December 25, 2012

"Someday" Part 3


"So, how then, can good come from evil?

That is a *God thing*.  It is His *forte*...His specialty...His Holy way.  He can turn evil to good.  He can take what the enemy does and turn it around for His own good purposes.

To them that believe, ALL things (do) work together for good.  The Father of  lights can turn the darkness into light.  It is His way, His doing.  In time, if it is to be known, He shall show all.  You will see.  If it is not to be revealed to us (humans), then it is His *secret* thing.

The secret things belong to God.  He has many mysteries, unknown, ever; to us.  He is past finding out:  His wisdom, His majesty, His prowess (power) is inexhaustible (infinite, continues and goes on forever).  He is GOD.  We are not. We must learn to give (over) to Him all our fear.  What time you are afraid, trust in Him.


The good will come, yes, it will happen.  The good is from above.  God is good.  His ways are perfect, His wisdom infinite and all-encompassing.  He rules the Heavens,, the skies, the galaxies, the universe...He has set it all in motion.  The grand Creation is His doing.  It is His.  We are His, if we want to be."

He delights in us, in His making.  We are His...He loves us, as we come to Him.  He exalts us, lifts us up above our we humble ourselves before Him.  He is our king...our grand king...all-powerful, all-mighty.

Put your blind trust in Him.  Where else can you go with all the deep questions?  Who else can give you lasting peace?  To whom will you turn to, if not the King of kings?

He is your Father...He sees you.  He sees and He loves.  He redeems, turning death into life.

The dead shall rise again.  Are you with the King?  Will you rise with Him in the eternal glory?"

####### End of message, heard in Spirit on Saturday 12/ 22 and Sunday, 12/23, 2012 

You're Here- Francesca Battistelli (with lyrics)

"Someday" Part 2


"There is help to change, even for the worst offenders.  If a man ( or woman) is truly repentant (wants to change), then I will begin a new work in them.  I will start a new life.  The old becomes new.  Isaiah 1:18a  "If your sins are as scarlet, I will make them as white as snow."  No one is *too far gone* for Me to redeem.


I can save -  still save - on the death bed.  At the last breath.  On death row.  In prison.  On the street.  In the home.  In your bedroom.  Even while inebriated, I can (still) hear the heart.  I can hear the call:  the cry to Me.


I am near to the broken...(to) the brokenhearted.  The corrupt, the hardened hearts, the jaded, the atheist, the angry, the hurt, the lonely, the lost, the alone ones, the widowed, the divorced, the empty souls.

I am close by to the forgotten, the neglected, the stifled, the unheard, the voiceless ones.


I am with you.  I am in your midst as you struggle to go on. I am very near to the suicidal, the deeply troubled, the severely depressed, the hollow outcast, the forlorn, the forsaken.

I am listening to you.  I hear your angry shouts, your screams of rages, your tears of grief.  I am with the *loner*.  I am with the ones who *fall between the cracks*:  the ones society ignores.

I see the reasons (that) you have hatred in your heart. I see *why* you feel so isolated, so upset, so stressed with (your) life.  I see within the outer shell:  deep into your mind, your psyche, your inner soul.



Deliverance.  I am able to help you.  I can deliver you:  set you free from torment.  "Let God arise and His enemies be scattered."

I, your God, will save you...will help you...will comfort you come to Me.

My anointing (My power) can break the darkest chains.  My anointing *breaks yokes* of bondages.  There is power in My Name.:  the Name of Jesus.  It is the name above all other names.  At the name of Jesus, all will someday fall before Me.  EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY toingue shall confess Me as The LORD.


I promise (a) new life now:  here, today, tonight...on this this lifespan.  *you* can have new life:  you can be *born again*....born anew...born of MY SPIRIT.

You will love I first love you.  I am (as) the WIND, I will find you. My love casts (removes) out all fear.  The more of My love you experience, the less fear will have a hold on you.  This is My process:  it is a progressive thing...a *work-in-progress*...from glory-to-glory!

So will there be peace on the earth, ever?  Yes and no.  There will be *pockets* of peace:  times and seasons of peacetime.

