November 16, 2012

Whitehorse -- Earthsuit

Jesus riding on a white horse

"He Rides the Winds"


"And this is the song that I sing.  It is a song of freedom, of life, of Spirit. A song of love, of devotion, of praise...yes, a song of faith. This music is for raising the dead!  I am the Resurrection and the one comes to the Father, but by Me.  You have heard this is true. It is My song.


Welcome your heart to Me...and I will advance to you. I will rest upon (the) hungry...the hungry, starved souls. I am food...I am the Bread...the bread of life. And I am the drink...the spiritual Drink...the water..the water of Life. I will refresh and I will sustain. I will bring energy and I will offer strength. Power and might, love and peace.  Mighty am I...and mighty shall you you come unto Me.

Let not your heart be troubled. Fear not. Don't let fear control. Avoid dread. Drown out the fearful thought-life. Deny fear a place in your heart! Ignore its threats! Shut out the fearful taunts and forebodings!


Yes, I will advance My many diverse ways. I am not confined to a set methodry...nor a certain rule or regulation of religion. I am not an unmoveable rock...I am a fluctuating, pulsating,  (-pause- )  ...mass of life-force! I am power from on high!  Have you found Me yet?

Have you felt My presence? My personage? My power? My Spirit manifested?

Have you known Me? Truly known who I am? Have you (just) heard *of* Me, and not truly experienced My reality?

Shut out all voices, all opinions, all ideas, all depictions of Me...(of God, of Jesus, of Holy Spirit.) Let Me show you who I am. I am not a man...I am not a wispy ghost.. I am not a formless blob...neither am I an icon or a dead stature. I am not a dead *saint*...and I am not a cartoon character!


See Me as I I am in your life. I am the everlasting One...the King upon the throne...the Heavenly throne. I ride upon ten thousands of chariots across the skies...upon the Clouding (clouds)...upon the Winds. I ride the winds. I send forth My lightnings...My thunderings...My storms...My rainbow. I see every creature, big and small, upon the earth, beneath the surface, and out amongst the vastness of universe.

You many wonder *why* these writings are given...? They are expressions of My love for YOU...for each of you matters to Me...I know and see every one of you reading this.

My ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts (as) yours. I am above, you are below. One day, we will meet together in the clouds...and forever we will be together.  This will be ecstasy....certain enrapturement...grandest of joys! I await that time...and expect you to be with Me for evermore.


So...enter into My realm...My spiritual world...for it is one of much difference from the carnal world. It is a different plateau.....a new dimension...a life above the fleshly (one).

Seek Me and live! I am waiting...praying...interceding....for each and every one of you! I will plead wiht all flesh...until I cannot plead any longer. I will continue to call out to the farthest corners of the earth....crying out. I call for you to come into My ...(-pause-)....come into My temple...My spiritual place set apart for is a secret place... a place just for Me...and you. It is a REAL place. You will know it when you have found it!


Few will understand this new life..this new journey. They cannot perceive it, for it is spiritual. The natural (earthly) person cannot possibly begin to fathom the workings of the invisible...the spirit life. It is not possible...unless your spirit has been changed.

This change occurs when you are *born from above*...born of My Spirit. My Holy Spirit actually comes into your spirit, and *displaces* the old, carnal spirit. The old is gone, the new has come! Newness of life! A brand new spirit!

When you are born *anew*(born again, they say) is a new adventure...a tme of adventure.....a trek into new territory!


Yet this new life has its difficulties, to be sure. There is an enemy of your soul that prowls about. He is like a lurking lion, ready to attack. He is an evil creature, an evil angel. He is Satan, and he hates Me! He also will hate you, as you begin to follow Me.

Darkness is repelled by light. Evil hates good. Satan hates God. This is a basic tenet (teaching) of life upon earth.

It may be mocked. (the teaching) You may be mocked. You will face persecution in various forms, as you become My disciple (follower).  The way may be very narrow at times.  You may feel all alone ...and wonder where I am. You may feel confused, forsaken, lonely.  These are common to all My followers.


I may come to you as a gentle wind, or a raging cyclone. I may be seen in the face of a baby or an elderly man. I may appear as a vagrant on the sidewalk, or as a nurse in a hospital. I will make Myself known to you.  Perhaps you have sensed My nearness?

My Angels are also in your atmosphere. They come and go , from My vicinities...into your zones. They travel and do My bidding. They help, they rescue...they encourage. Sometimes they bring My healing powers into the world below. I may use One such messenger to deliver a warning...or to *stir up the waters* for a time of Healing.


