February 21, 2012


Love your enemies.
How can this be, you ask?


Why would God tell His followers to do this? What is He saying?? What is the point?
Maybe it IS impossible for us humans. On a human scale, it would be ridiculous to actually forgive one's abuser, right? How on earth can a mere mortal let go of his anger and forgive horrific offenses done to him? How?

Perhaps it is because of God and His power. He is a Spirit, and His ways are just that: spiritual.
They are not fleshly things, they are higher. God, in His wisdom, is far smarter than us. He knows why we do things, and (the) reasons behind every action and thought. He KNOWS our minds, our hearts.

God Almighty is man's creator. He made us. He knows what makes us tick. He knows the worst about us all.
God works in the supernatural...the realm of invisible. He knows a lot more than we can ever perceive. He is (the) most powerful, most intelligent... and (the) most vast and awesome.

He Is...He Was...and He Will Be.
He has always been...and He will always be.

In becoming humble towards an all-powerful, all-knowing Supreme Power, we start to accept and - try out - God's ideas. We may not believe any of it, really.
We may harbor serious doubt.

We may hate Him, and His ways.
But...we somehow KNOW that He is real...and He is in charge of it all. We sense that He somehow knows us all right(!)... and He is *sorta scary* up there. (Wherever He is...wherever *eternity* is.)
We don't want to really get Him mad.

So...we read the Bible. (Or try to.)

It talks about Jesus in the *new Testament part*. Jesus is God in the flesh. He is a hybrid, a God-Man. He is one of us, but not really.

He is a superhero donning human flesh and clothing. He walks among the dirt roads, with the people of His day. He seems like a regular person, right?

NO!! He is weird!

He is a strange dude! He does stuff no one has ever done before!
He heals a blind man.
He makes food appear out of thin air.
Is He magic? Yes and no. He does stronger, better, cooler magic tricks. STRONGER. BETTER. FASTER. COOLER.
He actually *out-does* the magicians of His day.

Jesus is the Messiah that was foretold in the *old Testament part* of the Bible book. His appearance upon the earth fulfills the old Testament prophecies (predictions)) about Him.
He is not the average Joe.
He is more than a carpenter.


Look out! What the heck is that?? It is J.E. S. U. S.
He is out on the lake at night. Is he on drugs, or what? Nope. He's just showing off a little...walking on top of the water.


(*sideways glance*)

Now what? What's He up to now?

Oh, just the usual dead-raising. Wha? What? What are you saying? Does He bring up zombies for the earth? Is He into voodoo?
No. He just brings some people back to life, from the dead. He sure is different. And weird. He's like a freak. The freak of His day. Maybe He should perform in a carnival...?


So, what else did this Jesus character do while He was on the earth?? Um, He got a whole lot of demons to come screaming out of some naked goth guys who lived in a cemetary.

And He ate sometimes at a diner with the the *bad people*...those from the 'wrong side of the tracks'. He was nice to the hookers, but He never went to them for their *tricks*.


JC also was a funeral disrupter. Once He reportedly ran into a street processsion. It was a young boy...dead...in a coffin. He just did what He did. He did His thing.

He raised the guy up from pure death. Must have been exciting.


He (also) walked right through doors and walls. This *Holy escape artist* manuevered *invisibly* quite a bit, slipping unseen through crowds.

He was like the wind...never knowing when or where He'd pop up.

He could make boats move at supersonic speeds across lakes.

He made arms grow out, fevers disappear, money appear. He caused fisherman to catch humongous takes of fish.

He did quite a lot.


But, the best thing He did, and still does, is forgive.

He forgave me when I asked him.

I know it. I feel it. I felt it. I felt His Spirit upon me...and I am so glad.
Why? Because I was a VERY bad, rotten, messed-up, sinning, wretch- of- a- disaster.

(Warning: Humans may never forgive me, but God does...and I hope someday the people will too.)

I am forgiven and stand clear before Him.


To that, I will gratefully say *Amen*.

in Him was life

in Him was life