a new day.  The old is gone;  the new has come.  Rise up with wings as eagle's and (you will) soar with Me.  We will reach heights you've never seen or even imagined.

You've been in a *holding pattern* too long.  It's time to fly!  I will carry you on My wings, and My wings will be a protective covering for you.  We will fly far above the earthly darkness.  We will fly into the light of My love.  Reach out to Me and we will begin our flight once again!"

February 27, 2013

video~ "I Am Second" - Brian "Head" Welch

He had a real encounter with the Holy Spirit ((of Jesus Christ!!))...now delivered from drugs !!!!!!!

MESSAGE "Do Not Presume"

~~~from a message heard 9/25/2009


"Be aware (be cognizant) of the frightful power of your God.  Yes, He is often gentle and quiet .... (but)
at other times He is loud, roaring, thunderous in (His) might.

Rapturous.  He is rapturous - as One that lifts up into ecstatic realms.  A rapturous delight He is.  Divine joy.  Divine privilege.  Divine light.  Divine and Holy.

Light as a floating feather ... and massive as a crashing boulder. .. is He.  Gentle as the baby lamb... yet strong as the fierce lion ... is your God.

A bubbling brook;  (and) thundering waterfalls ... both describe Him.  Like (as) a featherly butterfly, He can be.  Or (as)  a violent tempest, both are He.


You (human) cannot presume His powers ... (you) shall not predict His movings, His Presence, His workings, His manifesting of Himself.  He is. He was.  He will be.  He acts sovereignly.  He is sovereign ... above all.

His grace is not to be tampered with.  Accept it with humility;  keep it by His grace.  Never assume His grace;  but gracefully accept. Without repentance, assumption is lethal.  Don't follow those spewing promised words of *easy grace*!  It is not so.


To those who know...  and who twist and turn and spoil My Word;  they shall receive the greater condemnation.  To whom much is given, much is required.  YET ... I will forgive.  My eye is not turned away from those who seek Me and humble their lives before Me.

WARNING:  Do not presume to know My will .... nor My words.  My ways are NOT your ways, as I have said.  The way(s) of man seem right, but the end is death.  Deception is a lie.  Lies lead to death.  Come clean before Me.  I will accept your repentance.  Turn away from following false ways, ways of man, ways of religion, and ways of self.


Joy comes in the morning.  Joy comes in the dawning of a new day.  Joy - My joy - is strong.  It is a strength to you.  Let My joy fill you today.  It is akin (like) My peace. 

My joy and My peace supercede the natural (world/human) sphere.  It is the joy that brings peace, that gives hope ... that indeed;  truly strengthens and nourishes the soul.  It is power and food for your souls.

(My) joy is not haughty, nor proud.  It is not controlling, nor loud (necessarily).  It is not demanding, (and) not controlling.

My joy is from above.  My joy is your strength. Be strong in your LORD ... and in the power of His might.  Be joyful in Me."

####### message ending @3:43am (24 minutes) 

video~ "So Far Gone" - Thousand Foot Krutch

Beautiful, awesome love song to the Lord...His love is real... (and could be a love song--  to a human love too♥)

MESSAGE "Love = Power"

~~~ from a message heard on 10/15/2009 {God's message to His straying Church/ His followers.}


"I am jealous for your love.


I look for you.  I seek you.  I wait for you.  You are busy, distracted, away, preoccupied.  I miss our talks.... the way we used to commune together. 

I see the busy-ness, the hours spent with other interests -- other loves -- and I am saddened.  My bride has become a harlot, of sorts.  She is *playing the field*, so to speak.  She is a spiritual adulteress.  She has left her first love.

She has left Me.  YOU have left Me.


Just as a man loves a woman;  a husband loves his wife, a parent loves their children...so I love you.  Yet, I love you EVEN MORE -- more deeply -- than human love.


I will call you back.  I call you back to Me. I am a jealous lover.  I am a jealous God.  I am searching for (all) My first-loves.  I am calling each of you back to the fold(s).  I am your Sheperd. I am calling back My sheep ... wooing them back to Me.


Turn to Me ... and I will turn to you.  Draw near to Me ... and I will draw near to you.

Seek Me ...  and I will be found.  Seek me with all your heart ... all your strength ... all your mind.

Come to Me, all you that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Pour out your complaints to Me.  Pour out your hearts to Me.

I will extend My tender , tender  mercies to You.  I will offer forgiveness.  I will bring My kindness and My unfailing compassion.

I will offer you My love -- and My love will cast out all your fears. I AM love.



I am your shelter.  Your refuge.  Your hiding place.  Your strong and high tower.  I am your resting place.  I am your salvation.  I am your Saviour.  I am your God.

Pray to Me ... in this time whren I may be found.  Call upon Me now.

I offer eternal life.  My way is life.  I am Life.  ("In Him was life...")

I am (have) come that you might have life, and (that) life more abundantly.

Seek Me and live.  I am the joy of your life...  of your lives.  I am your joy-giver.  My joy is your strength.  My joy is *unspeakable* and *full of glory*.  Hallelujah!

Cast all your cares upon Me ... for I care for all of you.  My mercy endures (goes on) forever.

With Me, ALL things are possible.  I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith.  I am able to *make a way* where there indeed seems to be no way out.

I am your escape.  I can deliver My righteous ones out of temptations, snares, traps.

My Word is power.  Praise to Me is power.  Living by My ways is power.  Love is power.  Patience is power.  Humility is power.  Obedience is power.



Dust off your Bibles.  Read about Me.   Learn of Me.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good".

 Call upon Me.  Cry out to Me.  Seek Me in silence.  Wait on Me.  Wait for Me.  Wait with Me."

video~ "Thinking About Forever " - P.O.D.

