June 30, 2012


Standing still and silent

Listening to distant thunder

Musing hard decisions

Fear destroys hope

(Your) peace turns to restlessness

Wondering why and when

Not knowing

Not understanding

Going on

In faith


"He Speaks"

In the stillness you hear Me

For I am not far away

Your spirit can feel Me

For I planned it that way

You are special to Me

I know the count of your hair

Before you were aware of Me

I love you...and knew one day

You would be Mine

I love you , My child.



"Expect Good!"

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be pleasing (acceptable) to You, Oh God (in Your sight)..." -- Psalm 19:14a

"Cast all your care upon Me, for I DO care for you. I know your needs, I see your desires, I feel your pains. I am extremely sensitive to all your prayers.

Remember, My ways are not your ways. I may have surprises in store for you: things you've never (even) imagined!

Expect good things fro Me. Don't settle for mediocrity and drudgery. Press on...press in. Advance. Go forth.


Your body is weary...your mind is busy. Distractions deter you from My voice. Press in closer. Continue to seek, to ask, to knock.

Pray. Believe. receive. Keep going. Stay on this path with Me."


mediocrity = things that are average, ordinary, boring, tedious, indifferent, commonplace, blase, run-of-the-mill

drudgery = tedious, boring, dreaded, difficult labor

(*From May 28, 2005 @ 2:00 am)


My grace carries you
To the end

My grace rests on you
Forever, My friend

My grace is love
To cover your sin

My grace brings peace
To comfort within

My grace, I give
That you may live

My grace, is Me
My love eternally


grace = God's unmerited mercy, compassion, kindness; undeserved Divine assistance, enabling and strength; clemency or pardon

(From the 1990's)

in Him was life

in Him was life