September 4, 2012

"A Vain Show"


"Without Me you can do nothing.


You are My dependent. You depend on Me. I am the Vine, you are the branches. Your life is contingent upon Me.

Without Me you would die.

My life force is My Spirit. It is given to all who come to Me. He (The Spirit) is My life, expressed to you. He makes Me alive and real to you. I am He.

So many go on without Me. They play a game that is all theirs. I am nowhere to be found. I am not in their midst. Many loudly proclaim Me...yet totally disregard Me. They lack Spirit.

They are dead men walking. Corpses. Moving skeletons. Bags of stale air. They are putrifying before your eyes. Still, they persist.

Such men make a fool and a mockery of Me...and My Spirit. They bellow out grandiouse proclamations and screeching prayers. I have not sent them, yet they go on. Their foolishness will soon be apparent. I will not be mocked. It is a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Some tempt Me. They try My powers. They fail. They speak of miracles, yet produce none. Covering up their deceptions, they put blame on the sick and the oppressed. I will not be mocked.


'Send forth the clowns! Bring in the jesters!' This is the show of the day; the production of the hour. Let us party and laugh, while the masses suffer.
Tell another joke, another clever story! Tickle the ears. Put salve on the wicked. Let all be a cooperative commotion. Party on! Let the music play on. All in the name of the Lord.


As you assemble together, it is in vain. It is a vain (useless) show. It is unto man, and his hollow traditions. It is amazing how far these manpleasers will go! Just like the 'Emperor's New Clothes'! Everything done to please the man, the ministry, the church, the denomination.Where is (the) *GOD* in all this?

Putting on airs, putting on a grand show...for WHO? Who is the charade for? What is the reason for such showmanship? for such eloquence? for such religious monotony? It is certainly not for Me, says the Lord.


I am angry. Yes. I am enraged. Am I angry at all the sinners? No. I love them. I see their hearts, and their woundedness. I am furious with those who use My name for themselves... for their own purposes; their personal benefit. I am not a genie. The cross symbol is not an amulet. I am not (just) a *good luck* charm. I am God. I am Jesus. I am Holy Spirit. I am The Holy Ghost.


To those who are still able to hear Me...I say 'Repent'...change....turn from what you believe, from your false lives. I see what you are...what you think...why you lie. I see men's hearts....I know your very thought before it is conceived. I am infallible...I am not one of your golden calves. Listen...if you still can. Seek Me while I may be found. Go to the narrow road...the ways not for Me...let your words be few. Be quick to hear and slow to speak.

Judge not and you will not be judged. In the ways you judge and condemn others...those same ways will be tested in your own lives. You always judge according to appearances...but that is not Me! I see the hearts...the past life...the circumstances brought upon My people...and the oppression.

The oppresssion is often hidden from view; hidden from public. I see it all. I see the captive hearts, the crying hours, the silent pain, the words spoken in fear. I see the hurts, the traumas, the accidents, the errors, the failures, the endless problems, the addictions and the desires. I see the lost. The empty hearts. The lonely. The empty souls...the lies.


Some of you hide your real selves. Many of you do this. I know. It takes courage to be real, to be vulnerable, to be free of man's be free of religion. Let go, let go. I am here to catch you when you fall. may struggle for some time. I have the right timing...the best for you.

My ways are not your ways, neither are they man's ways. I am not in the wind of religion, not the race of the politician. I am above the earth, yet I am involved in your lives...if you follow Me...and not human theory. I see the beginning, the middle and the end. I am Alpha and Omega. I was, I am and I am to come. I am timeless.

Let yourself succumb to My My My house rules. Let go, leave, run away...from the chains and shackles of religion and earthly endeavors (actions, activites).

For reach of you, for any of you, who read this and may try to follow Me...I will see... and will be ready to help you along your path, your way. I am worth the search, however lengthy or difficult it may prove.


Seek Me now, says the Lord. "

####### (Message heard on September 4, 2012; finished @ 2:23am)

in Him was life

in Him was life