Set your mind on things above:   the permanent, the eternal, the invisible...for one day it will be your reality

video~ "Broken Heart " -Falling Up

Jesus is near to the broken-hearted

February 25, 2013

MESSAGE "Diabolical/Pan Is Busy"

~~~ from 4-5-2009 @ 6:24am

{wait, listen...}

"The day of the end is near.  Prepare your hearts.  It is a time of slaughter ... of bloodshed, war, violence.  Unprecedented violence.

Turmoil erupting.  Tempers flaring.  Genuine distress.

Diabolical.  Siftings.  Upheavals.


Structures being dismantled.  Fires.  Earthquakes.  Excess of gluttony, of imbibement, of *pharmacia*.  (pharmacia = drugs and sorcery)

Shameless sensuality.  Perverseness at an all-time apex.  (apex = high point)  Total chaos, at times. (seemingly)

Distrust of fellow man.  Power *trips*.  Power struggles.  Cover ups. 


Ambivalence.  -pause-

Priorities quashed. (squashed?)


Fulfillment of prophecy.  The day is drawing near.  The dawn approaches.  Hoofbeats are heard in the distance.  War clouds are gathering.  Trumpets are being readied.

Take (up) your shield and your sword.

Make ready, for the day WILL come.


Consider it ALL joy when you fall into diverse temptations.  These trials are for the perfecting (completion) of the saints.

Endure hardship like a good soldier.  My saints are afflicted much.  (Yet they trust, they trust.  They trust in Me.)


All glory to the King ... to the King of kings!  Honor Him.

Honor the King with your firstfruits.  Give unto the LORD.


Beware.  Diabolical *riff-raff* is at work.  *Agents* of the enemy lurk covertly.  Their purpose is to destroy.  They are *hell-bent* on destruction.  Such are the congregants of (the) darkness.

Little is known (to you on the earth) about (concerning), these *dwellers of darkness*!  It is an unpopular sermon topic.  Few dare to (truly) tread onto this ground.

Front-line warriors take (the) offensive.  They go AFTER the foe.  They are courageous, valiant, dependant on their corps, well-trained, observant, seasoned,  quick to hear, obedient to their commanding officers, loyal, fit (for the work;  for their assignment), and courageous. (courageous is listed twice)

Fearless. Bold.  Quick.  Steadfast.  Observant.  Good eyes.  Good ears.  Selfless.  Willing to lay down their lives for others.

Persistant.  Enduring. 


Ready IN season ... and OUT of season.  Bold as lions.  Gentle as doves.  Wise as serpents, harmless as lambs.

Expert warriors.  Skilled. Well-versed.  Know -  and recognize - true power and might.  Can detect authentic from fraud.

On alert.  On watch.  Men of prayer.  Acknowledge sovereign God among men.  Bow their knee to their LORD.  (Lord of lords,, Jesus The Christ)


A good soldier can handle (his) weapons with deftness and effiacy. (skill , ability, and efficiency)  Hecan use (the) proper weaponry (needed) for the assignment.  Different tactics are deployed for WARFARE, as needed.

Always *on-call*.  Prepared.  Armed.  In rank.  In step.  In unison.  In one accord.


Divine matters ... affect human matters. "


matters = actions, situations, decisions

Pan = Satan, the devil

February 24, 2013

video~ "I Love You" - Larry Norman & People

I think He really loves  us all  ♥♥♥

video~ "The Dark Hills" - -Day of Fire

They say Jesus ...walked the dark hills...He broke bread with beggars and thieves

MESSAGE "Get Dirty"

~~~from 6/22/2005 @ 12:20am

Two times I heard:  "My church has to get it's hands dirty."


"My church has to get it's hands dirty.  They are too *prim and proper*, so to speak.  They need to be closely involved with the *everyday people*.  They need to emulate (be like) Me.

I mingled, I dined;  communed with the *sinner and saint* alike.  I gave respect to the *lowest* ranks of society.  I did not, and DO NOT;  discriminate or castigate anyone.   There is no partiality or favoritism with Me.  I love all.

In My earthly tenure (time spent on earth), I was intimately involved with many people of all social groupings and classifications.  I sat with the poorest beggar... and also with the highest public official.  I enjoyed companions of all social strata (all types of people). 

I reached out, sought out, went after, called out to.... and noticed the unwanted, the sick, the hopeless, the sin-filled, (and) the wicked.

 I also spoke to the Pharisees (the highly religious), the Royal publicans (officials), the tax collectors, the rich men, the rulers of the day (of that time).  I spoke to their souls, fed their spirits, healed bodies.  (Basic) human needs are similar in ALL people, regardless of social standing (or lack thereof).


Now, My Church (all believers worldwide) must do the same.  (Some do already, and I am pleased).  Many of My people  often collect (gather) in the church buildings and (then) neglect  the outside world, in general.

They become a closed (caste) system:  one of exclusivity-- and often, arrogance.

Pride brings downfall.  Pride invites disaster.  Pride is NOT from Me.

Humility IS from Me.  Learn humilty.  Learn compassion.  Learn My love.

Reach out to the poor.... even those within your own assemblies (gatherings).  Do not look down with condescension upon such a one (as this).... for, YOU, may find yourself in similar distress. Judge not.

Fearless endavors (attempts) are necessary.  Courage and compassion go hand-in-hand.  Difficult situations are My *forte*. (forte = strong point, strength, place to excel;  place where He -- God excels in showing His power and love and wisdom)


The meek shall inherit the earth.  Are you truly meek, humble;  yielded to Me?    Search your hearts.  Use your hearts and your hands.  Offer compassion and truthful humility to on(s) in need.  Seek out the desperate:  the lost, the hopeless, the severely afflicted.

Blend mercy with grace.  Beware of false platitudes.  (Condescending mannerisms and words)  Offer truth.  Be honest.  Admit misunderstandings.  Forgive one another, in ALL spheres of life... as I have forgiven you.  Repent, as needed.

Mix faith with love.  Have joy in (the) pursuit of pleasing Me.

