November 14, 2011

"Mud or Gold ?"


"Do you want mud or gold? Mud is on the surface ... the gold is underneath. You can roll in the mud anytime, but you have to dig and search for the gold.

Mud, dirt, soil. It is common; it is easily accessed (gotten). Mud is everywhere ... it even tracks in with your shoes (footwear). To find gold, however, takes much more effort.  It is rare.

You need to search out the gold. The precious is hidden from the common. The costly is separate from the mundane. One has to dig deep into the earth to see gold veins. This ore is difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is much desired: highly priced and desired worldwide.


On the other hand, mud is mud. It is dirty. It is common to all areas. It is of little monetary value. It is over the entire earth's surface. Dirt is 'dirt cheap'. Not many are clamoring for mud these days.


So, what will you seek? Mud ... or gold? Will you be content with the mundane, the usual, the common, the abundant dirt under your feet? Will you value the dirt that you sweep up off the floor? Is it not fit for the trash can?

Compare the soil, the sand, the dirt of the earth ... to gold, to precious gems, to rare commodities. They are very, very different.

So which would you choose to obtain? Plenteous dirt ... or rarefied gold? You may continue to wallow in the mud, or you can begin a journey of gold digging. (Searching for riches beyond the usual everyday elements.)

The 'riches' spoken of here are analogous to the *riches* of the kingdom of God. And, the *riches* of His constant love. (God's love for us.) And, the *riches* of His favor. And, His saving power...His undeniable sovereignty ... His grace and mercy ... His truth ... His supreme power and authority ... HIS SPIRIT ... rarer than any earth-bound gold!

The King of kings (Jesus) holds ALL gold and earthly treasures in His hand. He is the ultimate *treasurer* in the supernatural realm.

He will show you where the *gold* is hidden. He will show you hidden treasures of darkness that are yet to be revealed. (Darkness here implies 'secret', as in secret riches.)


God's riches are not as our earthly treasures. His wisdom is the best, most valuable; treasure. It is (to be) valued above rubies, or diamonds...or gold. The wisdom of the Almighty is without price: it is priceless: of utmost value (unmeasurable).

Swine roll about in their muddy sties. They love to wallow about in the dirty material (substance).

The precious gold (as well as the 'pearl of great price') are not as freely found. There is work involved ... and much of a search also is (often) necessary. But, the reward is great for those who persist and continue in their quest for the true gold ... for the truth ... for the real Kingdom of God.

Don't give up your search. It is an adventure; often perilous, often wearying. You will be a *marked man* when you obtain any gold, for it is coveted by all. Thieves will be a constant threat, yet they 'back off' when they see Me or My Men (angels).

If you follow Me, I will help you to keep your treasure safe ... and you will trust Me more and more, as you see how I continue My relationship with you.

~~I am the Gold.~~"

mundane = ordinary, of the world, commonplace
clamoring = making a loud demand
commodities = anything bought or sold
rarefied = more rare, scarcer
wallow = flounder, roll about in
analogous = similar
earth-bound = firmly fixed in the earth
wearying = tiring
perilous = risky, dangerous

"Again, the kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had, and bought it." -- Matthew 13:45,46

"For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.' -- Proverbs 8:11

"Riches and honor are with Me; yea, durable (lasting) riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and My revenue than choice silver." --Proverbs 8:18,19

(Originally received on January 17, 2010)

End Time Visit?

"I am about to shake the world. You will know it is from Me. I am sending signs...many, many signs, to announce My visit. Fear and trembling will be upon the land. Distress and woe upon (the) sea. Skies - full of trouble.
Wonder. Shock. Awe. You will see the astonishment.
Army coming out of (the) north. And out of (the) west. And out (of) the east.
She will be surrounded. She will need assistance and fire power.
Fight. Fight the good fight. Fight with faith.
Mobilize the troops: on air, on sea, on land. Wait for My command.
Destiny and prophecy have foretold these events. It is the season of purpose: of *My* purpose.
Surround Israel with your prayers of love.
Though she be little and small, she has My approval; My favor. She is the time-honoured 'apple of My eye'. This is the set time. I am in planning; for the vengeance of My people.
My vindication will be fast, quick, complete.
I will punish (the) enemies of My beloved Israel. I will come with fire, and with great might.
Hurry! For the hoofbeats approach. The four horsemen are near. Their appointments are due. It will be as I have said.
Tremendous changes (are) imminent. Severe tidal waves, increasing. Snow storms. Hail storms. Rain storms. Wind storms. All will multiply and increase intensity. Scorching sun and *hellish* heat waves (will) come."

Message originally dictated on 6/28/07 @ 5am
(My note: God's timetable is not exactly our timetable...His timing is His own.)

in Him was life

in Him was life