December 25, 2012

"Someday" Part 3


"So, how then, can good come from evil?

That is a *God thing*.  It is His *forte*...His specialty...His Holy way.  He can turn evil to good.  He can take what the enemy does and turn it around for His own good purposes.

To them that believe, ALL things (do) work together for good.  The Father of  lights can turn the darkness into light.  It is His way, His doing.  In time, if it is to be known, He shall show all.  You will see.  If it is not to be revealed to us (humans), then it is His *secret* thing.

The secret things belong to God.  He has many mysteries, unknown, ever; to us.  He is past finding out:  His wisdom, His majesty, His prowess (power) is inexhaustible (infinite, continues and goes on forever).  He is GOD.  We are not. We must learn to give (over) to Him all our fear.  What time you are afraid, trust in Him.


The good will come, yes, it will happen.  The good is from above.  God is good.  His ways are perfect, His wisdom infinite and all-encompassing.  He rules the Heavens,, the skies, the galaxies, the universe...He has set it all in motion.  The grand Creation is His doing.  It is His.  We are His, if we want to be."

He delights in us, in His making.  We are His...He loves us, as we come to Him.  He exalts us, lifts us up above our we humble ourselves before Him.  He is our king...our grand king...all-powerful, all-mighty.

Put your blind trust in Him.  Where else can you go with all the deep questions?  Who else can give you lasting peace?  To whom will you turn to, if not the King of kings?

He is your Father...He sees you.  He sees and He loves.  He redeems, turning death into life.

The dead shall rise again.  Are you with the King?  Will you rise with Him in the eternal glory?"

####### End of message, heard in Spirit on Saturday 12/ 22 and Sunday, 12/23, 2012 

You're Here- Francesca Battistelli (with lyrics)

"Someday" Part 2


"There is help to change, even for the worst offenders.  If a man ( or woman) is truly repentant (wants to change), then I will begin a new work in them.  I will start a new life.  The old becomes new.  Isaiah 1:18a  "If your sins are as scarlet, I will make them as white as snow."  No one is *too far gone* for Me to redeem.


I can save -  still save - on the death bed.  At the last breath.  On death row.  In prison.  On the street.  In the home.  In your bedroom.  Even while inebriated, I can (still) hear the heart.  I can hear the call:  the cry to Me.


I am near to the broken...(to) the brokenhearted.  The corrupt, the hardened hearts, the jaded, the atheist, the angry, the hurt, the lonely, the lost, the alone ones, the widowed, the divorced, the empty souls.

I am close by to the forgotten, the neglected, the stifled, the unheard, the voiceless ones.


I am with you.  I am in your midst as you struggle to go on. I am very near to the suicidal, the deeply troubled, the severely depressed, the hollow outcast, the forlorn, the forsaken.

I am listening to you.  I hear your angry shouts, your screams of rages, your tears of grief.  I am with the *loner*.  I am with the ones who *fall between the cracks*:  the ones society ignores.

I see the reasons (that) you have hatred in your heart. I see *why* you feel so isolated, so upset, so stressed with (your) life.  I see within the outer shell:  deep into your mind, your psyche, your inner soul.



Deliverance.  I am able to help you.  I can deliver you:  set you free from torment.  "Let God arise and His enemies be scattered."

I, your God, will save you...will help you...will comfort you come to Me.

My anointing (My power) can break the darkest chains.  My anointing *breaks yokes* of bondages.  There is power in My Name.:  the Name of Jesus.  It is the name above all other names.  At the name of Jesus, all will someday fall before Me.  EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY toingue shall confess Me as The LORD.


I promise (a) new life now:  here, today, tonight...on this this lifespan.  *you* can have new life:  you can be *born again*....born anew...born of MY SPIRIT.

You will love I first love you.  I am (as) the WIND, I will find you. My love casts (removes) out all fear.  The more of My love you experience, the less fear will have a hold on you.  This is My process:  it is a progressive thing...a *work-in-progress*...from glory-to-glory!

So will there be peace on the earth, ever?  Yes and no.  There will be *pockets* of peace:  times and seasons of peacetime.

But, in general terms, there will be no lasting peace on this earth as it is now.  Men (people) will continue to war against each other:  nation against nation.

Greed, control, lust for power...cause war.  Men will never *get along* and live as I planned.  I created human beings many eons ago and placed them in a suitable habitat.  This place was a place of wonder, of awe, of great abundance and of joy.  It was secure.  Everything needful was available.  it was Paradise. and woman had their freedom.  They chose.  They listened to Satan, the great deceiver.  He tempts, allures, lies, tricks, entraps, destroys, kills.

They *fell* for the great lie.  They believed a satanic lie.  Now their world became one of hardship, of sinning, of disease, of death.  They were now seperated from their loving Fatrhter...the One who had walked with them in the Gardens.


Now. Today.  How do we live?  How can we find this loving Father again?  He says to:  "Believe that He is..." and He is a "rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him".

He hears the slightest whisper.  He will find you, if you want Him to."


{Writer's note:

I truly believe God is merciful, despite tragedy, violence, death, etc.  I think that when an innocent dies, God  supernatually removes their spirit from their body:  instantly ...BEFORE they can even feel a thing. This would be  all children, all babies, all innocents.  This would mean all aborted baby fetuses, all miscarriages, all still-births, all infant deaths.  They immediately go up into Heaven...into complete love, peace, safety, happiness...into arms of love.

I also believe this for animals (and humans!) that are cruelly maimed, tortured, those in inhumane medical experiments, and every animal  slaughtered and hunted down..

This would most hopefully apply to all innocent humans who are murdered, martyed, shot down, tortured unmercifully, etc.  This is probably why early Christian martyrs were seen with peaceful, happy  smiles on their faces as they were burned alive at the stake.

Any child (so) viciously murdered is now in a state of perfect eternity...with their Heavenly Father and many loved ones.  They are probably running and  playing with animals... and very, very, secure forever and made whole. They will run excitedly into their parent's arms when they reunite one day. God is love and He has tender mercies, despite what wicked, depraved minds can do.

They may kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul, the spirit.}

in Him was life

in Him was life