Make sacrifices with your time, love, money, conversations.  Invite the *unwelcome*.  Break the social code(s).  Be radical in your attempt(s)... in your heart-felt service to Me.

Be free to love Me.

Be *slaves* to My love.

Freely you have (hopefully) received My love and grace... now, offer the same to those in need.  {To those in dire (serious) circumstances.}


Relinquish YOUR rights.  Let My love, My ways;  govern your days.  You will sense the HOLY difference!  It will be fun!  It will be a TRUE adventure with Me.

Continue (to) listen for the still, small voice (with) in your spirit.  It is Me.

When all the other *voices* and sounds (words of the world) have tried to trick you and distract you ... then, be still ... and know (that) I am YOUR God.

Remember (acknowledge) Me in all your ways.  Help others to understand Me.  Direct them to Me.  In whatever method, turn them towards My Word .. for My Word is Me.  I am the Living Word.  I am logos and I am rhema .

Leave conversion to Me.  Your duty (job) is to lead people towards Me.  I will do the *convicting*  and the *convincing*.  ( I am good at that, by the way.)

     **Remember Me when you are in trouble.  Call to Me.

     ** Remember Me when you are in joy.  Praise and thank Me.

Let My church *get it's hands dirty*... and in doing so, will fulfill My Word in their lives."


{Writer's note:  it took 29 minutes to write out the words given to me....and it only seemed like 1 or 2 minutes! }


logos  =  general, basic, written, foundational scriptures
rhema  =   usually spoken, timely, specific, personally-fitted scriptures

castigate  =  to criticize (someone) severely or angrily especially for personal failings ;   bawl out, berate, call down;  to inflict severe punishment on;  to criticize severely;  condemn harshly

Scripture references

St. Matthew  19:21a      "....go and sell that which you have,  and give to the poor.."

St. Matthew 25:35, 36     "For I was hungry, and you gave me food:  I was thirsty, and you gave me drink:  I was a stranger, and you took me in:  Naked, and you clothed me:  I was sick, and you visited me, I was in prison, and you came to me."

St. Luke  14:13     "...when you make a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind..."

St. James 2:15-17     "If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, ...And one of you say to them, 'Depart in peace, be warm and be filled';  (but) you don't give them those things which are needful for the body;  what does it profit?  Even so, faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone."

February 21, 2013

MESSAGE "Dance/Dance/Dance"

~~~ from 5/3/2000 

{These words came into my mind and I wrote them down...}
>>>He (God) didn't mean to just dance for five minutes on Sunday morning...Dance all the time!  Praise him in the dance! Be a fool for Christ!  Be free in his love and freedom!  ENJOY your salvation!  Enjoy your new life!


Psalm 149:3  "Let them praise His Name in the dance..."


"The devil would rob you of your joy ... but I have given you joy ... My gift of joy!  Joy that is unspeakable  and full of glory!  (* unspeakable = inexpressible, devoid of human description)

 Who cares what man says?  Who cares what your thoughts say?  Who cares what the devil says?  (That stupid old thing...he'll be OUT-OF-THE-PICTURE soon!)

Get ready ... I am coming on the scene in a BIG-TIME way ... to instill joy in God's people.  (And, in yourself..!)


For the enemy plans to destroy you.  He loves to hurt.  He is a thief and a killer and a destroyer...and most of all:  a liar.

 HE is the one who mocks you and humiliates you:  in your mind, and through the lips of others ... especially church people.  He loves to work through your brothers and sisters.


I speak your language.  I am in the music.  I am in the dance.  I am in the sky.  I am in the wind.  I am in the rain.  I am in the trees.  I am in the animals.  And... I am in the people who've known Me...and tried to find Me.

I am found.  You have found Me.  You have found Me AGAIN ... And I WILL be here for you.  I am not a God that is afar off... I am near.

You will recognize and hear My voice in many ways.  Do NOT limit Me .. for it will limit YOU.

 Read My Word, My words;  for yourself.  Seek My heart.  I am still a God of mercy, truth, and lovingkindness.

You KNOW when you are near Me.  You sense My Presence and My joy and excitement.  (That is why the distractions are so strong.  But MY life for you is much more fun than the enemy's plan.")



 John  10:10     "The thief comes not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

Psalm 149:3   "Praise... Him... in the dance."

video~ (" Dance ") - David Crowder Band


MESSAGE "Live In My Love"

~~~ from 6/3/2000 @ 1:10am

"Listen, My child, and I will speak.

You are anxious and fretful over many things.  (This is your nature.)  Do not be anxious. LIVE IN MY LOVE.

My love casts out (gets rid of, softens the effects of) all fear.  Did I not give you My Spirit?  My Spirit is your counselor.  He is your Comforter.  (It is He that speaks to you now.)  He will lead you into all truth:  the truth of My love that sets you free!  He will also show you things to come.


I do not hate you when you sin.  I hate the way the sin controls and destroys your trust.  I hate seperation between us because of sin.  By My Spirit, sin will be abolished in your life.  As you yield more and more to Me, the *draw and pull* of sin and worldly atractions wiill grow less and less.  (Of course the enemy will try his hardest now and then, but I will be victorious for you!)


Relax and let My Spirit dance in you!{within your spirit}. Laugh, as you have been. (In My Spirit)  Create.  Learn, learn more of Me.... for the more you know (of My Truth), the more you'll know that I love you deeply.


Picture yourself sticking (as) close to Me as you can.  That way the enemy can't get between us.

I know you  usually can only picture love as (with) a little puppy or a dog or a kitten or your baby son... or a little bird or a baby animal or your infant nieces.  Yes, this is love ... but I am MORE.


 The world, church, (and even yourself), will misunderstand Me and My methodry.  I work differently in different people.  Did I not create individuals?  Yet, this is not an excuse to sin and put up stumbling blocks to others.

