April 4, 2011

Free to Fly Now

"Your past is hid with Me. I have taken care of it. All systems are go. You are free to fly now.

Go, climb, run, take flight! Arise...up above the murk and the mire. Come away with Me! Be My 'traveling companion'! I will take you places you've never dreamed of; never heard of before!

Wonder. Remain in a wondering, childlike state. It is good to be full of awe and wonderment.

Sin(s) will try to creep back into your life...into your mind. Refuse (their) entrance! Tolerate them no longer. You are free from the (harsh) laws of sin and death.

Deny entrance to a spirit of death. Do not entertain thoughts of destruction and of despair. With Me, all things are possible. I am *above* the earthly ways (of life).

Pain *can* be a teacher, but so can love! Joy can teach, and, so can patience. Love is the best teacher. I *am* love!

Spend more time with Me. See My hand upon your day. Watch and learn! Keep an eye out for My 'visits'! Be aware of Me...(for) I am in your surroundings! Remember, (as) you draw near to Me, I will (also) draw near to you.

I have given you a voice. I (will) give you words to speak...(and) words to write. Handle My words with care and respect, even if no one else does! (does the same)

The din (noise, clamor) of the world is loud...very loud...and it is getting louder. But, within all the chaotic sounds...there is little wisdom spoken. There is an overabundance of noise, chatter, endless talk, cacophony and pandemonium. It is ripe for the enemy's activities. He thrives on disorder, disconnection, confusion and harshness. He is a brittle, coarse, overbearing force.

He is a 'spiritual bully'. He does NOT 'play fair'. He is a cheater. He only wants to control by destruction. His ways are evil, yet cunning. Be aware of his traps, and avoid them!

The enemy has many snares...to try and catch his prey. YOU are his prey. He is the predator. He will stalk you...hunt you down...try to kill(you). All (of) My children are marks (targets) of the evil one. DO NOT be ignorant of his devices (of his methods, tricks, maneuvers).

If you learn the ways (practices) of the heathen (pagans, rebels), you will also partake of their 'rewards'. Pagan rewards are NOT good. They include death, destruction, fire and isolation. The pagan's reward will be darkness...seperation from Me; from the Light. Do NOT learn the ways of the 'heathen'. It is not wise.

Will I find faith when I return? Do you have faith? Test yourself. Test to see if you are indeed 'in the faith'. (You may need a 'tune up'.)

Close your eyes now and forget the world. Forget your pain, illness, worry, stress, fear, striving and shame. Let My love wash over you and cleanse you. You are clean by the 'washing of My WORD' and by the 'washing of the water' (baptism). You are declared clean to Me.

Accept (this) declaration. You are really free! I am your deliverer. ALL things, ALL issues...are in My hands. You have given me the *keys* to your heart...to your life...to your eternity. I will keep you safe. I love My children. I love souls. Learn to love, as I have loved you. I am finished." ©

cacophony = harsh, jarring sound; discord
maneuver = planned, controlled action, movement or strategem
overbearing = arrogant, controlling, domineering
murk = darkness, gloom
pandemonium = wild disorder or noise, chaos, frenzy, bedlam, racket,
heathen = unconverted, unenlightened person; idolator
pagan = non-worshipper of Christ; one with no faith; an unbeliever; atheist

in Him was life

in Him was life