September 10, 2012

"Where Are You?"


"Where are you? you ask, you cry.

Where is God? Where is He? Is He dead? Is He even real? Where is He anyway? I can't see Him. He must be fake. A big fake. A joke...yes, a cruel joke put upon mankind.

'There is no God', many say. If God was real, he surely would have helped us by now,...He surely would have healed me...He wouldn't let anyone suffer...He is just a myth.....a story told to children. God? Phfft!

Some hate God. They hate what they know about God. They despise His followers...the religious crowd. God=hatred to them. God=stupidity they think. God=ignorance, etc. "God" is a non-event to many. There is NO GOD!!

Many have given up entirely on God. He is not in their thoughts, not in their lives. He just doesn't matter, since He doesn't (even) exist. He is a big joke...a laughing point...a by-word...and, a huge 'cuss' word.


Millions use God's name(s) in vain (by swearing, cursing, cussing)...every day, many times per day. It is an integral part of their vocabulary. G-- D--- It! is a favourate. Also, *Jesus* is a common swear word, heard constantly. Society accepts this, without concern.


Many people are hurt and blame God. They don't really hate Him, but their pain is so traumatic, they need to put God to the blame. They figure IF a "God" is so powerful, (then) why would He let all this misery and destruction happen on the earth? to them? to their children? and (to) their family?


What the basic human being doesn't realize is (that) there is a spiritual aspect to this life. There is good and (there) is evil. The evil comes from many sources: self, sin, Satan, environment, upbringing, world conditions, history, human nature, accidental happenings, curses, family problems, world unrest, unseen diabolical forces, etc, etc, etc. Many are the causes and roots of "bad luck". Bad things DO happen to "good" people. The bad falls on the good, as well as the bad.

Some negative factors we cannot escape...(since) the rain falls on the just and the unjust. God is still the ultimate overseer...He also pours (His) mercy on the bad and good.


Some things are beyond human comprehension, past our understanding. Other things are not for us to know...not yet. We must wait for (our) answers. We ALL have questions. It is normal and natural to ask God questions. We can "pour out our complaint" to Him, the Bible says.

Whether you or I believe He (even) exists, we all can call upon Him. He is "no respector of persons"....He has no favorates...He loves ALL equally.


As we come near to Him, draw close to Him...He promises to draw near to us in return. He says He will not cast out anyone who comes to Him...who seeks Him... and (who) calls on Him with a true heart.

He may reveal himself in many ways...that is up to Him. He KNOWS how you feel, WHy you feel, and WHEN you feel. HE gave you your emotions, your feelings.

When you hurt, He knows. When you cry, He hears. When you are scared, He longs to comfort. He is near to all who call upon Him. He is near to the broken hearted.


Some say "Where is He?"...He said he would return... and rescue mankind. They laugh and mock at any who dare to believe (in) Him. To some, Jesus and God are just figments of an ancient imagination. They call Jesus an "imaginary friend".

So how could anyone actually believe (in) an invisible being? an unseen Spirit?

If He is could you know He is real? Do you just pretend, and 'play along'? just sing the sappy songs, clap, smile, and fill a pew in a church somewhere? Do all the religions just 'fake it'? are they all truly 'insane'? Wacky weirdos? Flaky fakers?

Are the churches filled with mean-spirited jerks? racists? criminals? mental patients? freaks? backwards 'red necks'?

Or...are the religious people led astray? Are they deceived by (all) the various denominations, sects, cults, teachings, variations of the Gospel, etc? Who is right and who is in error? Are they ALL off-the-beam? Is this confusion at its finest, or what?


God sees it all. It is nothing new. He knew humans would 'mess it up'. (laugh) He is not shocked nor surprised. He knows human nature. He knows all about the human heart. He sees the base instincts...the wickedness, the depravity...the selfishness...the murder...the greed...the perverseness...the hatred...the evil manifested so vividly throughout the history of His creation.

God is not shocked, but He is hurt. Yes, He hurts. He is grieved. He sees it all...and (He) is wounded by what He sees before him. He hears the screams, the whimpers, the stifled gasps. He feels the pain of the lost...the afflicted...the brutally oppressed..the forgotten and ailing. He empathizes with the sick, the one in anquish, the one in terror and fright.


Jesus. Jesus was despised when He was on the earth. He was rejected. Rejected. Abandoned by all. All His followerds forsook Him...they left Him alone. They stole from Him...they betrayed Him...they gossipped about Him...(and) they eventually killed Him. He knows sorrow...He is well acqainted with grief. He feels our pains and sees our tears.

He stores up our tears in His bottles...our prayers are fragrant to (an) incense. He keeps notes about our lives...His angels record - as He wills - as He asks them to. He is keenly aware and observant of the earth's suffering(s).


So...where is He, you ask? HELP! you cry out over and over, seemingly with no reply, no answer. You may give up and turn on feel ignored by the One who can help.

*******(Note: new speaker here)

Listen...all who cry to Me...I am near to you...I am not willing that any should perish...I am your healer....I am a God who sees afar off, as well as right now. I am with you.

Many need to *press in* to Me, says the Lord. I can be found.

I have been set away...due to ignorance, tradition, unbelief, and spirtiual interference. I am a God that has been hindered in My ways, due to love of man's ways. I cannot do many miracle or healings where there is not belief.

Next, is love. Faith works by love. The wrath (anger) of man does NOT work in My kinfgdom! I am not going to honor hatred in My name. I will not be found among hate, unbelief, control, or doctrines of demons. I and My enemy are not a good combination...we do NOT mix well! When one is in control, the other dissipates.

Like the wind, and the pressure is the spiritual climate. There are *spirit storms*...just like weather clouds and storm bursts. I have My *hurricanes* of My power. I have My *tornadoes*...and I have My *rainfalls*.

When I am ready, and see (the) conditons are conducive to My ways...My methodry...THEN I will work. I am not to be controlled...nor commanded. I am the commander...NOT the one being commandeered.

I AM the *BOSS*...not the employee. I do MY bidding, as I will. I cannot be controlled...manipulated...harnessed...directed...I am He that stills the seas and calms the winds...I am Mighty...I AM Holy...I AM.

When humans will humble themselves...I will (more) diligently hear.

I am near to the the contrite (humble) the crushed soul. I will not allow atrocities forever. I WILL bring justice...I WILL arise!

I am the King of glory and I came to set the captives free. I am anointed by My Father. I am able to bring release (to) the those held prisoner by the the enemy of your souls.

I am He...I will work the works of My Father...Many will see and hear...Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
Once again, I will ride My white horse....bringing victory.

Watch the horizons for Me...know that I am near to the *least of these*.

My work begins where I will it to be...not (as) the masses tell me.

I still hear you.

I will be found of you."

######### Message wriiten 9/10/12 , ending @ 3:15am

in Him was life

in Him was life