April 21, 2012

"A Warrior Spirit"

"For I have not given you a spirit of fear...but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." ---I Timothy 1:7 ********************************************************************************

"Fear (thou) not, for I am with thee. I will be with thee...even unto the end of the age. You know I will be with thee eternally. Remember that I am greater in you (thou); greater than the evil one of the world. I am the Greater one: the Great God. When thou (you) walkest (walk) through the waters, I am with thee...and when thou goest through the fire, I am beside you. There is no greater love than the love I have for thee (you), My child.

*********************** I have put within thee a warrior spirit: one that is both 'radical' and compassionate. This Holy Compassion reaches deep and far...into the darkest parts of sin. This radical spirit is one of a catalyst: one that makes things happen and has (the) faith to back it up. Faith pleases Me...for without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Me! Some may question and some may reprove you (thou)---but this is to be expected.

Distance yourself from those of a troublesome nature. It is not advantageous (not to your advantage) to dwell in strife and foolish controversy! -pause- Have I not given thee of My Precious Holy Spirit to assure thee (you)...THAT YOU ARE INDEED MINE? Did I not tell thee that My sheep will know My voice?"

******************* From a message written on 11/26/2002

"Always Hope"

"I am the Father of lights...My Son has died and returned to life. Why, you ask? For your redemption from your sinful state, for your peace, for deliverance from sin and disease, (and) for eternal life with Me in glory. My Son was manifested (made known) to destroy the works of the devil. Satan is a defeated foe. He has no power over Me. Through Me, you can defeat him, and his influence in your life. Remain conscious of this fact, and you will be successful. You will not be immune from problems, but My wisdom and supernatural strength will relieve you. Take small steps at first, then large steps. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, for I will love you forevermore. Even at your darkest, loneliest moments, I have kept a spark of My Spirit burning in your spirit. Perhaps you weren't (or aren't) aware of it, but I have been there all along. My grace has carried you through many situations. I will continue to carry you and lead you through all the valleys of your life." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Written on 3/29/1996

"Wind Walker"

He walks with the wind
/ He says, Heed My ways
/ Listen to My voice/

/ Honor and majesty
/ Flow through Him//

He is wise...
/ Wiser than all

Yes, He rides the winds/
His power enraptures...all in His path
/ He is Divine, Holy//

His glory stands alone

/ Unmatched, unrivaled

/ He is Most High
/ He lives//

The earth is His

/ And all that be upon it
/ All is under His authority
/ He speaks
/ It is done

/ It is finished

/// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

***Psalm 18:10b..."yea, He did fly upon the wings of the wind." *
**II Samuel 22:11b "He was seen upon the wings of the wind."

