March 14, 2011

You Need Some Fresh Bread (Winds Are Blowing)

Winds Are Blowing

"Winds are blowing from the east...winds of war; of tumult. Storms are moving in...
Yes, a storm is being developed. When east meets west, there is friction; there is (an) upset. This must be.

It is not My desire, but it is men's desire...for they desire to covet. Their covetousness spurs greed, lust for power and control. Greed and misery. Greed kills. Greed is the reason for many wars. (If one is to follow Me, they must be free of greed.)

Forced allegiance is futile in My kingdom...for I desire truth and loyalty, from the heart.

As I have said, 'Come to Me, and I will give you rest'. I desire good for My people, yet they refuse Me. So I must deal harshly with those who forsake Me...and run to other 'gods'. This is not My will for you, says the Lord.

I desire be able to choose to love Me. I am not a God who forces His subjects to 'pay homage' from feigned lips. I desire honest, heartfelt adoration and veneration (giving of honor). I force *no one* to love Me.

So seek Me and live! It is your choice. I set before you a blessing...or a curse. Life or death. Blessing or wrath. Heaven or hell. Light or darkness. Me or Satan. It is *your* choice...people (inhabitants) of the earth.

Perfect love...My love... casts out(all)fear. Walk in My love and you need not fear. Be free in Me, yet do not let this freedom become a cause of stumbling and error for weaker brothers and sisters.

Empty yourselves of all prejudices, learned hatreds, evil thought patterns, selfish motives, lying lips, lustful glances...
and all that would offend. Be as light in the gloomy areas of life. as the pitch darkness. Be as blazing torches amid the desolate night.

Remember Me in all your ways. I will reveal Myself to those who seek Me with all their heart.

-pause- {Listen as I will speak.}

Fight not for the seed that fades...the grass that withers...the land that will parch (dry out). Rather, fight for the Seed...the true seed...that is, MY WORD. For My Word is quick...alive...and most powerful.

It is indeed sharper than any two-edged sword. Dazzle the enemy! Blind him with My Light! Let My Holiness dance before him!

(Let it)seperate the wheat from the chaff. Let My Word smash the lies of the enemy. Let My Word be as a mighty, Holy Hammer, says the LORD GOD.

Yes, use My Word as a weapon. It is a holds up against the onslaught of the enemy's lies.

***** -pause-

Jesus My Son has paid for your souls. His death has bought your lives...He has paid the Price for eternity. He was a Holy Ransom for Me...and for you. Because of Jesus -Yeshua- you can live forever with Me in eternal Heaven. This is My plan and this is My will.

I never wanted *any one* to enter hell. It is *not* intended for any human. It is designed for Satan.

Please do not follow him into perdition. Do not fall for his tricks; his devices of evil. He is the master of deception...the ultimate liar and murderer. He laughs at all of you. He is not your friend.

*****-pause- ( Writer's note: Think it is Jesus speaking here)

Do you not know the war I speak of is a spiritual conflict? It is between two factions: good and evil. It is an ancient war. It has raged for eons.

So, people(s) of the earth: choose this day who(m) you will follow...who you will serve and obey...Me or Satan. It is up to you.

I desire that *not one* of you should perish. My will, My desire; is for ALL to be saved and to be with Me in eternity. I died for each and every one of you.

I am your personal Saviour. I know every one of you by name. I (know the) count of every hair on your head(s).. I am the air you breathe. " ©



tumult = uproar, commotion, disorder, violence
brewing = being planned, developing, scheming, beginning to form
covetousness = being greedy, wanting other's belongings, wrongful desire

greed = excessive desire, especially for wealth
futile = useless, vain
allegiance = loyalty, devotion

spur = to urge, use as a stimulus
homage = reverance, honor shown
veneration = worship, deep respect

curse = evil, adversity
pitch = very black, very dark
blazing = bright burst of flame, spectacular display

desolate = lonely, forlorn, bleak, barren, miserable
quick = alive, living, rapid, quick, keen, prompt, swift, alert
dazzle = blind, overpower, impress, dumbfound, bewilder, surprise;
to be overpowered by bright light

chaff = remainder, anything worthless
onslaught = violent attack
ransom = the redeeming of a captive by paying money or complying with
demands; liberation, release, redemption, atonement, payment, price

perdition = destruction, ruin, downfall; the loss of the soul; hell
deception = fraud, deceit, untruth, falsehood, delusion, illusion, sham,
trickery, mockery, imitation, snare, trap, counterfeit, fake,
misinformation, lie
factions = followings, parties, parts, kinds, groups

eons = extremely long, indefinite time period
feign = pretend
saviour = rescuer, liberator

Strange Fire

"There is strange fire in my house...among My people. It burns with a power (that is) not of Me.


A rebellious house will not prosper.

My words are spirit and they are life. Take heed to not despise them, for they are life to you: to your soul.

The carnal man cannot comprehend the spiritual world. Do not expect them to congratulate you, or to understand you. (You were the same before you were enlightened.)

Cause and effect.

Reap what you sow. The world calls this 'karma'. I call it fruit of your actions. Whenever there is an action, there will be an accompanying reaction.

So if you 'reap' what you have 'sown', it is the natural result." ©


"Fear Not Little Flock "☺

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."- Luke 12:32

"No longer must you live in shame. No longer shall you live in fear. Discard worry. Renounce fear! Ignore the threats of the enemy. *Still the avenger.*

Come quiet...let My SPIRIT minister to you. I comfort my children. Let Me bring calm and peace.


Purpose in your hearts to hear Me. Listen. I am speaking. To you. To all of you. Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD!

Perform only as I lead. Test the waters. Do not be (overly) impulsive. Do not 'jump the gun'. Do not go ahead of Me. See (hear) what I am doing. Find Me. Listen for Me. This applies to all who follow Me.

Set yourselves apart for My use. For My good pleasure. As I (have) need of you, you will be used. (Will be put to use.) I have My ways and My plans. My ways are not those of man.


Scream from the rooftops My message(s)! Sound the alarm! Let my light be shown...not be hid! Cause all to hear...both great and small. Let my power reign victorious in the earth! Let the skies be full of My angelic host! I shall arise, says the Lord!

"Let God arise, His enemies be scattered..." -from Psalm 68:1


Pursue Me...pursue your LORD! Find the deepest, farthest reaches of your world(s). See Me everywhere...see Me in the smallest matter...for I am ...there. When you look for will see Me. I will make Myself known to those who have the eyes to see Me.

Guard your hearts and minds. Go on...keep pressing on...for I
am with you."

(Remember, to those who are starving for hope (relief)...these words are a lifesaver (relief). But to those who are 'full and have no need', they are ignored.) *Note: This was an side thought of the author...words not exact.


Related scripture:

1) "You say, 'I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.' But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked." - Revelation 3:17 New International Version Bible

2) "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom."- St.Luke 12:32

3) "...the sheep listen to His voice. He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. When He has brought out all His own, He goes on ahead of them, and His sheep follow Him...because they know His voice." - St. John 9:3b-4

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in Him was life

in Him was life