November 20, 2011

The Flesh Cannot Satisfy

"The flesh cannot satisfy the spiritual.
They are two different things. The flesh is at war with the spiritual. The natural man cannot ever replace the spiritual man.
There are celestial bodies...and terrestrial bodies. One is from above, the other, from the earth. Celestial bodies are incorruptible...they never die. Earthly bodies are constantly corrupting (rotting, aging, decomposing)...and they will die.
Humans feed their flesh and it is never enough. More, more, more! Their bodies cry out for more food, more drink, more sex, more pleasure, more comfort!
Their spirits are also crying out, but are usually ignored. The spirit weeps for God, for love, for hope, for purpose, for passion, for life itself!
The spiritual is often mistaken as fleshly, and vice versa. The two are distinctly seperate. One is never satisfied, the other is completed by the Creator.
Of course, the bodily needs are simple to fill up and to be fed. The spirit man is more difficult. To be fed carnally, one merely has to eat, consume and feel instant gratification.
The spirit has different needs. It cries out for deeper things of life. It searches. It seeks. It mourns. It weeps.
The cry of the spirit is heart-felt. It is painful. It knows sorrow. It know loneliness. It knows rejection. It knows that is is empty. Incomplete.
The spirit wails. It screams. It is intense. It struggles. It falls. It is crushed, over and over and over again. It is stifled. It is misunderstood. It is mocked. It is feared. It is ignored. It is rare.

But...the search for the spiritial is unrelentless. It KNOWS that there is more. It feels things. It senses the outer limits. It can tell when things are different. It can recognize the atmnosphere. It knows when power is near. It can discern certain events. It can feel. It has emotion...deep emotion. It cries. It laughs. It is alive.

Flesh is flesh. It is temporary. It will not last. We all die. We will not be in these bodies forever.
Our spirits are not fleshly. They are our inner selves...the real parts of us. They last forever. We all have them. They should not be ignored.

Seek out wisdom. "Be still before Me", says the Lord. Seek him out. Look for Him. Let His Spirit touch your spirit...and let it feel alive!
Find life!
Find purpose!
Find hope!
Find passion!
Find love!"

in Him was life

in Him was life