October 14, 2011

Weeping Then Joy

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."


"Yes, tears will come. Tears *have* come. Many tears have been shed...(and) many more will follow. Sorrow, tears, grief...are part of life...an integral part of the human existance.

You have cried...and you will cry more in future days. Tears of pain. Tears of sadness. Tears of joy. Tears of release. Tears of interceding for others...tears of prayer. My tears often flow through your eyes.(The more you seek Me, the more I identify with your pain and your tears.)

As you know Me...as you learn of Me...as you realize My heart...your tears will be intermingling with Mine. I have seen your tears...and I have heard your prayers.

MY Spirit cries through My people. My Spirit groans...weeps...struggles (travails)...fights...anquishes...(and) intercedes throgh My vessels. (Are you such a vessel?)

Are you (My children) open to My cries? My Spirit groaning within you? Are you available, yielded, (and) open to My flowing, crying Spirit? Will you give Him voice?


Weep among the hills. Cry out in the streets...in the cities...cry aloud in your secret places...your cars (vehicles)...your closets...your beds. I will help you to find places to pray. I will help you, for this is My doing...it is My will.


(So) search your hearts. Listen within your hearts...be still and hear Me. Let Me be the utterance flowing from your mouths (lips). Let My voice be your voice. Yes, it is My Spirit which will give you the words. He will lead you into all truth.

Do not worry about what to say; for He will give you the proper words at the necessary times.


For those who tap into My Spirit...there is a wealth of knowledge awaiting. Wisdom is there. (The) fear of the Lord is there. Understanding, skill, prophecy...are also there...within My vaults.

I have vast storehouses of untapped knowledge, resources, giftings, leadings, teachings,secret things. I can show (you) secret things of the deep and of the dark...of the heights and of the light. I hold the keys to Heaven *and* to hell. There is nothing unknown to Me. I share selected knowledge with trusted seekers. Seek and you shall find.

So few take these words to heart. So few believe. So few seek. So few care. That is why many are called...yet few are chosen. I call all. I call all the world unto Me. I call and I call. I draw souls to Me. I desire all to come to Me and be saved and be born of My Spirit. Very few choose to be My followers.

I desire willing disciples...those who choose Me of a free will. I do not need robots. I desire true hearts in true children (Truth begets truth.)

Simply put, I call many, but few answer My callings. Yet...yet, I am still the God of mercy. I am yet a good God...I am yet a loving Father...I am forever merciful. I am still in the business of love. I love My creation. And, yes, I am pleading for them still.

Draw near to Me...and I will draw near to you. Call out to Me...and I will hear. My ears are yet open to your cries.

I have heard the cries of the afflicted...(of) the oppressed...(of) the needy...(of) the hungry...(of) the desperate souls. I have seen...and soon, for this, I will arise. I *will* stand and execute My judgements.

I *will* bring defense to those who are vulnerable. I will send protection, justice, relief and equity(fairness) to the down-trodden. There *will* be justice.


The proud will be brought down. The haughty will be made low. The proud looks will turn to downcast eyes.

Yes, the arrogancy of the rich will disintegrate before My righteous judgement. The proud will laugh no more. Their laughing shall be turned into a mournful bale. Their merriment shall dissolve into disillusionment. The party spirit will be quashed.

Yes, the high and mighty will be brought down. Pride does come before a fall. Yet, humility precedes honour. It is better to be called up by a ruler (by your Father), than to be cast down because of pride.

The first shall indeed be last, and the lowly "lasts" will then become firsts. It is My way.

Those with much wealth, much dominion, much control, much power, much authority...will be also accountable for much. To whom much is given, much (also) is expected. The greater the dominion, the greater the judgement.


So, stand fast and wait for your Lord. He is the coming King. He is your King.

He, who was born into a lowly stable (among horses and animals), will come this time upon a (blazing) celestial horse. He will be seen as He is...as King of all kings.

Yes, you mourn now. You mourn and weep. Yet, that bane will be transformed into a shout of triumph one day. You will see.

Your weeping may endure for a night, but joy *is* coming in the morning!"


bane = sorrow, misery, woe
quash = to quell,subdue
beget = produce
anquishes = agonizes; feels great pain
celestial = Heavenly, divine

From 3/18/2010

in Him was life

in Him was life