December 26, 2010

"He is More Than We Know"

"I am pouring out My Spirit as never before. Many will see, many will hear, many will be drenched with My all-consuming power. Yes, I am searching the globe for those who hunger for Me.
I am not impressed with religion, form or ritual. I am searching for hearts that seek Me, that seek Me at cost, with full desire...with diligence...with persistence.

I love all, but so many hate Me. I weep for those who are innocently blinded and corruptly deceived. Many leaders have 'pulled the wool' over their sheep's that they cannot see Me. They do not know Me as I am...they only hear second-hand news.

Let all the earth hear and know ... I am their Saviour. I do not show preference or favourtism. I love each and every soul. I am your Creator ... your Heavenly, spiritual Father. I love you all more than you can imagine. I am your best friend, if you come to know Me.

I am your only hope for life everlasting in the heavenlies. I am your escape from tribulation. I am your protector, your peace, your comfort, your love that awaits. I am much more than what you have been told.

So listen. Hear Me in the breeze....see My purity in the whitened snows...hear My voice in the coo of a baby ... see Me in the eyes of the homeless man...let not your hearts be troubled...cling to Me...hold fast to Me ... for I love you.

I will be with you in fire, in storm, in despair, in sickness, in good times and in the bad...I love you ...each and every one...that is why you were know Me."

####### 12/26/2010

in Him was life

in Him was life