Use  your freedom wisely.  don't cast pearls before swine ... those who've yet to know me and My freedom.  Be cautious of religiousity and *mainstream* (so-called) christianity.  I am looking for LOST sheep ... not those who staunchly believe thaey are *righteous* (and are not!)  Beware of pharisaical *family values*."


{Writer's thoughts:

This warns of *religious* people who know nothing of God's true nature, and are not born of His Spirit. You will know His followers by their LOVE and their love for the truth.  Yhey will be humble, self-depreciative, voluntarily obedient, generous, joyful, patient, kindhearted,  (and) will admit when they are wrong, will be forgiving, and will try to be like Jesus Christ.

They will flee (run) from man-made religions that don't line up with the Word (Bible) and the Spirit of God. The Holy Ghost is liberty...freedom!

They (true believers) will also suffer, be persecuted, , nd will have times of sorrow, rejection, and intense loneliness.  They may sin at times, but-  will then experience some degree of conviction, remorse, and repentance.

A floower of Jesus Christ will be NOT OF THIS WORLD:  and will often appear *foolish* to society.  Most will be mocked and often ostracized for their beliefs.

It is difficult to live in the Light and in the Truth!  It is easy to live in sin and darkness.  The entire world may believe differently...but a Spirit-led believer of the Messiah will KNOW the truth of God ... by the witness of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is...there is liberty!  Look for that liberty.  Worship Him in freedom and in His love, truth, and righteousness.

P/.S.  WE are not perfect ... but HE is! We pray that he will make us more kllike Him! We love him, because He first loved us!}

MESSAGE " On a Cloud"

~~~ from 5/28/2000 @ 11:54am

"I sat on a cloud.  I looked down at the earth.  I looked for a righteous man, but found none.  I looked for an intercessor ... and I found none.  I looked for one to love Me totally, and I found none.

I did see sin.  I saw that man was BUSY.  He was busy loving others and other things.....instead of Me. I saw him loving his sin... and loving his world.  I saw his children as he was.

There was no one to pray ... no one to read My Word ... and no one to love Me.    I was lonely.  I cried.  I called and I called, but no one answered.

The voices of their world overpowered My voice.  I couldn't find My children.

They were lost."

-from the Father


MESSAGE "Oracle"

~~~ from 2/15/1998

"Open your mouth and I will fill it ... I will give you My words to speak.  SPEAK FORTH THE ORACLES OF GOD.  Speak forth the words of life.  Let the joy of the Lord flow through you.  Let others see your testimony.  Let My light shine brightly through your earthen vessel.  Don't hide My light, My candle;   under a bushel.


Creation is My doing.  I am Creator.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  I am the great I Am.  My Word is pure.  My Word is true.  I speak, and creation begins.  I perform My Word.  I finish all that I began.  I am the Author and the Finisher.  I am Alpha and Omega:  first and last.


My name is Jesus.  I and the Father are one.  Those who have seen Me have seen the Father.  My Spirit is Me.  My Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are My child.  Welcome My Spirit.  Welcome Him!


Answer not a man according to his folly.  In doing so, you fall into the same pit ... the same snare ... he is in.  Keep your speech of few words.  Be wise with your conversations.

Edify your mouth(s).  Let your language build up the hearer.  Refuse to entertain slander, gossip, angry quarrelling, and so forth.

Resist the enemy and he will flee.  SUBMIT TO ME. Submit your mouth to Me.  I WILL MAKE YOU GENTLE AS YOUNG LAMBS, AND OTHER TIMES;  BOLD AS LIONS.

I yearn to hear your praise to Me.  I listen and wait for your praise.  I know it is for your edification, your protection, and, mostly;  to draw you nearer to Me.


Pray, pray.  Speak, speak.  Speak to Me.  Pray to Me.  Let your prayer language flow unhindered by earthly diversions.  Your prayer closet is for you.  It is for you to know Me, to see Me as I am ... to realize I am your Friend.

Begin your life of praise and prayer AGAIN.  I will bless your effort.  I will reward you.  I will visit you with My presence.  This is My promise to you ... and to all My children."


MESSAGE "Not Alone"

~~~ from10/10/2002

"My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts... for as the heavens are high above the earth, so are My thoughts concerning you."  (paraphrase from Isaiah 55:8,9)


"My plans, My desires for you far exceed your own expectations.  I AM able to do exceeding, abundantly ABOVE all that you could (ever) ask or think!

Genuine faith demands a genuine God.  Don't believe the lies of all the false *gods* and the world's misconceptions.  Don't listen to your own mind .... for it will readily deceive you over and over.

Did I not say  to *cast down  ALL vain, useless imaginations* and thoughts?  Each thought that is not consitent with My Word and My character must be refused.  Block it from entering your mind. Fight (those) lying thought patterns with a NEW pattern:  THE PATTERN OF MY WORD WRITTEN IN YOUR HEART.

You are not alone in this venture.  My Holy Spirit is available to assist you at all times.  My Word is powerful:  USE IT!  Cleanse your mind regularly with My Word.  Purify your heart continually, with My promises to you."


video ~ "Background " - Lecrae (featuring C-Lite)

"I'm not that impressive...matter of fact, I'm who I are...A trail of stardust leading to the Superstar"

video~ "Better Than Drugs" - Skillet

The Holy Spirit can get you higher than any drug

February 20, 2013

video~ "For Those Who Wait" - Fireflight

You will be rewarded....even if its the hardest thing you've ever had to endure ... the waiting

"Never Be The Same " - Red

Once you KNOW Jesus is real and feel Him, you will NEVER be the same... (this song also can be for an earthly romance)

"Going Higher"

~~~ from a message heard on 9/29/2009 @ 6:20am

"The higher you go up, the narrower (the path) becomes.


Indeed it is a narrow walk;  a narrow path.  But it does lead upward, despite its difficulty.  The course set ahead is fraught with pain, difficulty, temptation, heartache, hardship, and injury.