But, in general terms, there will be no lasting peace on this earth as it is now.  Men (people) will continue to war against each other:  nation against nation.

Greed, control, lust for power...cause war.  Men will never *get along* and live as I planned.  I created human beings many eons ago and placed them in a suitable habitat.  This place was a place of wonder, of awe, of great abundance and of joy.  It was secure.  Everything needful was available.  it was Paradise. and woman had their freedom.  They chose.  They listened to Satan, the great deceiver.  He tempts, allures, lies, tricks, entraps, destroys, kills.

They *fell* for the great lie.  They believed a satanic lie.  Now their world became one of hardship, of sinning, of disease, of death.  They were now seperated from their loving Fatrhter...the One who had walked with them in the Gardens.


Now. Today.  How do we live?  How can we find this loving Father again?  He says to:  "Believe that He is..." and He is a "rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him".

He hears the slightest whisper.  He will find you, if you want Him to."


{Writer's note:

I truly believe God is merciful, despite tragedy, violence, death, etc.  I think that when an innocent dies, God  supernatually removes their spirit from their body:  instantly ...BEFORE they can even feel a thing. This would be  all children, all babies, all innocents.  This would mean all aborted baby fetuses, all miscarriages, all still-births, all infant deaths.  They immediately go up into Heaven...into complete love, peace, safety, happiness...into arms of love.

I also believe this for animals (and humans!) that are cruelly maimed, tortured, those in inhumane medical experiments, and every animal  slaughtered and hunted down..

This would most hopefully apply to all innocent humans who are murdered, martyed, shot down, tortured unmercifully, etc.  This is probably why early Christian martyrs were seen with peaceful, happy  smiles on their faces as they were burned alive at the stake.

Any child (so) viciously murdered is now in a state of perfect eternity...with their Heavenly Father and many loved ones.  They are probably running and  playing with animals... and very, very, secure forever and made whole. They will run excitedly into their parent's arms when they reunite one day. God is love and He has tender mercies, despite what wicked, depraved minds can do.

They may kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul, the spirit.}

December 24, 2012

"Someday...Evil Will Go" Part 1


"Good will come.  Evil will not always triumph.  The turmoil of the world will not always be.  Peace shall come.


Fear not those who can kill your body  But rather fear (respect) the One who can send both spirit and body into eternity without Hi...into perditon (hell).

My Son (Jesus) came to the world to save it, (to) redeem it  and (to) love it.  He came to destroy (end) the works of the Devil. 

His (Jesus') power overshadows all others.  His name is above all names.  He is unmatched, unrivaled.  He is (the) Most High:  the Highest, strongest power.


Listen to your conscience.  That is Me.  I speak into your spirit.  I write my law(s) upon (into) your hearts.  Your *heart* contains the conscience:  the method of knowing right or wrong.

When I come into a life, I soften the heart.  I bring My Spirit into yours.  We become one.  I (then) begin to reveal Myself to you.  I and My Son will manifest unto those who love Us... (and) those who obey Us out of love.

Love and discipleship are voluntary.  It is (your) free will.  It is your choice.  We do not force Our will upon any soul.


Some have not the Spirit.  Some are scarred, scared.  Their conscience has been burnt:  seared over as with a hot iron.  Their senses are dulled, their *morals* are non-existant.  They wander in the dark mists of life:  teetering between "Heaven's glory and Hell's dearth (emptiness).  They are (as) in a spiritual *limbo*.  They are being pulled to-and-fro by the forces in their lives.


 It is a spitirual tug-of-war.  Light vs. Dark.  Good vs. Evil.  God vs. Satan (Devil).  Life vs. Death.

The battle rages on.  In some this war is totalling consuming.  It devours their very soul.

The depth of depravity reaches  a level not known to most.  What was once *taboo* or forbidden, now becomes *okay* or acceptable. There is *stop* light.  No red light.  Their is no ending to (their) evil.  This includes demonic facors.  There is an entire unseen *network* of spiritual FORCES (actual spirits) that work to destroy certain individuals.

