February 10, 2012

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

"I have conditioned you to hear My voice.
Another you will not hear...you will not listen...you will disregard it. It is just noise to your spirit.. This (false) voice claims to be Me. It is (obviously) the evil one. He is a 'wannabe'. He wants to be Me.

The evil one desires My position. He covets My authority...My rule...My supremacy. He is very angry that he is below Me...(and) that I cast him out of My Heaven! He wants to be Me...therefore he attempts to mimic Me (at) every chance he gets.


He knows that his time is short...it is indeed limited. I control his very existance. I am the one who 'pulls strings' (on him). He is *not* in control, I am. I am above all. All.

The enemy will come in 'as a fool'...but I will definitely lift up My standard against him. He will NOT prevail over Me. His kingdom shall fail and wither away.


(So) be on guard for the anticipated attacks of My foe. He is an avid fighter, but I am stronger. I am mighty in My power.
Greater am I, than him. My kingdom shall prevail...shall conquer...shall extinquish the evil kingdom of darkness, death and destruction.

My kingdom is full of light...of love...of power...of My presence...My glory...My very Being. Forget darkness...come into my light!


Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Look up! for your redemption draws near. I am closer now (to you on earth) than ever before in history.

I am with you in My Spirit...and I will soon break through the heavenlies to 'touch down' upon the earth once more. The Father has heard the cries of the afflicted ones. He is 'waiting in the wings' to come and comfort those who cry to Him.

You ask, where are You? Where are You? Are You (in) hiding? Are You angry? Is it time for judgement? For wrath? For My fury to be unleashed?

Yet a little while. Yet a little while. Soon these things will come upon the earth...but there still is time to offer your lives to Me. The door is still open.


Clap your hands, oh My people! Yes, clap and shout and rejoice! Praise the coming King! The King of kings and the Lord of lords! Jesus the Christ! Jesus the Messiah! Yeshua (the) Messiah!
His glory surrounds Him. His brilliance and splendor envelope Him. His majesty, honor, grace and power are visible (apparent) to all.

At one point in future time, ALL will bow before Him...for He IS worthy. He is worthy, above all, to be praised. You will see. You will know. All the nations of the worlds will one day realize the majestic, awesome, Holy presence of The King.

We await Your visitation, oh Lord. We honor You as King above all kings. We worship You and love You. We fear You and have respect for You.

We acknowledge Your unmatched greatness...Your unparallelled prestige and splendor. We know there is no other God besides You. You are HOLY. You are righteous. You are loving, full of kindness and known by Your tender mercies.

Hold us to Your heart, Oh Lord. Keep us with You forever. You are our King and our Father.


It is appointed unto man -unto the human race- one time to die. Each human has a time to leave this life...and go on to the next. Many are not ready. Many do not realize the truth, the reality; of eternity.

There is a bleak future for those who reject Me....I know their hearts. I see how they've reacted to My pleadings, My callings, My word.

I have seen their every breath, their every step, (known) their every thought. I have watched their lives unfold...as they were formed in their mother's womb...and on into their senior days. I have heard their every word spoken...every prayer uttered...every curse put out into the ether. I've heard it all. I've seen it all.

I know all...yet I (also) forgive all. *ALL*. I am the great Forgiver. I freely offer My forgiveness to all. All who call upon Me, will be saved. I am not willing that ANY should perish.

Yes, I see all. I've seen every sin committed by all mankind throughout history. I've seen (and heard) every evil thought, deed, misdeed, action, reaction...everything is in My sight. It is all open before me. All sins are laid bare in front of My eyes. Nothing can be hidden from My gaze.

Despite the utter wickedness of humans, I offer forgiveness from all sins...from all offenses...from all evil...from all iniquity...from all that is corrupt, vile and evil.

My hand is not shortened, that it cannot save. I still am 'in the saving business'. I am freely received. My salvation offer is free.

It is open to all...and free to all. You can (all) come to Me without price, without cost. Salvation is a free gift.

I stand at the door and knock. I am knocking at the 'door to your soul'. I am trying toi *invade* your spirit! I am wanting to come in and be at peace with you. I am your Saviour, your Lord, your Friend.

Come, sit awhile with your Friend. Learn of Me and we will find peace together."

####### (Originally transcribed via Spirit on 4/12/2010 @ 4:29am)

in Him was life

in Him was life