Yet... yet ... yet, I will be with you (EVERY) step of the way.  You willl not walk alone.


When you slip and fall, I will hold you and catch you.  When you losde your footing, I will re-establish your steps.  When you lose your way in the night, I will go looking for you.  I am never far away.  I will hear your cries for help.

When you are wounded, I will bring relief.

When you are hungry, I will make provision.  I will send My ravens to feed you if need be.

As you continue in  your walk with Me, you will begin to recognize when I am walking with you.

You will sense My presence ... you will feel My power... ansd see Me in your spirit ... by your spiritual eyesight.  You shall (also) hear me by your ears of faith.  Sometimes you may breathe in My divine aromas.  And, you may sometimes feel My tangible (felt) closeness.

As you draw near to Me, I will draw (come close) to you.  No one need(s) (to) feel left out.  I am very inclusionary (inclusive, welcoming all).

Cast all your cares upon Me, for I care for you.  Give my your burdens, your worries, your fears ... give them to Me in prayer.

Surrender your pain to Me  (surrender = give up, relinquish)

Most of all, give Me your heart(s).  That is the most sacred part -- when sacrificed (as) unto Me ... when  set apart for Me... your LORD.  Commit your way(s) to Me and  I WILL direct your steps.."


February 19, 2013

video~ " I will Follow" - U2

I was on the outside when you said
You said you needed me
I was looking at myself
I was blind, I could not see

A boy tries hard to be a man
His mother takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oh why

If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway...I will follow

If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway...I will follow

I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window
I was lost, I am found

"What Is Love??"

~~~ {Message 'heard' in the spiritual, on 2/17/13....I could not sleep...I guess "SOMEONE" needed me to write something}

"What is love?  Do you know?  Do you care?  Have you got it?  Wish you did?

True love is idyllic, sublime.  It catapults (you) into the cosmos ... and brings you along on a wild ride!  It lifts you up ... up... up ... high! You feel high.  Yeah.


 True, deep love is extravagant.  Abundant in its lushness.  Complex at times, yet simple enough to accept.  This love is strong!  It endures all things.  It is patient ... and it is kind,  Love like this never fails.


Love of a different kind.  This love takes you places you've never been to.  It is (like) a wild horse!  A serene stallion.  A noble mare.  A royal ride. (royal mount)  It is a place of nobility ... of a high calling.


 This love is rare.  It is not easily found, nor sought after.  it is *beyond*  the norm ... beyond mundane.  It is high caliber ... extraordinary.  It is like a rare gem .... a jewel.


Those who persist and seek and wait .... will be near (to) true love.  They will be rewarded for their  *troubles* .  Many have desired this unknown factor ... this enigma of life.  Yet, few seek (it).  {This is sad.}


True love is a song.  A song of the heart.  A merry melody.  A driving chord.  An echoing chorus of sentiment.

Music to soothe the  *savage beast*.  Songs of the inner soul, the deep.  Songs to inspire beyond mediocrity.  Music of love is rarely forgotten.  Songs can etch feelings into the psyche.  Melodies, words, beats, bridges .... lyrical wonderment.  Yes, music.


Do you ever tremble when in love?  Have you ever felt this powerful emotion?  This power?  This surge?  This electricity? It is beyond description.

 Love is stronger than ANY drug, any intoxicant.  Love can overshadow ALL pain, ALL heart ache, ALL wounding, ALL past regret and rejection(s).  LOVE.


Love can be cryptic, mysterious, at times.  It is a divine mystery.  Hav you unlocked its door?  Do you have the key?  Are you at the door?  Can you hear the KNOCKING?


Dreams are inspired by love ... and love inspires dreams.  Love speaks in the night ... in dreams ... in songs ... in (the) atmosphere .  Love rides the winds .... sings through the night birds ... cradles you with its arms.  Love softens the hardest heart.  {sigh.}

Will you welcome this love?  (When it is finally found, finally recognized, finally known?) 

(Or) will you reject it?  Slam the door?  Run?

This love can be grieved. crushed, ruined.  It will be wilted, died-out, smothered, destroyed ... if not requited.  (Not accepted.)

This love is vulnerable.  It is open to (being) hurt.  It can be broken.  It is serious thing, this love.

When it hits, when it arrives ... you cannot deny it.  It is (so) strong ... so powerful ... unlike any other.  It is rich, it is very deep.  It runs deep, like a roaring, turbulent river.

It is full of life, of energy such as one has never known, felt or seen before.  It is vibrant, ecstatic, frenzied, alive, awake, fervent.  It is (much) to be desired.  It is as a rare gemstone, found in a mine.  Such is this wonder, this thing ... this love.


This love wants you.  It has sought you.  It has found you.  It is following you NOW.  It is alive, real, strong, most powerful;  yet gentle (and) unassuming.

It is honest, raw, fresh, new, wonder-full (full of wonder!), rich, excellent, many-layered, never-failing, compassionate, wild-yet-tamed, high-yet-grounded, merciful, gracious, protective, secure, humourous, intelligent, creative, knowledgeable...


....witty, generous, fun, loving-beyond-measure, adventurous, daring, heart-pounding, reasssuring, affirming, ever-patient, fragile-yet-firm, demonstrative, emotional, sympathetic...


merciful, wise, zealous, ardent,  royal-yet-humble.  Love is  *all of the above*.  {He smiles.}


Listen for My love.  Listen.  Quiet yourself before Me.


I am so close to you right  now.  I am the air that you breathe.  {Inhale}  Breathe Me in.  I am with you, always.  We are as one.  I in you and you in  Me.  Together ... forever ... we will be.  Eternally united.  Nothing shall seperate us.  This love is strong.  It will last.

This love is Me."

####### Message ended @ 4:31am  (Jesus Messiah/Holy Spirit...you are SO cool!! I love you forever!!!♥♥♥!♥♥♥♥)


"Sweet Vindication!"


{Message to many}


"You shall be vindicated in the courts of the Most High.  I will vindicate you.

I will defend you.  I am your mediator ... your advocate .  I will make things right.  You will be exonerated ... forgiven ... cleansed.  Your name and your reputation will be cleared ... you will be seen (and known) in a new light.


Right now I am working on your behalf.  I am giving you favor.  I am pleading your case.  I am your Defense.

I am causing things to turn in your direction.  You will soon see results ... a change.  Yes, a change is coming ... it is in the works!


Let Me be your counsel ... your sponsor ... your coach ... your *life coach*.  Let Me show you,... as you go.  I will be that certain, special *light* that brings illumination to your muddled darkness.  I will be the light for your path.  I will direct  your steps, as you follow Mine.  (follow His steps)


Great is My faithfulness. My mercies are new EVERY morning.  I delight in pouring out mercy and justice!

So ... expect a reward ... a *bonus* , if you will ... a stipend ... a blessing from Me.  I will pour out of My storehouse ... a mighty, timely blessing.  It will have My *stamp* upon it ... a mark of (My) authenticity !  Watch and see !  Wait and see !  Be happy, My children, with these gifts I am bestowing upon you!

(For) I am the Father of lights ... and I desire good things for My children, My *brood*.  I delight in your joy.

 Tender is the night.  I am in this sweetness. ... this tenderness.  I am your Father who loves ... who *adores* you ... each and every one of you !

I adore you !  Feel My love !  Bask in My love !  Luxuriate in My love !  Love, Love, Love ...that is your Reward !  (supreme, best reward)"


video~ "Keep Your Eyes Open" - NEEDTOBREATHE

Be aware... the devil comes as an 'angel of light'...his ministers are in churches...

February 14, 2013

"Not All Gifts Are Taken"

