June 18, 2012

"He is a Concerned Father" part 2

"I am not some dried-out, dead service. I am not a religion. I am not a ritual. So many think they have Me 'pegged'...but they are in for a rude awakening.

*** So, to those with an ear ... hear what the Spirit is saying. Awake...to those who 'slumber'. Awake to life!

*** Cast off the works of darkness: (the) works of religiosity and of man. Look for Me. Look for your Saviour. Look for your Comforter.

*** Where do you begin to look? Look in My Word. Look to Me...look to Me in your heart... in your cries to Me. Look for the unexpected. Look for freedom. Look for yokes of sin, disease and demonic being broken off people's lives. Where My Spirit is, there is liberty!

***** Beware of counterfeits, (but) ask for My discernment. Seek My wisdom. This is not for all. Few will have patience or endurance to continue in my Word. They will join the masses and go on with their religious charade. This is sad.

*** But...to those who press on and are true seekers of My Truth...they will be rewarded. I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.

***** I am burning out the dross. Yes, although you have been in the furnace of affliction, yet you shall come forth as gold. My glory shall be seen upon you, My children...My brave children. Remember I care for you.

*** You (and others all over the earth) have suffered the loss of all things. --pause-- But in your loss, you have gained all...for you gained Me, your Lord.

For what shall it profit man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?

*** The things of this earth are passing away. There will be new heavens and (a) new earth. The old is becoming new.

*** It is wise to think of the future...of eternity. It is wisdom to apply your heart to seek things above, and not below. It is My wisdom for you to set your affections on things unseen...for the invisible things are eternal.

*** You are not of this world. You are an 'alien' passing through. This world is not your home. You are looking toward a Heavenly city... to Paradise in the Heavenly sphere.

*** Yes, the earth and it's ways are temporal, but My kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
Forever My Word is settled in Heaven. My plans are established. My purposes will be accomplished. "

******************************************************************* personable = having a pleasing personality, friendly; converse = opposite;
piety = a show of religious devotion;
ravening = greedily searching/hunting for prey, fierce, savage, violent, devouring;
gybe = harmonize, conform, correspond;
hierarchies = graded ranks of church government;
yoke = bondage, subjection;
discernment = accurate perception, clear recognition;
alien = foreigner, unearthly, stranger;
dross = rubbish, refuse, slag, waste, uselessness;
affliction = a state of pain, distress, grief;
continued pain of body/mind (sickness, loss, calamity, persecution);
presumption = assumption that something is true; empathetic = entering into the feeling/spirit of a person, understanding;
pious = having/showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for God or religious matters;
staid = sedate, bland, a colorless kind of correctness, composed type of conduct, fixed in manner

^^^From a message "dictated spiritually" on 7/6/2006

"He Is a Concerned Father" Part 1

" Great is my faithfulness. My compassions are new every morning. Morning begins after midnight.

*** Many miss My blessings and My words because they try to 'schedule' Me. They try to 'fit' Me into their timetables. What foolishness! My time is your time. My creation cannot tell Me when to work, when to speak, when to save, when to heal, when to rain, etc.

*** Presumption is useless. My ways are not your ways. My wisdom is foolishness in man's eyes...(and) to the world. In contrast, those things highly esteemed by the worldly are abominations to Me. They stink in My nostrils.

*** Yes, you may pour out all your complaints before Me. (That's what I'm here for! I listen to My children. I am an empathetic Father.)

*** Yes, I will listen to your worries, fears, questions, ideas, dreams, etc. I am not a God that is far off or made of stone. I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, create, sing, laugh, speak, listen. I am a personable God. I am your Father. You belong to Me, and I to you.

*** Many misunderstand the Father's love. They only believe in a father's wrath and punishment. I am a concerned Father: I have your best interests at heart. I want good things for all My children. But, My plans are not always your plans.

***** Many people do not always understand My workings in their lives. They become angry, bitter, hardened, jealous, offended. They must believe and seek Me and My plans... and see My hand is upon them... and My Spirit is leading them.

*** If they seek Me...they will continue to find Me. The converse is also true: if they do not seek Me, then they will not find Me.

***** Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver them out of them all. Have patience. Have faith.

*** My people are like dry bones: parched, dead, in need of life and water. They need My River of Living Waters...My Fountain of Life. I will enable those I call. --pause-- Purity and piety are not the same thing. One may appear 'pious' and 'religious'...but inwardly be a ravening wolf.

*** Those pure in heart will be searchers of truth...and will face opposition, pain and rejection. (Narrow is the gate...)

*** You cannot put Me in a box. You cannot contain Me in a 30-minute sermon. I cannot be 'housed' in a steepled building. Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool.
Defenders of the faith will not always 'gybe' with the churches. My SPIRIT is often in opposition to (the) staid religious spirits of fear-ridden traditions.

*** It is time to break out! Break down the walls of religion and of controlling hierarchies. Seek Me...the Living God. You will find Me among the dead. I am alive! My HOLY SPIRIT is alive (!) and moving (!) and tangible (!) You can feel My SPIRIT!"

(Message continued in Part 2)

in Him was life

in Him was life