Some (people) are *marked*, others are *cursed*.  Some choose and revel (delight) in such evilness.  Some are involved by force, NOT by choice.  Some are in it by accident, or by environment.

Whatever the cause(s) may be, the evil exists.  It is growing stronger, it appears.  Evil men will grow worse and worse.


Despair.  Utter hopelessnness.  Chaos.  Pandemonium.  Terror. Murder.  Death.  Peril (Danger).  Is  it  inevitable for us:  those upon the earth today?  Is violence now our way of life?


I admonish (warn) you to get MY HOLY SPIRIT within you.  Do not allow the evil of Satan to control you.  Just call upon Me and I will answer you.  Humble yourself before Me  and I will lift you up..  I will fill you with My SPIRIT.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.  If you seek Me, you will find Me.. Come near to Me and I will come near to you.  I am able to save (rescue) to the uttermost (the worst sinner) those that come to Me.  And I will not cast you away!"


Amy Grant Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) - The Nativity Story

Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant / Lyrics (Mary's Song)

December 18, 2012

(Sorry readers)

*** I apologize for not adding any new posts lately...I have been busy with many responsibilities, and also  sick...I will try to get some on here soon...thank you....prayer would be appreciated, for my Mom especially>)...AND I do not have a computer available, so I can post only at certain times. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

December 10, 2012

"He Was and Is"


"Let Me teach you some history. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The *Word* is My Son, Jesus the Christ. He has been with Me since the beginning, the start, the Creation. We have created...brought it into being, into existance. What is 'it'? you ask. We made the sky, the earth, the creatures above and below. We made angels, and we made man. Male and female We made them. This is the beginning....the ancient world.

Before your time was, We were.
We are, and We were.
We will be, and so shall you, as you are with Us in eternity.
We have our third Member...The great Spirit...the Holy Ghost of God. We are Three, yet We are One.  It is a mystery, yet it is apparent to all.  We have not hidden, We are viable, and are known to Our creation.  We love YOU.


We have lived throughout all the ages...all the times and seasons...all (of) the worlds. We move through time...past, present and future. It is a *conundrum*(mystery) to the human mind. We are above all, and We see all...the beginning from (to)  the end...the start to the stop. It is all known to Us.


We made science...(and) all the laws of science. Nothing is new to Us. All knowledge is already known to Us. Spiritual law fulfills all scientific. Some 'laws' are not to be revealed to humans...they are mysteries, known only to Us. This is the place, the realm of the supernatural...the miraculous...the Godly. It is a place of excitement, of wonder, of awe.  We are there.


The Heavenly desires to be known by the earthly. The Divine wants to know the human. Let Us manifest ourselves unto you, oh earth.  We long to 'have Heaven on earth'.  "On earth, as it is in Heaven".

***(New speaker here)

Let truth arise. Let faith be born..and be revived. Let My Spirit be welcomed into your midst. Ask of Me.  Learn of Me.  Be known of Me.  I am come that you might have Life, and that Life more abundantly!  I have come to ransom rescue redeem save you. Save from what? From the Devil...from Satan...from sin...(and) from your selves. The human, on its own, will self-destruct.

Man will is his nature, his natural way of living. Selfishness is embedded into all human beings. The natural man (human) will NOT seek God...will NOT look for Me. They will go their own what they want, be self-serving.

(another speaker now)

The way of God, of the Saviour, is not natually-occurring. The natural man is an enemy of God. Flesh and spirit are on a collision course...they are (an) antithesis. (Opposites)

Man *may* find God. He was sent to them many years ago. He came in the human form, as a man. Flesh and blood, but different. He came. He came as a God-Man.  The son of God...and the son of man. Both human and Holy. Both flesh and God. This man was...and is...Jesus. (Yeshua)

Jesus....a Jewish man on earth. God, in the flesh!! Yes. It is Mystery for sure...He is the great Mystery. His Story = history.



