June 22, 2011

God Will Cut Down the Proud

"The Lord resists the proud...the haughty will be brought down...the high looks will be cast down....I, the Lord, desire a people; a people who look not to their own interests, but to those around them. Did I not give up My life and take on the form of a servant?
Do not My people- who call themselves by My name- do they not seek a servant's heart? I came not to be served, but to serve others. Remember how I reached out to the man with the withered hand? How I made the blind to see? How the woman with the issue of blood was made whole? Did I not come to seek and to save the ones that are lost? Am I not the Friend that sticks closer than a brother?

I see all. I know all. Listen to My voice through My servant. Heed My voice. I desire a broken heart...a heart broken before Me...I desire weeping...coming to Me alone. You sing to me about things you know not.
You say you want a clean heart, but do you really? Confess your true desires to Me. I already know them. You need not put on falsity and religion for Me. I see through your religion. I want a people that is real, that is willing to be honest before Me.

Judge not, and you will not be judged. So many of you assume you are the judge: you make up the rules. There is only one Judge...do you not fear Him? Take out the beam that is in your own eye before you speak of the speck in your brother's eye.
Those who say they are without sin: you are deceived. Remember, your heart is wicked and deceitful above all things, and *your* righteousness is as filthy rags.. Let your hearts be sprinkled with the blood of Christ...the blood that washes you from all sin. Humble yourselves before Me.

Do not fear man...what can he do to you? Rather, fear the One who is able to cast your soul and body into hell. The fear of man is a snare. Have I not chosen the weak, the poor, the foolish, the outcasts of this world...for My purposes? to confound the world?
My wisdom is foolishness in man's eyes...(and) man's wisdom is foolishness to Me. A foolish man is wise in his own eyes. Boast not of yourselves, for without Me, you can do nothing! Trust not in flattery or enticing words, for they are deceitful and will lead you astray. Let the wicked forsake her way. Let the arrogant repent and come forth as a cleansed vessel.

Some of you forget Me days without end...yet I wait for you each day. I am grieved, I am grieved.

Let your hearts break before Me. As you go (on) with your day's activites, I will be there calling to you, reminding you that you are Mine and I have called you out of darkness.
Can you ignore Me still? One day I will not speak so clearly...you will cry to hear My voice, yet I will not answer.
Seek Me *now*, says the Lord."

(Message originally dictated on 11/3/93)

Worship in Truth/Don't be Fake

"I do not desire showmanship. I do not (necessarily) need loud bantering and braying. I do *not* desire volume for the sake of volume! This does *not* impress...nad certainly does *not* get My attention. (In fact, I often turn away when all this flurry of *worshipese* is occurring.)

I *do* draw near to broken, contrite hearts. I *do* come to you when you are honest before Me. Did I not say...did I not *command* you...to (only) worship Me in Spirit and in Truth? 'Play-acting' is useless. Drama has it's place, but not when seeking Me, and not when worshipping Me.

I am a Holy God: I am the Most High. I see all...I know all. Can you not...will you not; respect me as such? Determine to let No flesh - No flesh - glory in My presence!

Desire to be free of all fleshly entanglements and carnal hindrances! Lay aside the weight that so easily besets you!

Also, learn to be silent before Me. This discipline is imperative in your worship. Did I not say, "Be still and know I am God?" In times of My silences, My presence is enveloping you. (surrounding and covering)

When My children devoid themselves of their flesh and *their* ways...then there is an open door to My glory! Let there be less of you, My children...and more of Me! (Less of your worries, fears, bondages, selfish desires, worldly influences..and more of My *purifying* love AND My *extravagent* love. BOTH areas are My love poured out on you.)"


(Message originally dictated on 1/19/03 @12:29am)

in Him was life

in Him was life