***Psalm 104:3b "Who walks upon the wings of the wind."
***Psalm 148:13b "His glory is above the earth and heaven."

~~~~~~Written 12/28/2005

April 14, 2012

"Children Need Amazement"

"For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them." -- The Acts 28:27 (Scripture reference) ============================================== "Yes, I have seen Harry Potter and it saddens Me. But, what grieves Me (even) more so is My church. I have given them great and mighty promises and they refuse to believe Me. They refuse to obey Me. -pause- Yes, the devil is a master at what he does...BUT I am Master over him. He knows My power and he is attempting to outdo Me. He is trying to harness the minds of the children. But I will have the last word... ******* In the beginning, I created everything in and on the earth...and it was good. It was Paradise on the earth. Then sin came to the earth. This gave entrance to evil. Sin and evil were now upon the earth. -pause- Satan always destroys. His presence brings adversity, death, destruction. HE ALLURES TO DESTRUCTION. He is the evil destroyer. What is most evil concerning Satan is his lie. (lying) He comes (appears) as an angel of light. He pretends to be good. He is an imposter. He desires to be like Me, the Most High God. He is jealous. He is full of lies. He is the father of lies. His mission is to take life...to destroy life...to maim, kill, hurt, injure, plunder, attack, harass and SICKEN. He brings disease: cancer, insanity (madness), blindness, paralysis, deafness, dementia, autism, epilepsy, (diseases of) fear and so on. His devices are cruel and malicious with intent to kill. He (also) is no respector of persons. He is an 'equal opportunity' destroyer and maimer. He is your deadly enemy. His ways are many and varied and extensive, but I am well aware of them all. One of his satanic ploys (devices) is the H.P. debacle. This is one of the most obvious tricks of the times. He is endeavoring to charm, bedazzle and satiate the vulnerable. -pause- Yes, there is a tangible, strong attraction to the HP series. This is the unholy anointing. It is not to be trifled with. The satanic anointing is powerful...that is why it has spread forth so extensively. The children are open vessels to this. Why is this so? Because THE CHILDREN HAVE A HUNGER FOR THE SUPERNATURAL, FOR THE AWESOME, FOR THE AMAZING. ***(HP = Harry Potter) They long for the spectacular, the dazzling, the other-worldly. They desire the excitement, the thrill, the wonder. Guess who can provide all this and MORE? If you guessed Satan, you are correct. He is more than willing to step into that spiritual void and entrance your children. ***(to entrance = to fill with delight or wonder, to put into a trance, mesmerize) He quickly jumps into their spirits, their souls, their minds and even (their) little bodies. he is quick to deceive and to control and to manipulate... and eventually, his goal is to POSSESS. -pause, selah, think about it- He will stop at nothing. He has nothing to lose. he wants to take many, many souls with him to his eternal damnation. He wants to bring along his FOLLOWERS to his evil destination in hell. He hates your children. ***(Note: he also hates J.K. Rowling, but is using her as his pawn, until he also can bring her into his eternal realm/kingdom of darkness.) {J.K. Rowling - author of Harry Potter} ******* My people are (basically) afraid of the supernatural. They live on the fleshly level.. They are fearful to venture into the spiritual. They live by their stomachs, wallets, emotions and urges. They are like dumb sheep. They listen to their flesh more than to Me. They obey lusts more than Me. They choose the carnal over Me...time and time again. They love their ways and their traditions and rituals and cultures. They erase Me from their lives. They chase their toys, their promotions, their awards. They love to be seen, to be flattered, to be worshipped. They are 'gods unto themselves'. They have blotted Me and My Word out of their lives. They have no need of Me, of My Son or of My Spirit. They are empty shells covered with a veneer of religion. I will spew them out of My mouth. My people are NOT Mine in their hearts. They lust for the world. They covet and yearn for status, for wealth, for acclaim. They call themselves Mine, but their hearts are far from Me. -pause- They allow their BASE passions to control them. (base = low, earthly, carnal) They allow fear to dominate. This should not be so. Yes, there is a problem with My people. They cherish (embrace) the flesh/carnal, but refuse the spiritual/Godly. They are not living in the full potential that I have planned. -pause- The church (the believers; My Body worldwide) is to blame for H.P.'s success. There is a void in the world and Satan has filled it. So, is all lost? No! (God forbid.) ******* The children need a Holy visitation. They need a demonstration of My Holy Spirit. They need to see miracles. They need to be healed. They need to see the miraculous...the Holy...the Holy Anointing in action! They need MY power, and to know Me in My glory! They need apostles of faith, of power, of love and of Holiness! They need My supernatural excitement. They need their pure wonder restored. They need pure, Holy manifestations from MY storehouse. *Children need truth. *Children need security. *Children need love. *Children need wonder. *Children need Me, their Heavenly Father. I adore them. They are so, so precious to Me. I am dismayed, saddened and grieved over what has happened to them....(and) I am angered over My church's inability and utter refusal to live in the supernatural! (Hello!) If the church has not filled the void, then the enemy will gladly come right in. An empty, swept house invites disaster. H.P. is a disaster. -pause- My church is full of spiritual wimps. They cower in the face of the enemy. They hide in their churches. They sit so proud and self-righteous in their cushy pews...never daring to venture out into the real world. They call themselves Christians, but they are far from My heart. They need to do inventory. They run from any confrontation. They are all talk and no action. Faith without works is dead. I have many closets full of dead man's bones. These are My churches. They are sepulchres. They are dead, lifeless, dry skeletons. (cower = to crouch in fear or shame; sepulchre = tomb, grave) ***** Oh, how the world needs Me. They desperately need My touch, My love, My forgiveness, My healing, My demonstration of power. My church has let Me down. THEY HAVE LEFT ME OUT OF THEIR GOSPEL. They have been efficiently deceived...they are the blind leading the blind. They have ears but cannot hear. They cannot hear Me, for the noise of their play and pleasure has drowned Me out. And yes, they have eyes, but cannot see Me...they are locked into their computers, and their televisions and their pasttimes of sports, merchandise and endless activity. (Blah, blah, blah..oh how it wearies Me!) They cannot feel Me, hear Me, see Me, or even smell Me. Yes, I have fragrances...but do My people even care? They prefer the perfume of their world, rather than My Holy perfume. Shame! Yes, My people are dull. They are not only dull in their spirits, they are dull of senses. ******* Must I say it yet again? My ways are not your ways. (!Hello!) I am able to do exceeding, abundantly above all you ask or think! Will anyone believe Me? Will anyone obey Me? P.s. If you don't believe Me, than H.P. and crew will gladly fill the void with fire and evil. It's up to you, My church." ####### (Transcribed spiritually on 12/20/2004)

"Spirit of Comfort"

He sees me...Not as I am...But as I will be. He hears me...Not so much my words...(But) more so, the feeling of my heart. He loves me...When I cannot love myself...His love overwhelms me. He listens to me...When I am ignored...(For) the rejection of man brings me closer to Him. He helps me...When I am needy...His ways constantly surprise me. He keeps me...His message wakens me...To trust what He says will happen. He touches me...I know it's Him...He's been there from the beginning. He guides me...When I'm blinded by fear...His gentle nuances show evidence of (His) concern. He comforts me...By His Spirit of truth...And His words of life...living in me. He heals me...By His power and (His) kindness)...Mercy and forgiveness bring health to me. He rescues me...Whenever I cry or struggle...I know He's close by and is aware of my need. He knows me...He made my soul...He is my Creator, my Father and My Friend.

in Him was life

in Him was life