April 3, 2011

Overcome Evil with Good

"Fill your mind with good things. Let go of harshness, bitterness, anger, hatred and rage. The good will refresh, (but) the bad will putrefy. You will be elated by good, (but) seething in (the) evil.

My light...My goodness...can cause the darkest thing to be seen anew...in a new way. Filter the evil you see with (the power of) My light.

Sense My nearness. Sense My peace...My continuity.

Just as I was with the early Israelites, so am I with you today. I will guide you, AS YOU SEEK ME. I will make Myself (to be) known...to be experienced, to be seen, to be heard, to become (a) reality.

Don't settle for fear in your life! Keep pressing on, through the fears.

The world would have you in fear, in stress, in turmoil and in worry. I am come that you should have life...and that life in abundance. Abundance of what, you ask?

Much peace. Much mercy. Much favor, grace, patience, joy, love, honesty, integrity, purpose, energy...
and...My abiding presence.

Peace is worth much. (Not world peace, but personal peace.) To be victorious over anxiety is indeed a 'pearl of great price'.

Wisdom is valuable as well." ©

in Him was life

in Him was life