Beware of the evil one...for he employs an angelic host of satanic nobility. His minions (evil armies) are fierce, haughty, grim and reckless. They will bring much ruination, if able to permeate the sky lines. They will destroy, for that is their goal. They are NOT your friends.  You will be amazed at their workings, but do not be entrapped. I warn this to my church world-wide...My believers all across the lands.  Beware...and turn to Me...turn back to Me, no matter where you are, or how deep you are in the darkness!


Fools mock sin. Fools mock Me..and they will mock you. They know not any other way! Their dismal hearts allow no light. They are in darkness, in blackness of spirit. The unenlightened do not know the way of the Cross. They are uninformed of its Power.

Do not be proud, oh soldier of the cross! Do not boast in your own doings! Do not prop yourselves up. Do not lean on your own understanding. The proud ones will fall. The haughty, the arrogant ones, will be the fallen ones.

Desperation can be good. When you are at your last resort, THEN you are close to the Kingdom! Again, I say to you, "Let not your hearts be troubled."  Believe in Me...believe ON Me, says the Lord...the mighty, irrepressible, evervescent, omnipresent Lord of Hosts...Lord of Angels...Lord of the lowly...Lord of the humble ones...Lord of ALL who come to Him."

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"Mud or Gold?"

~~~(From 1/17/10)

"Do you want mud or gold? Mud is on the surface...the gold is underneath. You can roll in the mud anytime, but you have to dig and search for the gold.

Mud, dirt, soil. It is common; it is easily accessed (gotten). Mud is even tracks in with your shoes (footwear). To find gold, however, takes much more effort. It is rare.

You need to search out the gold. The precious is hidden fom the common. The costly is seperate from the mundane. One has to dig deep into the earth to see gold veins. This ore is difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is much desired: highly priced and desired worldwide.


On the other hand, mud is mud. It is dirty. It is common to all areas. It is of little monetary value. It is over the entire earth's surface. Dirt is 'dirt cheap'. Not many are clamoring for mud these days.


So, what will you seek? Mud...or gold? Will you be content with the mundane, the usual, the common, the abundant dirt under your feet? Will you value the dirt that you sweep up off the floor? Is it not fit for the trash can?

Compare the soil, the sand, the dirt of the gold, to precious gems, to rare commodities. They are very, very different.

So which would you choose to obtain? Plenteous dirt... or rarefied gold? You may continue to wallow in the mud, or you can begin a journey of gold digging. (Searching for riches beyond the usual everyday elements.)

The 'riches' spoken of here are analogous to the *riches* of the kingdom of God. And, the *riches* of His constant love. (God's love for us.) And, the *riches* of His favor. And, His saving power...His undeniable sovereignity...His grace and mercy...His truth...His supreme power and authority...HIS SPIRIT...rarer than any earth-bound gold!

The King of kings (Jesus) holds ALL gold and earthly treasures in His hand. He is the ultimate *treasurer* in the supernatural realm.

He will show you where the *gold* is hidden. He will show you hidden treasures of darkness that are yet to be revealed. (Darkness here implies 'secret', as in secret riches.)


God's riches are not as our earthly treasures. His wisdom is the best, most valuable; treasure. It is (to be) valued above rubies, or diamonds...or gold. The wisdom of the Almighty is without price: it is priceless: of utmost value (unmeasurable).

Swine roll about in their muddy sties. They love to wallow about in the dirty material (substance).

The precious gold (as well as the 'pearl of great price') are not as freely found. There is work involved...and much of a search also is (often) necessary. But, the reward is great for those who persist and continue in their quest for the true gold...for the truth...for the real Kingdom of God.

Don't give up your search. It is an adventure; often perilous, often wearying. You will be a *marked man* when you obtain any gold, for it is coveted by all. Thieves will be a constant threat, yet they 'back off' when they see Me or My Men (angels).

If you follow Me, I will help you to keep your treasure safe...and you will trust Me more and more, as you see how I continue My relationship with you.

~~I am the Gold.~~"

mundane = ordinary, of the world, commonplace
clamoring = making a loud demand
commodities = anything bought or sold
rarefied = more rare, scarcer
wallow = flounder, roll about in
analogous = similar
earth-bound = firmly fixed in the earth
wearying = tiring
perilous = risky, dangerous

"Again, the kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had, and bought it." -- Matthew 13:45,46

"For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.' -- Proverbs 8:11

"Riches and honor are with Me; yea, durable (lasting) riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and My revenue than choice silver." --Proverbs 8:18,19

(Originally received on January 17, 2010)

in Him was life

in Him was life