~~~ from a message heard 3/8/2009 @ 6:51am

"I am rending the heavens to release many gifts.  Look for them in various venues.

Gifts will be distributed as I please;  as I choose;  as I see fit.   (For MY ways are not your ways.)

Many will cherish these (gifts)... others will despise (them).  That is to be expected.  (For) not all are able to receive (from Me).


Regarding gifts...Not ordinary.  (EXTRA ordinary.)  Not expected.  Not usual;  but most (very) UNusual.  Such is the Master's plan. (At this time.)

Therefore....Receive, Receive, Receive.

Gladly accept what is given to you.  Those whose hearts are open will readily accept My gifts.  Others shall shun (them).  It is to be expected.

For there is nothing new under the sun.  (Same as it ever was!)

I know (the heart of) man.  I know how they operate:  how they think.  I see into motives.  I see the true colors residing inside.

No man can hide from Me.  I am everywhere;  at once.  I know thoughts before they are *thought*.  I know the intents of the heart.  I see intentions, plans, devices, tricks, lies, deceptions.  And I see truth.


Corruption breeds insecurity.  Sin *rests* on sinking sand.  (i.e.  There is no sure foundation with a life based on sinful practices.)

Contempt fuels distrust.


Man glorifies himself:  this is incorrect living.  Human foolishnesss is futile.  They (humans) must look to their Maker for lasting wisdom, security, peace, hope, love, help, and comfort."

####### ending @ 7:04am


"Your God Might Say This"

~~~ adapted from an early message from June 11, 1995 "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but (a spirit) of power, and of love, and of a sound mind! The fear of man is a snare (a trap). God will help you ... (so) do not fear what man will do to you! God is with you: each of you ... to the end! He will hold your right hand, and say *Fear not, for I am with you ... to prosper you, to comfort you, to strengthen you ...* for His glory; for His purposes. God's love casts out all fear. (His love removes all fear!!) If you love Jesus (God), you will trust and cleave (cling to, hold onto closely)unto Him ... and you will dare to believe Him in all situations! God will lead you into all truth by His Holy Spirit! Remember, it is by His Spirit that you know Jesus ... (and) that His Word is made real to you! Do not be afraid of man, for what is man? The world will not be able to (really) hurt you, as long as you are in God's care. Be strong and of (a) good courage ... for God will be with you ... wherever you go! Keep your mind, your eyes, your thoughts-- on God ... and He will keep you in perfect peace! He has not forgotten you; He has graven you on the palms of His hands. God will perfect (make right, complete) that which concerns you. He will contend (fight, do battle against) with those who contend with you. *** God will show you great and mighty things, (of) which you know not. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has (the) mind conceived... the things which God has prepared for those that love Him! *** Remember, ALL things work together for good, for those that are called: for those that love God ... that love Jesus. God desires a pure heart: one totally devoted to Him... (A heart) not given to their idols, (or) to other gods, (or) other loves, (or) other things that consume your ligfe. God's commands, (and) His ways are not too difficult ...(they) are not too hard for you. His yoke is not heavy ... it is not unbearable. Seek Jesus in all your ways ... in every conflict that arises. You (must all) remember (that) Jesus Christ is the Rock of your lives. Jesus is forever!" Scripture Ephesians 3:20a "He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think..."

"Rubies, Diamonds ,Gold & George Noory"

  ~~~8/2/2007 First part of message is directed to Radio host George Noory,  of  Coast To Coast AM radio...(The widely popular program deals with supernatural, paranormal, UFOs, ghosts, end times, prophecies, etc)


"George is a good man.  He has much of My love in him.  He is learning of Me and of My reality;  of My omnipotence.  Love takes time.  I am very patient and I will continue to work in George's life.  He must seek Me as I am... and I WILL be found.

I shed light on the darkness.  My love is light.  My wisdom, My knowledge, my power:  are all aspects of My divine light. 


I am purposing to reveal myself to George  -  in ways he could never surmise -- never imagine could be.  I am going to *knock his socks off*!  He will see Me and then will know Me, when I am in My glory.

