February 26, 2012

"I Am Jealous For Your Love"

"So many things take your attention. They take your time. they steal your thoughts. They are many, and they are relentless.

These *things* are often considered (as) 'good'. Music, computer talks, study, family matters, working, playing, laughing, and even praying...are all good in themselves.

But, they are too 'bossy'.

Things can control. Things DO control. Things are considered 'mammon'...and things become idols...or things of worship and adoration.

Things can become addictive, habitual, mind-numbing...and soul-snatching. Be wary when things run your life.


*I* am the Ruler of your life...if you have given Me that control.

I am the authority...the one in charge...the LORD of your life. (OR, am I?)

Yes, you have claimed Me as your 'Lord and Saviour'. Yet, you continue to ignore and defy Me. How long shall I bear this?

My heart is grieved. I am desiring your voluntary love towards Me. I will not coerce you to love Me. Never!

I desire affection that is willing...not a bondage. Freely come to me...and freely love Me.

I make NO robots!


I search for broken, shattered hearts. I am near to the broken-hearted. I desire to come into these empty hearts...into YOUR heart.

You need Me. I created you (all human beings) to be with Me...to have a void only I can fill.


I am your God and your true love. I love you as no other! I love you (each and every one of you) with (the) deepest devotion and desire for good.

My love is not of the world. My love is supernatural: *above* the natural. It is not of this world."

(Originally transcribed via Spirit on June 1oth, 2010)

in Him was life

in Him was life