December 24, 2012

"Someday...Evil Will Go" Part 1


"Good will come.  Evil will not always triumph.  The turmoil of the world will not always be.  Peace shall come.


Fear not those who can kill your body  But rather fear (respect) the One who can send both spirit and body into eternity without Hi...into perditon (hell).

My Son (Jesus) came to the world to save it, (to) redeem it  and (to) love it.  He came to destroy (end) the works of the Devil. 

His (Jesus') power overshadows all others.  His name is above all names.  He is unmatched, unrivaled.  He is (the) Most High:  the Highest, strongest power.


Listen to your conscience.  That is Me.  I speak into your spirit.  I write my law(s) upon (into) your hearts.  Your *heart* contains the conscience:  the method of knowing right or wrong.

When I come into a life, I soften the heart.  I bring My Spirit into yours.  We become one.  I (then) begin to reveal Myself to you.  I and My Son will manifest unto those who love Us... (and) those who obey Us out of love.

Love and discipleship are voluntary.  It is (your) free will.  It is your choice.  We do not force Our will upon any soul.


Some have not the Spirit.  Some are scarred, scared.  Their conscience has been burnt:  seared over as with a hot iron.  Their senses are dulled, their *morals* are non-existant.  They wander in the dark mists of life:  teetering between "Heaven's glory and Hell's dearth (emptiness).  They are (as) in a spiritual *limbo*.  They are being pulled to-and-fro by the forces in their lives.


 It is a spitirual tug-of-war.  Light vs. Dark.  Good vs. Evil.  God vs. Satan (Devil).  Life vs. Death.

The battle rages on.  In some this war is totalling consuming.  It devours their very soul.

The depth of depravity reaches  a level not known to most.  What was once *taboo* or forbidden, now becomes *okay* or acceptable. There is *stop* light.  No red light.  Their is no ending to (their) evil.  This includes demonic facors.  There is an entire unseen *network* of spiritual FORCES (actual spirits) that work to destroy certain individuals.

Some (people) are *marked*, others are *cursed*.  Some choose and revel (delight) in such evilness.  Some are involved by force, NOT by choice.  Some are in it by accident, or by environment.

Whatever the cause(s) may be, the evil exists.  It is growing stronger, it appears.  Evil men will grow worse and worse.


Despair.  Utter hopelessnness.  Chaos.  Pandemonium.  Terror. Murder.  Death.  Peril (Danger).  Is  it  inevitable for us:  those upon the earth today?  Is violence now our way of life?


I admonish (warn) you to get MY HOLY SPIRIT within you.  Do not allow the evil of Satan to control you.  Just call upon Me and I will answer you.  Humble yourself before Me  and I will lift you up..  I will fill you with My SPIRIT.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.  If you seek Me, you will find Me.. Come near to Me and I will come near to you.  I am able to save (rescue) to the uttermost (the worst sinner) those that come to Me.  And I will not cast you away!"


Amy Grant Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) - The Nativity Story

Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant / Lyrics (Mary's Song)

in Him was life

in Him was life