As a seeker of truth, George will *stumble* upon Me sooner or later, for I AM truth.  (I am the way, the life and the TRUTH... and NO man comes to the Father, but (except) by Me.)

Soon, the world will see Me as I am.  They will look upon My resurrected, incorruptible body.  They will see Me returning in My clouds, coming in the skies.  All who await My return will be expectantly eager and zealous to see Me.  (And, I to them, as well.)

The world (system) will attempt to discredit Me and to make Me into one of their fables... into their erroneous excuses and coverups.


Magic.  Mystery.  (the) supernatural.  Intrique.  Ancient wisdom.  Unparalleled knowledge.  Indescribable love, joy, and peace.  Power to subdue demons and to interrupt (the paths of) disease.

 All these are attributes of the Risen Saviour:  Jesus Christ / Yeshua / Messiah ... the Living Son of God ... the Most High.

But ... He is MORE than magic.  Remember Moses OUTDID the magicians... and Paul (apostle) shut down the fortune teller(s).

When My church (i. e. My people):  the true believers, will realize their power in Me, THEN the action begins.  As I was with Moses, so I will be with my devoted ones.

Strike the rock.  Waters flow.  Hit the waters with the mantle.  They seperate, and dry land appears.


I send rubies, crystals, diamonds, sapphires, gold.  I am *into* signs ... spectacle ... wonders ... amazement ... astonishment.  I like to surprise.


I stamp on demons... and those with MY power do the same.  (They must be endued with My enabling opower to do these things.  Hence, the anointing.  I speak of My anointing ... My enabling  power and glorious presence.)


It is wrong to *sugar coat* My gospel.   It is wrong to *water it down*.

My Word stands.  It stands on its own:  Holy, ancient, honorable, anointed power.

What I said I will do, I will do.  I am NOT a man, NOT a human.  I do not lie.  My Word is true.  I AM truth.

Many shall see and hear of My *doings* ... of My exploits ... of My Glory.  (Tanglible, visible glory.)  Wait for it.  Watch for it.

Watch and pray and seek and listen... you will be rewarded.  I am a rewarder of all who seek Me ...  so look for Me with ALL your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Seek Me and I will reveal Myself."

---From The Father


February 11, 2013

video~ A Prophetic Message for Today

I cried through this entire message...it rings so true to me...and I thank You Jesus my Messiah...You are so cool and I love You♥♥♥...I pray it also speaks to you... very deeply

February 10, 2013

February 9, 2013

video~ "Quiet you with My Love" -- Rebecca St. James

Come to Me, all who are weary
And I will give you rest
Come to Me, all who are weary
And I will give you rest

Lay your head down on My shoulders
Be still my child, rest a while

I'll quiet you with My love
Rejoice over you with My song
I'll quiet you with My love
Rejoice over you with My song

Come to Me, all who are weary
And take My yoke upon you
Come to Me, all who are weary
My burden is easy and light

Lay your head down on My shoulders
Be still my child, rest a while

"Give Me Strength"

