September 15, 2010

"Real Shepherds"

"Many will stumble.
Many will fall.
You will stumble and you will fall.
Do you stay down or do you get back up?
Do you rest and recover or do you 'jump the gun' before you are ready? All must be done in My timing. I have seasons for everything. Not all is as you expect or predict. My ways; My times - are not (as) your ways or your times. Let Me be God.

*** If you follow Me, you will be shown the way. If you resist My leadings, then you will go astray- you will go off the path. When you refuse to obey Me (and My laws)...(then) you are 'out on your own'. Yes, I am watching you, but I wait for you to acknowledge Me and My place in your life.

*** Many 'sheep' have gotten lost, hurt, even killed; when they 'went their own way'.
Sheep! I call My sheep! Listen! Listen for Me! Become quiet, and in silence, you will hear Me. I will call you. I am your Shepherd, You know My voice. I care for My sheep. I will lead you to where I am - to My pastures. I love My sheep and (have) laid down My life for them (My sheep).

*** (The) sheep follow their shepherd.
He leads them into a safe place.
He guards them by night and feeds them by day.
He is at watch in the night and on alert for any danger.
He 'runs off' the wolves - the enemies and predators.
The Good Shepherd can recognize His sheep and a false sheep He will expose and eject from His fold. (For many wolves wear sheep's clothing and try to 'get in' to the fold to destroy.)
Yes, I lead My flocks to higher ground - to walled fortresses - to strong towers. I defend them and I care for them. They are Mine."



"Lean On Me"

"I have a better way for you.

*** There is a better way for you. I will see it through. I am preparing a (different) way for you. You will see My plan unfolding as you go. Trust comes into play now. Bottom line: basic trust. I will help (you) to trust Me.

*** Sense My leading(s); watch for My direction: (for) My 'hints' and 'clues'. I spoke to Moses (and to My servants in the past) so why not now? Why not, I ask (of) you?

*** You call upon Me. I answer. I show Myself strong to those whose hearts are pure (steadfast) towards Me. My Word will not return void (nor empty) will (yet) accomplish what I have purposed- and that (Word) includes you!

*** Lean on Me, and not on your own understanding. Put your trust in Me and I will bring it to pass. I am a Man of My Word. I do not lie. My Word is true; My word(s) are true. Your spirit will 'bear witness' with My Spirit, as you connect (spiritually) to Me. Remember- it is My Spirit that leads you into all truth. He will lead (you). Yes, he will (also) comfort.

 *** Let not your heart be troubled. Don't let your sadness engulf you.

*** Reach for higher ground. Raise your spirit; raise your hands- up to Me. Raise your voice in praise to Me. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!" 

******* steadfast = constant, firm, loyal, faithful

in Him was life

in Him was life