August 17, 2012

Warning from 1993


"Tell My people, be not deceived, for to survive the coming days of trouble, My Spirit must be upon them...They must be still and seek Me...I am not mocked; what they shall sow they shall reap...

Many will be swept away by the flood of the enemy...those who cling to Me will be safe from the storm...You are unprepared, My will fall if you are not aware of My ways and My thoughts toward you.

Stand fast to what you have learned of Me...don't turn to the left or to the right...My anointed ones, My children. You know My voice and you cannot resist My love and you cannot deny My love for you...

I have rescued you and placed your feet upon a rock, a solid will not slip or fall if you stay on the rock.

You must come closer to Me; draw near to Me and I will draw near to you...I love you, My children...listen to My voice...I am with you...Do not reject me...I love you.


Allow My Spirit to move among you...Test the spirits; see if they are from Me...not all who say "Lord, Lord" are My people...You must worship Me in Spirit and in truth...

I see your lies, your doubts, your intentions...My Word will reveal the intents of your hearts...Read My Word...MY Word is truth and My words are truth to all who find them.


I am coming soon. Do not be deceived: do not be deceived! Many will say "Peace, peace" when there is NO peace...A time of trouble such as the world has never known shall be upon all the earth.

Cry out to Me...Cry out for the souls of men...Cry out, cry out! Weep before Me. Those who sow in tears shall come forth rejoicing. The time of harvest will be great: greater than you could ever thougth possible.

Seek Me while I may be found...I am waiting, waiting to hear from you. Call out to Me...I am calling you...


Listen to Me...I am pleading with My children, as I am pleading wiht all flesh. I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh. MANY will begin to prophesy. Yet, I warn you, be not deceived: for there are many who come in My name and I have not sent them. They appear as angels of light...yet, they are ensnared in wickedness and deceit. Flee from them.

Turn away from all who deny Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My power. Those who walk not in love, but in their own ways, are not from Me. My Spirit is one of gentleness and peacefulness: not (one) of anger, strife, hatred, jealousy or greed. My name and My Spirit will not be mocked. My Spirit is pure.


Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.. If you truly seek Me, even in the midst of affliction and despair and doubt...I WILL be found of you. You WILL enter into My rest. Yet, you will be in a war: a spiritual war, with many adversaries on every side.

Seek Me, learn of Me. My Spirit will guide you into all truth. I am not a man that I should lie. Come to Me and I will bear your burdens with you.


Let your light-- your talents-- shine before men. You are each special to Me. I see the individuality of each of your lives. Never think you are being ignored. I watch over each one of you. You are very precious and special to Me.

The love I have for you is not of this world. My love has been shed abroad in your hearts by My Spirit. Yet, the cares of this world drown out the intensity of My love. Cast your cares upon Me, for I care for you, says the Lord.

Pray to Me, talk to Me in the truth of your spirits. Pour out your complaint to Me: your worries, your doubts, your fears, your dreams, your problems, your desires. I understand... I do not stand afar off.

I know your thoughts before you even speak or think them. I am your Friend, not your enemy. I am with you to prosper you, not to harm you. It is difficult for many of you to comprehend this, yet it is true.


Awake from slumber, My people. Many of you are asleep and lukewarm. Arise from your sleep. There is so much I have for you. Eye has not seen, neither ear heard... the things that I have prepared for those who love Me.

You will soon know Me in My power, in My love, AND My judgement. Be holy, as I am Holy. Be a light in the world of darkness. Be not afraid, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Fear not, for I am with you.


I can do FEW miracles, few healings among you because of your unbelief. Faith works by love. You must have faith in Me to perform My Word. Without faith, it is impossible to please Me.

So many suffer, so many need My touch...yet, few will believe. Few will fast. Few will intercede. The laborers truly are few.

Heed My voice; pray for others. Intercede in My Spirit. As you pray, My Spirit will speak through you. Desire ALL My gifts: covet them earnestly.


I am come that you may have life, and that more abundantly. Cease not in well-doing. Show My love to those around you. Many will perish without love. Purify your hearts now... turn to Me, and then turn to those around you. I will lead you. I will guide you.

Be not afraid. Be not dismayed. I will strengthen you...yes, I will walk among you. You will know Me more and more...if you don't resist Me. I will do more than you could ever think. I will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask or think.


TODAY is the day of salvation! I am working TODAY in your midst! You will be like trees planted by rivers: rivers of living water, if you remain in Me. Abide in Me. Abide in My Word. Abide in My love. Abide in My Spirit. Seek Me with all your heart, and you will find Me.


It grieves Me, it hurts see My children attack and hurt each other. There must be sorrow and repentance for these things. All who are Mine WILL turn from their wicked ways.

DON'T BE AFRAID, FOR I WILL HELP YOU to overcome all your difficulties, trials, tests, temptations, bondages, fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, and all your despair.

I will not leave you comfortless. Do you not know, (that) by My Spirit, I am the great Comforter?

I see your tears. I weep with you...I weep FOR you. I intercede for you. I am on your side. If God be for you, who can be against you? All things are possible to them that believe.

Remember, you are victorious through Me. I am the Vine, and you are the branches. I will take care of will see. My hand is upon each one of you. I've given each one of you a distinct, special calling. Press on to the high calling.

Don't be satisfied with the beggarly elements of this life. Seek that which is eternal, not temporal. Remember, this world and all it's goods will pass away...but My Word will never pass away. Remember, My people...I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS...EVEN UNTO THE END!


Remember Me. Keep Me in your thoughts. If you keep your mind on Me, I will keep you in perfect peace."

####### Prophetic message, transcribed spiritually on May 24TH, 1993


prophesy = to reveal by divine inspiration; to reveal the will or message of God; to speak God's message

exceedingly = (exceeding) exceptionally, extra, to a high degree, extremely, highly

beggarly = inadequate, paltry, worthless

in Him was life

in Him was life