Last updated: Today at 5:25 am

~~~ message heard @ 1:52am on 2/9/13

"I will strengthen you. I will heal you. I will deliver you. All things in due time...in My time. My time is not your time. We operate on different time schedules...different dimensions... different compendiums.(?)


Let not your heart be troubled, oh you with little faith. Fear not...fear not...for I have all things under My feet. I have told you to rest in My everlasting arms. I will console you...and rescue you. I am not so far that I cannot hear . My ears are ever open....I hear the cries of the afflicted ones... the orphans... the sick...the wounded...the lost...the lonely hearts. I am near to the brokenhearted.

I have told you to "come to Me and I will give your rest". That holds true more than once....Come often to My resting place...lean your head, as-it-were, upon My shoulder.

Rest. Rest awhile. Be at peace..be still. Listen. Ponder. Muse. Search. Seek. Knock. Look for Me when you are ready...I am near to you.

My Word is as a fire....a flame...a burning torch, amidst the darkened hollows. I am like a laser beam, shooting through dimensions. I am the mighty God...the Most High....the conquering Lion. I take on many forms....(have) many names...accomplish many jobs. I am able to do exceeding great and mighty things...things of which you know nothing (about). Trust your Heavenly Father for the *details*...for it is He that controls the stars, the seas, the earth, the planets. the galaxy..and beyond.


I raise a banner over you, My child, My children. I sing over you...I surround you with songs of deliverance. I am like your bodyguard, at times. You may not ever perceive My presence in your life...but I am there, none-the-less. I stand near to you.


Don't stop doing good...being a light in the darkness. Let your light shine, so that otheres cabn see it.

Realize WHO your Father really is. Once you begin to comprehend who He is,,.. you will be amazed, astounded. He is a *big guy*... the CEO of all CEOS.


So, remember that the *joy* of the Lord is your strength. Let My Spirit touch you, influence you. He is awesome.........supernatural at times. {?}

Let Me be your Saviour. I am right here, right now."

####### message ending @2:12am


compendium = a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work

video~ "Alive" - Adelita's Way

Jesus my Messiah...YOU make me feel alive...EVERY DAY !!! (also is a romantic love song♥)

video~ "Hold Me Now" - RED

My dear Lord...my God above...hold me now

February 6, 2013

"Don't Presume My Presence"

~~ from a message heard on 4/24/2009 @ 4:27am

"You invite Me in, but then you shut the door.  You invite Me into your homes;  your churches.... but then you slam the door in My face. You call for Me, cry to Me, beg Me to visit ... to "show up".   You weep and *travail* and quote My words.  You (try to) command My angels;  to get Me to *come on over* to your festivities.

You have meetings upon meetings ... to *seek* Me.  You have endless  (ad nauseum) conferences ...to somehow *find Me* and *My glory*.  You boast of being right *smack dab* in *My glory realm*.  You whine, complain, murmur.... when I don't *perform* as expected.

You, the modern church of sign seekers, desire the *oohs and ahhs*.  You want a nice show.  A comedy perhaps.  You need drama, excitement, and (some) *magic*!  You are so------open to anything --ANYTHING--spiritual, that you eat anything put before you.  (Your *diet* is bad.)


Stumbling blocks come in many forms . Religion is one such *block*, or hindrance, to finding Me. Another is seeking the sensational, at any cost.  Many have been led astray by following these *entertaining avenues*.

One way is not better than another in this case.  Religion kills the SPIRIT...  whereas hyperspiritualism actually taints MY SPIRIT.

The law shows the need for My grace, for My forgiveness, for My life to come into yours.  MY SPIRIT will *invade* your space... He will literally *displace* the *old man* with His laws.

Yet, the basic tenet of  the law remains.  My love is the controller of all My laws.  To love your God is the main law in My kingdom.  The next is to love your neighbor, as you love yourselves.  In doing such (as these), you will fulfill all the other *laws* accordingly.


Back to the *doors* ... when you call for Me to inhabit your praises, you must then *allow* Me to remain!  I am more than a passing visitor.

My presence is not one of transience.  I wish to remain ... to dwell among you.  Yet, I DO come and go as the wind.  I go as I please ... and as I am welcomed. 

I am often (rudely) invited to your gatherings ... then I am -- hatefully, ignorantly, fearfully -- ignored. (!)  This is a grievance unto Me.

Why trouble the waters, if you refuse to swim, or even dive in?

Why call upon Me, if you pray without faith?  Faith without works is dead.  The letter kills, but the SPIRIT gives life.  The law restricts, but the SPIRIT pervades (the) environment.


The SPIRIT of God can go where the law cannot. The New Covenant is indelibly imprinted, with My SPIRIT.  Where the SPIRIT of the LORD is, there is liberty, freedom.

My SPIRIT brings release.  Relief.  Truth. Conviction.  Correction.  He breaks the *yokes of bondage*!  He breaks the yokes apart !  He sets the captives free, in Jesus' name !  Whom the Son has set free, is free INDEED!


So, I ask you --- all of you--- why do you quench My SPIRIT when He arrives?  Do not bid Me if you will not entertain (welcome) Me.

Do not call for Me if you don't want Me to speak to you.,  Don't talk of Me, as if you know Me, whern you only know *of* Me.  Don't presume My presence.  Don't lie.  Don't exaggerate.  Don't pretend.  Don't be a deceiver.  Refuse deception.

Guard your hearts and your minds.  Let My WORD be preached without restraint.  Let My full, rich WORD be spoken boldly in the sanctuaries, in the assemblies, on the airwaves.  Let My WORD entrench your music, your songs, your art, your very existance.  Let My WORD dwell in you richly.

Let My SPIRIT animate, *quicken* -- (or) make alive -- My WORD(s).

As you allow My truth to come forth, in it's purest form, it will (then) germinate (grow).

Stay in the Truth. Stay in the Light.  Stay in the Holiness of Yeshua the Christ.  Stay in the parameters of MY WORD and within the love and righteousness of My nature.  My HOLY SPIRIT *WILL* lead you into all truth.

He will (also) comfort you ... and He will show you (of) things to come.


He will bring to (your) mind the WORDS I have spoken.Let My WORD have it's rightful place in your lives.  Let My SPIRIT quicken you.  Let Me be your King.  Let Me in when I knock."

####### messaage ending @ 4:55am....



February 4, 2013

"Great Little Things"

~~ 5:44am

"Do not despise small things...small starts, small beginnings. ...For, you see... I may be in those *small* things.... those  small events (happenings).  I am over great....and  I am over (the) small. 


The seemingly "smallest" things can turn out to have significance .


A quiet whisper can be the initiating mark for Me... as can be a word, spoken in a timely manner. One word...one phrase...one word of knowledge...can have far-reaching benefits! I can cause a small amount of money to become a mass of wealth.


If you cannot understand this message....it is *okay*.  I will open your understanding if you so desire.....just ask (of) Me.  I can do far beyond your learned faith.  I can do many more things that you have ever imagined!

I listen to every one of your whispers ...to every sigh...every cry....every utterance of pain or fear.  I comfort as I hear...I am never far away (from you).


 My train will soon be approaching. It will sound its whistle shortly...in advance of My coming. I will warn...I will shout... I will cry for more souls to come (up) with me..up into My Heavenly estate.

I have gone (many years ago)...to prepare a place for you.  I still am in the works for those (mansions/estates,etc.)

Wonder not if I love you...for you know that I do...and I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU ! My child, My dear child and My sweet, sweet children.... go forth now ... into your day... into your night....into your day's events and happenings.  I will be near to each of you.... watch for My signs... the clues to My presence.  It is different for each of you...none-the-less, I am very close and well-acquainted with each of you.


If I am in your heart....then your heart will be led by Me. I will relate to you as a loving Father... a very concerned Parent.  {I know this is extremely difficult for so many to comprehend... but it is the Truth...I am your very loving and very compassionate father.  I stand the test of time(s).}


[re Jesus }

I have laid down My life for you. My life for yours.  I gave a loving ransom  ...a Price paid. I can destroy ALL the works ... the evil work is... of the devil in your life.

Come to Me...come to Me with your cares ...  your worries....your problems. .. as well as your joys, and other good things !

I listen to all your heart...all your emotions.... every word spoken. I do not ignore (you)...neither do I forcefully control (you).  I want you to want Me... for Me alone.  I am the One who saves ...who heal s... who redeems your life from total  destruction(s).

Honor Me.  Respect Me.  Love Me.

 The greatest of these is Love."


 Finished message @ 6:03am...February 4, 2013


video~ San Jose Power and Miracles, Part 2

video~ San Jose Power and Miracles, Part 1

in Him was life

in Him was life