July 5, 2011

Day of Reward

"This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." ~ Psalm 118:24


"Today is an important day.

It is a day of victory...a day of reward.

Hindrances will be broken. Time will be your servant, rather than your master.

Give honor to whom it is due.

Do not justify the wicked.

Give ample time and opportunity for change...for repentance


Sing to the Lord a new song. (Psalm 96:1a)


Shed light upon.
Give direction.
Offer hope.
Display compassion.
Wear concern.


Consult the Lord daily.
Minute-by-minute, as needed.


Slay the dragon in your heart.

Make way for your King.

The King is coming.

Are you ready?"


(Originally written 4/26/2004 @8:00am)

* (Note: I think the word "day" here refers to a "season" or a time period)

Just a thought

Every day


 live in poverty


in want

and need...

This is

a witness

against the






"Unsettled Business"

"You cannot be completely at ease with sin in your life. It is unsettled business. It is raw, alive, growing and seething. (Even in its seemingly 'dormant' stage...it is NOT truly dormant.)

Yes, the sin is very real, very strange, very powerful. It does not 'play fair'. It is the pawn of the enemy. (YOUR enemy...because you belong to Me...My enemy is now YOUR enemy.)


Sin. Sin does NOT help you. It is NOT good for you. It will (eventually) DESTROY you. The wages of sin is death...death to your spirit, soul (mind/will/emotions), body, social life, (your) future, finances, and so on.

Sin *is* crafty. It is beguiling. It appears benign...but it is totally malevolent. (Evil, diabolical)
No matter now insignificant the sin may seem, it is still a seed of self, and...of Satan. Satan LOVES sin. (The) Self loves sin. They are totally 'compatible' because they are each 'working' for the same goal.

The goal is to destroy God's creation...to hurt Him...to turn people away from His love and His plan.
Sin blames God. Satan blames God. Ignorance blames God. Hatred blames God.


God, in the form of the human, destroyed the power of sin. (*Jesus /God in the flesh) The sin of the world was covered by the Saviour at the cross of death.

Subsequently, sin is a defeated power. Jesus Christ has abolished the 'penalty' for sin in general.
He is the *price paid* for all mankind. He is our Saviour.

He constantly and consistently wants the best for His creation.

He desires ALL to know and believe in His gift. He is the total answer to SIN.
He said to come to Him and He will give you rest...and He will give you perfect peace...and a love that never, never ends.


So, come to Him often...it is a matter of life and death.

If any does not accept Him, then sin/Satan/self will destroy them...they will face (an) eternity FULL of sin, grief, loneliness beyond description, despair without relief, hopeless terror, and pain of regret and heartache forevermore. Choose the One who can set you free.


Be patient. He WILL work out ALL things out for good, for His name's sake. His Word WILL work. WAIT on the Lord and He WILL renew your strength.

He will HELP you. His HOLY SPIRIT will lead you and free you - in His time, in His way - in His lovingkindness and mercy."


(From 4/11/2006 @ 2:08pm)

Some excerpts from St. John

~~~From St. John / Chapter 15

I am the true Vine
You are clean through the
Abide in Me, and I in you
I am the Vine, you are the
Without Me, you can do nothing
Continue in My love

Love one another, as I have loved you
You are My friends, if you do
whatever I command you
I have called you friends
I have chosen you, and
ordained you

You are not of this world
Therefore the world hates you
They persecuted Me; they will also
persecute you
The Spirit of Truth shall
testify of Me

^^ St. John 16:13

"...When He,
the Spirit of Truth,
is come,
He will guide
you into all truth:
for He shall not
speak of Himself;
but whatsoever He shall hear,
THAT shall he speak:
and He will show you things
to come."

Dear God

^^^ From 5-9-2006

Lord God,

please free me
 from the unbelief of man,
from the doubt of scoffers,
 from the confines of man's religion.

Take the Journey

"Let My peace overwhelm, overflow, you like a flood. My peace is like a river...a river of comfort, blessing and peace.
Just as a salve or an ointment -a balm- is applied to bring relief, so am I. My peace brings instant relief. Ask (of) Me...ask often for My peace.
My peace I give to you, NOT as the world gives; give I to you. It is not of this world. It is 'other worldly'.


So cast your cares upon Me, for I care for you. Let not your heart be troubled. Seek Me and My righteousness and all other things will be added to your life.
Bless those who curse you. Walk in continual forgiveness. *See* Me in your daily lives. If you look for Me, I will be seen."

(Original heard & written 0n 4/9/06)

in Him was life

in Him was life