Legends abound about this 'god-man'...about Jesus. There are multitudes of books written about Him...many hidden, many destroyed. He is a Force...the greatest Power (ever) known to mankind. He cannot be stifled, or extinquished. He may be trampled down, spat upon, ignored, misunderstood, mislabled, mistaken, spoke wrong of, slandered, and so on, throughout (the) ages...YET...He lives! He is! He is alive!

He is, He was...and He is to come! "Before Abraham was, I am.", He says.

He is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob...He is King of the Jews...and of the Gentiles. He is Lord of all...Lord of lords. He is the Most High...and His will *WILL* be done,...on earth as it is in the His domain...His spheres...His skies...His galaxies. He has made the universes...the cosmos...the constellations, the stars. He has numbered them and He has named them. (the stars).


Let down your guard...humble yourselves before Me...begin to let the Light in...turn a new page....let My revelation seep into your conscious minds. Surrender your human clay to My spiritual renewal:  My Spirit overpowering yours. I am He who has made you...oh man, oh woman upon the earth. I am thy Maker. Let us be (as) one together.

 As you release your sins unto Me...I will cleanse you. I will indeed forgive you! I will renew your spirit...turning your *stony heart* into one of flesh, of softness and mercy and of Godliness. It will be made *right* will be made clean, pure before Me. I will continue to forgive, refresh, renew, re-form and reconstruct you, as long as you are upon the earth.

 I am continually renewing your minds as you seek Me and humble yourselves before Me. As your outward man (body) perishes, the inward person (the spirit) is renewed. As your frail human tents (bodies) are weakened and lost, then the spiritual man becomes stronger...until it is released into My eternal care and protection!

We will be united, as One, all-together. We will enjoy pleasures unspeakable! Ecstasy! Joy and peace, such as been unknown to (the) mortal soul. Heavenly delights await. Bliss and eternal...adventure, thrill, wonder, peace...and My love.

My Love awaits you, My friend.  You will be with Me in Paradise."

####### Message ending @ 3:13am on 12/12/2012

+++Scripture references

 * St. John 1:1,2    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
(2) "The same was in the beginning with God." - St. John 1:1,2

*Revelation 1:8   "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty."

*Romans 10:12  "For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek:  for the ssme Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon Him."

* II Corinthians 4:16b  "...though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day."

*St. Matthew 1:23b  "...they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us."

*The Acts 26;18a  "To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they might receive forgiveness of sins..".

*Romans 1;16  "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:  for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes:  to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

*St. John 14:26   "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name;  He will teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."


"The Spirit Speaks"


"Time.  A time such as this day, this night, this season, this decade...and beyond. A time such as none other. I am speaking. I will to be heard. I will be heard of those who seek...those with an ear to the My Spirit.

  It is He...Yes, it is He who speaks....who talks in this age.  He tells of My Father...and of Me. He sees, He speaks. He is My mouthpiece to this generation. Listen, he who has an ear.


My voice. Do you know it? have you heard of it? have you listened? Have you quieted your own soul and listened for it? Be still and KNOW. ...know that I am God, and I still speak to My people. Yes, I speak! Will you (then) listen?


Friends confide in each other. Are you a friend of God? or a foe, an enemy? Will you be near to Him, as to hear ?  Will you lend your spirit to hear and to know Him? Are you attuned to the realm in which He speaks?



Listen. Listen. ...and I will speak."


End of this message now...2:30 am 12/10/12

December 2, 2012

"It Is Okay"


"For such a time as this.

You have been born for such a time as this. For the time that is now. Today. Right now. Today. This is your time...your life.  This is the life I have given you. (I, the Lord)

My hand is upon you...for good. That good may come as a chastisement. It may be as a propelling....a directional force...or (as) a comforting. I will lead (you) as you seek Me out in your daily affairs (happenings, situations, activities, thoughts).  As I lead, you will follow. That is how it should go....but it is not always the case.  Many times I have called (you), but you have ignored My voice, My prodding. Have you not sensed this? It is ok, it is forgiven. Go on with what you Me in the silence. Let My Spirit flow through your being. Let My Being saturate your humanness.


