February 18, 2010

"God = Life"

***** "I am the source of all life.

*** I am the life-giver. I am life. *I am the way, the truth and the life.*   Seek Me... and you find life.

*** My Son came to earth to offer life: new life and life (more) abundantly.

*** When one is filled with My Holy Spirit, out of their bellies (their innermost being) flows rivers of *living* water.

*** Wherever* I go, I bring life. In Me is life. In My son is life. In My Spirit is life.

*** Seek Me and live. Seek your *living* God! I'm alive! I'm Alive! I'm alive...forever more." 

February 14, 2010

"Broken World" (a song)

***** The world is broken, God ... The world is broken
*** My heart is broken, God ... My heart is broken
*** Where's the answer, God?...Where's the answer?
*** This world is hurting, Lord ... This world is hurting
*** My soul is bleeding, God...My soul is bleeding
*** The war is killing, God ... The war is killing
*** The boys are dying, Lord ... The boys are dying
*** This land is weeping, God ... The land is weeping
*** The moms are crying, Lord ... The moms are crying

Please come and help us, God ... Come and help us
*** We need Your mercy, Lord ... We need Your mercy
 *** Show us Your power, God ... Show us Your power
*** Please come and love us, Lord ... Come and love us
*** Please send Your Spirit, Lord ... Send Your Spirit
*** Teach us to seek You, Lord ... Teach us to seek You
*** We need to see You, Lord ... We need to see You
*** Where is Your justice, God? ...Where is your justice?
 *** Please give us mercy, God ... Please show us mercy
The world is hurting, Lord...THE WORLD IS HURTING ***** ©

February 13, 2010

Do we know Him?

******* "Hear, and I will speak." *** "Behold, what manner of love the Father has given unto us." ***** "Greater love has no man, than the Son of man...for He has laid down His life for you, and for the world. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to the knowledge of Him. *** What is this 'knowledge of Him'? To know Him as Saviour. To know His love, His joy, His peace. To know Him as Spirit. To know His ways...to know His voice. (For His sheep know His voice...they will not listen to another.) *** To know His will. To know His life, His testimony, His betrayel (by others). To know his cruxifiction. To know His agony, His passion, His pain. To know His destiny...His plan, His purpose...His divine purpose for mankind. *** To also know His resurrection. His power. His promise. His Life (in you)...to know Him in all His Glory. To know His Presence, His anointing...to know also of His righteous judgement, conviction of sin and chastisement for disobedience. *** Do you know Him? Do you know Him? It is possible to know Him. He is not a religion...He is a Person. Learn of Him in His Word, and by His Spirit making Him real. *** To know Him is to love Him." ***** ©

February 12, 2010

In the beginning...

Hello cyber world. It's about time I got these writings out from my storage and offer them to *whosoever*. So, read. Comment. Disagree. Whatever. Give me some advice if you want. This is what I got...

in Him was life

in Him was life