August 31, 2012



Are you afraid to die?


Death....what is it? Is it the end? the end of everything? Will you go on? Will you go to Heaven? To hell? To nothingness? To a black void? To Paradise? Where will you be?

When you breathe your final breath, then what? When your heart beats it's last time, then what will happen? Do you care? Do you wonder? Do you try to find out?

Many say they do not care...*Whatever will be, will be* they claim. Most people think they will be in some kind of Heaven. They have a vague view of somewhere *up there*. They joke about the *man upstairs* and say (that) they are *good* enough to get into heaven.

Some others laugh about the wild party they will be at, in hell. They know they are not *angels* and boast about their *sins* and *partying*. But, what is the truth in all this?

Can we humans actually know for sure about death...about the after-life?


All the world's religions have their ideas about heaven and hell. They are all different. Can they all be correct? Can anyone know? How could they?

Death comes to all of us, in one way or another. We should think about it, shouldn't we? If possible, we should prepare for our life after death, *IF* there is one, right?

So does our spirit continue after we *kick the bucket*? Do we keep living, on some other plane of existance? perhaps in another dimension? in a heavenly place?

If so, where is heaven? Where is the *other place*...hell- or hades? Is there a *purgatory*...a *an inbetween* place? is there a *holding area*? A *limbo* for the soul?

And, if hell is real, how can it be? How could a God make a place of eternal punishment...of fire, of worms and maggots, of teeth-gnashing and of pain? Is that mercy? Or is it justice for the most evil, wicked, cruel, and depraved?


Coming from a *Judeo-Christian-Biblical* viewpoint, both heaven and hell exist. How to get there is different in the old and new parts of the Bible. In the Old Testament, the Jewish Torah, the way to appease God is by animal/blood sacrifice, and by strict keeping of the law...the commandments of God.

The New Testament speaks of Jesus, or God in the flesh, coming as a human sacrifice for the world. This is a plan of God, which many do not understand, yet many say they believe.


I am a believer in Jesus. Why? I have known I am a sinner, a horrible sinner...and I needed some peace and relief. I needed a saviour...I KNEW I needed to be forgiven and made clean, somehow. I needed another chance...many chances...I needed HOPE. I asked this *Jesus* to help me. I felt something extraordinary. I KNEW right then, that *He* was real. If you have never experienced this, you should. It cannot be explained, or scientifically is just so awesome and real and makes things make some sense in this life.

It is not is not religion. NOT!!! He is real...alive...a person....a spiritual that can be felt.

I now have hope of Heaven....I only feel I will get there because of Jesus. This is all I will say for now. Thanks for reading.

### (My words)...from August 31, 2012

in Him was life

in Him was life