I will cradle your soul with My loving arms. I will uphold you in your darkest times...the long hours of decay, of isolation, of detachment. I will be those times of doubt. I will give a token, a sign; of My let you see (that) I am there.


Things may not happen as you wish, as you plan...but, it is will be okay. I will help (you).  Have patience. Patience is a strong weapon in the spiritual. Patience will bring you (out) into many places...places unexpected.  It will give you strength and stability, as well as maturity.


Deny your self. What does that mean? Deny things that are wrong for you, in this time of your life. Don't give in so easily to that which you have indulged previously. Try a bit harder to resist. If you fall, if you is okay...try again...I will help you each time. (For you see, I have great patience, as your Keeper, your Lord.)


Wonder. Do you wonder as you arise each morning? Do you have questions? Worries? Anxieties? Again, it is okay to Me. I will help to answer your questions and ease your fears. I am your Saviour, who saves and rescues. I bring My *salvation*...which includes rescue, delivering, mending, reconciliation, etc. I do not give up on you. No, I am steadfast...I go the distance with My people.


Sit down and talk to Me. Yes, to Me...try it. Try to talk.  I know, for some, this is incredibly difficult. It is indeed a humbling experience, if one has never attempted to do so.  Just sit and relax and let My Spirit flush over you and release your inner hearts. Let My Holiness, My Love, My Mercy...come forth and swallow up your humanness. Let us become One, as I and My Father (are One).

Become united with I reveal Myself unto you. Let the winds blow...let the river flow...yes, let the floods come forth...let the High praises echo forth unto Me...sing and shout, cry out, whisper, (or) be is all heard by Me.

I hear the hearts of man...I hear the unspoken. I attend to your sighs...your pained moaning...the groaning and wailing. I hear it. I see the pain, the despair...yes, I do see. I am not afar off. I am not a stone statue. I am not a lifeless amulet, or a carving that cannot speak. I am not a cold, wooden idol, neither am I a shrine or a gilded cathedral,. No! I am the Living God. I am alive for evermore!


{new subject}


When you are with Me, you need not fear man. I am stronger than mankind. I am higher. I am God;   they are My created beings. I have ultimate control over them...over ALL.  I am the Most High God...I exist high above all. My throne is in the the third Heaven I abide...on My Holy mountain. I am above, you are below. I see all, and I know the beginning from the end. (Alpha to Omega)

Man cannot contain Me, Churches cannot constrain Me. Ha! I laugh at this ! Hills melt before Me. Enemies turn to wax, to dust; as I pass by. They fall back as I pass (by). My glory is a powerful thing. Power and glory...majesty and honor...I am He that lives for evermore.


Send forth 'portions for whom none is prepared'! Feed the poor among you. That may sound earthly, yet it is My will...My spiritual path. I am grieved by suffering, for which help can be sent. I feel the pain of the masses who hunger, who starve, who need food. See that you help any that are hungry. I will help you (all) to do this. It is no small thing in My kingdom. Help the ones who hurt. That is enough for now on this.


I want to tell My people to take (some) risks. Be more courageous. Try a different approach to things. Be different. Be a pioneer. Take a chance, try a new thing:   taste and see that it is good! I am a good God...I am on your side...I made you. I am your father, your "Dad"....(and, yes, I know this title is hurtful to many:  due to abusive and harmful fathers;   and, to lack of any father). I am not an absent parent...I am Here. I am active on many levels in society, in the world, in the galaxy (!),....yet, yet, I am very close to you as well. I am to be feared (respected for My power and My holiness, My Godliness)...yet, I am to be deeply loved and cherished, for that is My nature! I am LOVE. I created the concept of love....I love you.  Selah. Think about what I have said to you.


Never does a moment pass that I am not thinking of you...for you are in My heart. My heart beats for you. Do you love Me?, says the Lord your eternal Love..."

####### Message ending @ 2:13am...12/2/12


Our Love Saves Us - Blindside

"With shivering hearts we wait...We watch the sky, we hesitate...Save us, save us now"...from Sweden's Blindside

in Him was life

in Him was life