July 20, 2010

"New Mercy"

***Psalm 118:24 "This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

 ******* "Every morning My mercies are new. I bring a fresh start - a fresh outlook - to each new day. I love those that love Me and I love those who seek Me early: not only early in their day, but also as a matter of priority. Seek Me before all other activities. Will you seek Me today...or will you ignore Me and put Me aside for later? I bring fresh 'bread' for you each and every day. (The time on the clock is not as important as your heart's motivation!)

*** When you put Me, your Lord, first...then all else follows. Everything else 'falls into place'. Did I not promise (that) if you seek Me first, then all other things will be added unto you?

*** I made the day. I created 'day'. I created 'time'. I created *you*. Will you not stop and acknowledge your Maker...your Creator...your Father?

*** Oh, taste and see that I am good. I am a good God. I am *THE* good God.

 *** Consider the lilies of the field. Look at the birds. See how carefree they are. (They just 'are'.) They do not fret and toil. They are examples to you of My *tender mercies*. I care for the flowers, the birds ... but mostly, I care for the creation of people. Of souls. Of lives ... of destinies.

******* Jump in the river! The water is fine! Come 'swim' with Me! Wash off the dirt and grime of this earth! Come clean in Me ... I cleanse and purify ... I make you cleaner than any fuller's soap.

*** Jump on in - the water is fine! Splash and be free...be liberated...as little children frolicking at the beach! Jump into My waves...let My 'current' carry you...dive into the 'deep end'...I am there! Let's go swimming! Swimming in My Spirit ... in My River!

******* What the devil means for evil I turn to good. I catch the 'crafty one' in his own craftiness. He falls into his own snares. I upset his devices. I send My angelic host to topple his empire. His wickedness and schemery are exposed by My leadings. I smash and crumble. I demolish the 'hosts of hell'. I am a type of 'Rambo'...I set at naught the 'evil empire' of Satan. He will *not* prevail.

*** I am King of kings and Lord of all eternity. He is under *My* authority. He will not have the last word: *I* will. I am Lord of all.

******* My army (including you: each of you) must be under My control; My direction. They must be at attention and *wait* for My command. Do not move until I give the word. Do not go out without spiritual armor. Do not go without My Spirit (anointing power) upon you. Do not go without Me.

 *** IF you go alone, you will be injured or destroyed. This enemy - yours and Mine - is too powerful for you to withstand alone. *Never* think you can fight this battle on your own...or even in a group. You *must* have My power, My anointing, My leadings, (and) My voice to guide you.

*** Do not treat this enemy lightly. Yes, he is under My feet, *but*...he still is very masterful in his evil. You cannot possibly fight him on your own. This is *very* dangerous. Many have fallen in this area of warfare.

*** Think of a weak, defenseless sheep...coming against a strong, crafty wolf. This is no match. The vulnerable sheep will be slaughtered. *But*...now think of the Shepherd...watching over His sheep. He can scare off the wolf. He can protect His sheep. *He* has the power and the wisdom to keep His flock safe and free from the wolf. This is Me. I am the Shepherd.

***In a little while, we'll be together in the 'eternal sheepfold'. Meanwhile, you must contend for the faith. Contend (defend and fight for) for Me...for Truth. Raise the banners high: banners of truth, love and righteousness. Remember (that) righteousness without love is like the Pharisees. Legalistic. Mean-spirited.

*** Raise the banner of life: of My Life...of My freedom! Seek to be truthful - in love - in all your daily matters. Seek truth and seek to make things right. Seek to forgive and to build up things broken down. Seek to restore...seek to heal. Seek to deliver. Seek Me. Seek Me: the fountain of life!

******* Seek Me daily...for each day is another revelation of My love and My grace."
 (fuller = one who cleanses by special process)


in Him was life

in Him was life